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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 1/26/15 ♥ #134 ♥

Capitulo 134: Holiday Madness, Part Infinity

No refritos, just tonight's action:

Lascuráin Mansion: Alicia was so upset at Pablo's departure that she decided to stay in her room. Luz tried to get her to go downstairs, but was not successful. Fernando entered to talk to Alicia about it. She told him she didn't feel like getting dressed up and pretending to have a good time. Wisely, he didn't attempt to press her into doing so. Instead, he hugged her and told her that she should come down if she changed her mind. She cried after he left her room.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Dueños del Paraíso, Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Jan. 26, 2015

Welcome to this week's Great Blizzard edition.

Stay safe and warm, my friends.  Let's hear from you!



Quiero Amarte (Week 19-Jan 26) Highlights & Discussion

Amaya's Future is in Peril

Valeria is still mad at Amaya and hates Max for not telling her they were novios
Cesar wants Amaya for himself, not for love but to best his brother and gain a business advantage
Lucrecia still wants Amaya dead, despite Cesar's threats if she so much as touches her
Mauro is clueless as to Cesar and Lucrecia's plans for Amaya
Constanza is about to drop the baby bomb on Max
Amaya may or may not be pregnant herself
Max will find himself in a moral dilemma

Join us to find out which of these perils are put in play this week.


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Que Te Perdone Dios #5 Fausto earns himself a spot in hell

Hi, I'm still working on the recap, it will be up later today, the show is on late and I'm on the West Coast! All future recaps will be done by Saturday afternoons. Be back in a bit with my recap!

We start the episode with Renata pointing a gun at Fausto, she demands to know if he was responsible for the death of Pablo, he asks if Macaira was the one who told her this, and Renata tells him she has no reason to doubt anything Macaira says, thus confirming that Mac was the one who let the cat out of the bag. Fausto tries to calm a hysterical Renata by telling her not to trust Macaira because she is a snake (true, oh so true!) but Renata is not having it. I shout at her to shoot him, but does she? Nope. Instead she cries and cries some more which allows Fausto to disarm her.

They argue some more and Fausto makes it clear he is not letting her go because she is his meal ticket. You see Bruno's will stated that Fausto was a sort of manager of his assets, should Renata and her mother leave, Fausto gets zero, nothing,nada. Even from the grave Bruno manages to screw things up for Renata and his wife. Fausto has zero incentive to let the women go, the second they leave he is left with nothing.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #112 20150123 The Pig in the Blanket Grunts Over the Pig the Box

I was asleep and missed for first 10 minutes.  I probably left out a lot, so please fill in anything that I missed. 

The lovebirds, Chava and Sophia, are canoodling in the Mustang outside of Ripoll while Manjarrez poisons the big vat of chocolate on the inside.  The sound of the alarms unseals their lips and the sight of the employees filing out of the building returns Sophia in the instant management mode.

When Dani appears without Alexa, Sophia tries to run into the building, but the guard stops her.  Next Patrick and Silvana come out. 

While Sophia runs around checking on the employees, Chava and Armando smell a rat.  They believe that Patrick is behind this.  They discuss how this has never happened before and on the day that Sophia is out of the building and Alexa is on a casting call, all hell breaks lose. 
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Mi Corazon es Tuyo #132 and #133, Isa is a party crasher

[Thanks to Cathyx for the quick rundown 0f Thursday's capítulo.  I didn't receive my episodio for Thursday till Sat. AM. (Thank you HULU and of course, the real culprit, Univision, who now doesn't allow you to stream and view it by early the next AM to allow for a quick recap unless you're signed up with the "correct" cable or satellite service.) --edit.]

Since we missed yesterday’s recap, (not sure what happened to Jardinera), I will try to remember what went on with some highlights of yesterday's show. 
*Pablo got discovered and Thankfully got talked into leaving with his brother. Yes! But not before an over the top cry session with Alicia and lots of teens kissing, yuck. 
*Alicia cried herself to sleep. Ugh! 
*Sarai and Luz slept with Ana because the crying would keep them awake.
*Ana and Fer got into a shouting match because Fer was blaming Ana for letting Alicia take up with Pablo in the first place and if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t be suffering now. (I know this is a stupid argument and they work it out later and kissed and made up.)
*Fanny accepted a “date” to see a movie with Lenin, much to Lenin’s surprise. The started to kiss and Fer interrupted them.
*Nando comes to Edith’s pad and Edith wants to do it, not sure if they actually did. 
I can’t remember anything else, so if you do, put it in the comments.

Now on to Friday’s episode.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 5 ~Discussion

Hello guys,feel free to discuss the todays episode which was quite depressing i must say and the town is in an desperate need of an exorcist ! I  am sure that either Eli or CS are working on the recap so do not worry about that. However just in case,  if it is not up by tommorow,maybe i will write it myself,they are probably still sleeping so i will give it rest.



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La Gata #103 1/23/15 If You Teach a Man to Fish...

Some scenes have been combined.

Gisela has brought her home her stray. She ushers him in with a flourish and a "welcome to OUR home Pablo." He looks a little confused, but this is nothing new. He asks Gi if she's sure he will be able to recover his memory here. She's very sure. He really thinks he should go to the doctor. That's usually how they treat such cases, isn't it. Gi assures him that with her love and "attentions" he will recuperate. She asks for just a few days. Just a few days and her love can cure him. She is his only love. She goes in for a kiss, but Pablo is suddenly wracked with the memory of a gun going off. I think he's disgusted by her crazycooties, too. (That footage of him falling and hitting his head on the rock seems ripe for GIF-ing. I wish I had the skillz to make it happen.) He steps back and accuses Gisela "It was you!!"
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 4 " The Devil and Karma have their Parade"

Ladies and gentlemen,we are back in our little dark town! The darkness falls down a bit but will the happiness last? Now on to the recap! :

Renny is in her room taking care of and pep-talking Baby Abigail, saying that she should not worry,that she will always try to be by her side,to fight for her despite the sad fact that Abigail will never call her Mama (No worries Rainy,that promise always gets broken in the end,here is my tissue!) . Anyway ,i think we were again  time jumped   3 months forward. Master Brujo accompanied  by Macy the Vile and  the Disgusting Suitcases  are there  in the hall. Renny comes there too with the baby but Brujo quickly takes the chance to humiliate her by asking her to give the bebe to Macy and from now on  she is  to have the least possible contact with Abigail. Brujo is forcing both of them to leave.

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Weekend Discussion: Cross-Cultural Infusions and the Future

Still working on the photo gallery, but a new topic emerged yesterday in the midst of discussing the Christmas episodes of Mi Corazon es Tuyo.  It's been going on since the age of cinema and picked up speed after the emergence of television.  How much faster is this happening now?

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #111 I Never Thought I'd Say This but, This TN Just Got Good! Really Good! Are the Regular Writers on Vacation?

Snob Hill
During a phone call, Patrick screams at Greta for not controlling Sophia.  He's tired of being humiliated.  He says that her shameful past is the reason that she can't control that hussy, Sophia.  Greta sobs and says that she can't make Sophia marry him.  She's still all hysterical when Fausto comes in.  She's afraid that Patrick will quit.  Fausto assures her that Patrick will not quit his well-paid position.  His lifestyle means more to him than Sophia does. 

From yesterday, Patrick tells Silvana to hire Manjarrez and to put him in the production area. Silvana says that she doesn't have any openings, but Patrick doesn't care.  He wants him on the payroll...NOW!

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La Gata #102 1-22 In which Pablo is a day late, and a brain short

Good evening, long suffering members of the La Gata patio.  Tonight, like most Thursdays we have a suckier than usual episode which yours truly does not mind because it makes for a quick, down and dirty rehash of this mish-mash.

Tonight was filled with lots of flashbacks as everybody remembers those, soul-searing, heart pounding moments of high drama – NOT – that got us here.

Juan Garza’s complaining to Gut sends him into flashbacks of Damian, Fer, Mariano, Pablo and Esme all accusing Garza of lying:   the penny drops and Gut asks him when is he going to stop faking?  Garza is not Garza, somebody’s paying him and he needs to get out of Gut’s office right now, he never wants to see him for the rest of his life!  Wait.  Is this the appropriate response for a lawyer?  How about calling the authorities?  A crime’s been committed here, you’re not breaking up with your boyfriend!
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Que Te Perdone Dios on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 "You're a Nasty, Mr. Grinch."

Mac and Ren talk.

Ren asks if what she heard is true and Bruno confirms. She says she will never forgive him while he throws more salt in the wound and says she'll never see Pablo ever again.

Lucio (complete with toothpick) eggs on Pablo who gets a little mad and is ready to charge towards him. That being said, Lucio pulls out a gun. He orders Pablo to put some pep in the step and head out (Hup 2, 3, 4 - Hup 2, 3, 4.)

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo on Wednesday, January 21, 2015.

Greta as usual is nagging to Sofia about living up to Octavio's "legacy" but after the truth having been let loose at the wedding, Sofi really isn't having it. Sofia wants to love the life she lives and live the love she does; Salvador has suffered enough. She is going to throw the lapdog a bone and love him to the best of her ability.

Armie and Nandito play video games while IrkMeSome just glares in the background. Nandito says it's been a while since they have spent that much time.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #131 A new young man comes to stir some jealousy feelings in Fernando... and his brother hides under Fernando's bed


Fernando comes downstairs, notices Isa is all messed up by the baby, but as soon as she says Ana is with Alicia and Pablo in library, he heads there… Fernando gives Ana a couple quick kisses, despite her initial reluctance. Fernando gives a nice support speech to Alicia and Pablo, thanks Pablo for loving his daughter… Alicia makes MCET sign to him

Lo Nuevo:

Edith tells Fanny that she plans to sleep with Nando… Fanny is excited at the idea.

Bruno nervous that Zeus is taking too long to get the parts for the hot water in shower, Zeus is getting his dark spots removed at a spa… and lies to Bruno on phone that he was waiting for the person to tell him where to find the parts.

At company, Perla reprimends Leon for spending too much time with Laura at work… Laura leaves, Perla asks him what happened with his relationship with the Prez daughter. Leon says that is in the past… his relationship with Fanny is over.

Johnny comes out all dirty but shirtless and walks toward Isa… He can tell he is not indifferent to her so he milks it for what its worth… you can see all you want but all this you see has a duena(owner). We hear the baby crying in Isa’s arm. She keeps staring at him while he tells her what he had to do to the plumbing. Isa asks him to step away from her… but he sees that she keeps on scanning him top to bottom… She rants at him that HE is making the baby cry. As Johnny has walked away toward kitchen, Isa is fighting with herself that Johnny’s body is awesome, but Johnny himself is ‘spooky’. (espantoso)

Alicia and Pablo are still finding it hard to go their separate ways.

Ana comes back and as soon as she gets the baby from Isa he quiets down. Ana gets her phone off her leg and Isa seems to feel sick to find out where Ana keeps her phone. (between her legs, in a custom made pouch).

At office, Fernando has a visitor, Mr Medina, that he has to deal with before the meeting.

Perla tells Leon that Freeky woke up from the Coma but now he has gone nuts.

Angel and Magda talk about her excitement at working at the consult office alongside him. Ana calls Angel. She says she thinks the baby might have colic. Angel says sure, come over. When he hangs up he tells Magda who is Ana.

Isa invites herself to go to Angel’s office with Ana.

Fernando is talking to Torres about Freeky’s next of kin… Fernando knows Freeky’s dad died and does not know any other relative. Torres says the hospital wants to transfer him to the psych ward. Fernando says a step sister went to visit him at the hospital. He finds it strange, since Torres did not find any relative. Torres says it would be the company responsible for the decision, meaning… Fernando.

Nando is in his room with Sebas… some stuff about music measurements. Sebas wants to study for a music degree.

Edith calls Nando… She invites him to her room later on… to be alone. Nando is amused at the request/invite.

Isa and Ana are leaving to go let Angel see the baby. Ana asks Soledad to watch the other kids while she goes to take the baby to see Angel. Soledad’s cell rings right after Ana and Isa are out the door. Yomama called Soledad to arrange a meeting to have a coffee… or perhaps a margarita (LOL!). Soledad surprised.
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La Gata #101 - Wed 1/21- La Limpia

101, you say?  Now, that sounds like a theme!

Wilderness Healing 101: You can cure anything with a bundle of sage and an egg.  Bongo drums are optional.

Rita shows up and gets Gisela to let her see how Pablo's doing.  She starts pulling things out of her bag.  Later she picks some weeds and leaves

Hot Chicks 101: They're always hotter before they start talking murder.

Los Barrio Boyz drink booze and talk about how Gi is so hot.  Except Garabato.  He's seen the crazy.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 2 "Brutes and Fairies!" Part 2 (Missing scenes coming today,soon)

 Hello once again,it is time for us to return to our beautiful town with vineyards ,madness,forbidenn love,our most wonderful opening song( Que Te Perdone Dios Dear Producer!)  and of course we cannot miss our dear Bruto Flores Angeles(The viewer's already wish him an early anvil but i am a most forgiving person and i know its coming soon)   ,our lovely Macaria(I think i should just call her Macy or like CS,MAC-Bitch but Macy is shorter,i hope the gays will not be insulted though ,pardon Dios Mio for my transgression,i will pray for my salvation everyday!) and our badass ,silent not yet BSC( I think i will lament that saying soon enough) Sergio Goyri ! Now on to the recap :

We see what we already saw in the previous episode,the ending scenes in which the servant(Lucha from PSM) and Renata suddenly learn  that Pablo"s  wooden house is on fire being burnt to ashes (Luckly Pablo escaped )  while forcing Renata to run to the house  but they are lucky that Meliton ( Manuel Ojeda) and the other villagers are already taking care of it but she collapses anyway so one of the men took her away to the curer"s house.
We also see the scene of Connie lighting candles (Hopefully by the end of the novela,the gas bill will not be too expensive!)  and surprisingly and shockingly catching the HOT Pablo ,armed with an machete asking for pobre Renata.They exchange looks.
 Isnt he just Too hot?

Anyway,Brun(j)o and Fausto are in a bar ,the unfortunate sucker being invited to share a drink with Fausto the Devil . He asks Brujo if his men sent him his regards ,he was looking for him but he was not there. He says no and Fausto quickly ,unsurprisingly reveals him of his intentions with Renata and asks Brujo for her hand .In a seeping quickness,Brujo of course accepts the offer ,saying that she is all his to take (Not knowing that he just sold her to a lunatic who will most likely give him the  anvil without mercy,what a wonderful man!) .Fausto does a limited,one time only special offer to the guests that they can drink what the hell that they want for the night to celebrate his new soon -to-become-hell marriage !( I would love to have a boss like that,but god forbid that his name is Fausto Lopez Guerra and it needs to be an unlimited offer!) 
Hopefully the glass was tainted,salud!

Connie and Pablo are in the house with him screaming for Renata while Connie threatened to call the police and telling him to piss off.Pablo blushes it off and is just glad to report Brujo the Inutil to the Men in Blue about the attempted murder .He says that they are not giving him any other choice while he begins threatening Connie with his machete ,forcing the startling Connie to try calling the servants but  with no effect.
Pablo is super ticked off and repeats that no one will seperate them and that they will leave this place no matter what!

Back at the bar,Brujo is complementing Fausto for him to be still interested in Renata and he is glad that a man of his social class (Will he give him the Lunatic"s grand medal?) and surname is converting into his son in law. Fausto is pondering if he can visit Renny (I will just call her that ,maybe i will call her Rainy soon) tommorow at the hacienda but is worried that she will reject him. Brujo gives the Crazy Dog permission to visit his already rotting bone ,pardon uhm Renny and will make sure that she shall not reject him and that she will learn what is better for her.

Back in the house ,Connie successfully prevents  a possible murder  attempt   and Pablo drops his weapon down and he will not do her harm but only until she doesnt try to prevent for Pablo to take Renny away from the hacienda.Connie warns him (And also predictably angering him again) that he brought her bad luck,that he put the eyes in the wrong one and that if he really loved    her,he would be aware that he would bring her a lot of bad news.He only says that he is just trying  to make her feliz  ,we love like no one else and that it is very unjust .He brings the machete up again and Connie the Yeller yells again and this time the servants do come ,alongside Macaria and she manages to take him out of the house  while the other servants are taking away the Yelling Harpie!

Outside,Pablo is predictably angry and saying that he will not go anywhere without his Lovve but Macy reminds him that its best that he goes away and that he and Renny  will always have her helping hand(To drag them to hell?) and that she will help them get away from here     but that he should go until Master Brujo (With a  wand in the hand and  the bottle in the other!) comes back again. Pablo asks if the rumors about the marriage are true and Macy confirms ,him repeating the same that she will never agree to marry  someone she doesnt LUV! Macy warns him that the parents will most likely shove the wedding upon her ,thats why he needs to take her away ASAP!  She is ready to (Fail?) take Renny to him  but he will need to wait until tomorrow   . He thanks her from the heart and tells her of his hideout,the cure house and goes.

Back at the cure house ,  Meliton ( His haircut is fantastically terrible BTW,i would have preferred someone else like Rene Casados ) is taking care of Renny .She appears to have just suffered a dismayo and he has a brief talk with Benito who appears to be Pablo"s best friend  about Pablo. He  is glad Pablo escaped out of the flames but the death is still following him ,the curer says.He alarms   him that to save his life they will have to lie to Renny that he died in the fire.Benito protests but the curer says that the life of the baby is on the life too! She sadly wakes up and the curer gives her the bad news and of course she couldnt handle it ,she only wants him and nothing else!.

Macaria"s mom made a calming tea for Connie but it will work for craps because Brujo comes back and is immediatly angered when he see"s Macy"s mom,he ordered for them to leave and never Ever Return! Connie sends her away to rest and protests her firing ,saying that it is not their fault.Brujo says he doesnt give a shoot anyway and wants to talk to Renny about something more important.She lies to him that Renny is in the bedroom and that he should give her rest,its enough Brujo"s for a day!.He relucantly agrees and sits down,saying that he needs some rest too. He also tells Connie that Rennie and Fausto are having a wedding in one month !On our sadness Macaria was listening to the entire thing..

Pablo comes back to the cure house/penthouse whatever you would like to call it.Anyway he is lying down and remembering the tucking ducking scene with Renny and says the same predictable lines that nothing will seperate us and we will be forever and live forever para siempre blah blah blah!

Macy is outside and sees Melitonand Renny approaching by,shoos the bad curer(With an awful haircut)  away and consoles her,ensuring her that Pablo is fine and dandy and that he came looking for her! Her help is infinite she says but  they need to run fast cause Master Brujo wants her to wed the not- nutcase yet Fausto Lopez otherwise there will be Guerra! Connie sees Renny outside and escorts her to the house.

Fausto comes back home and while he is not a nutcase  special yet ,he is a drunktard and where there is a bottle,there is a Guerra lurking behind ! He declares to Elena(Maria Sorte ) the latest news,he is marrying the most digna mujer ever. Ele is forced to escort him to the room,take his nasty shoes off and then kisses the Adorable Baby Faustie good night twice ,ah what sparks!

Connie is also putting Renny to sleep and they are talking about the marriage proposal.Of course Rennie does not want any of it but the Harpy only wishes the "very best" (Statistically that translates  to "very worst").Anyway she leaves the room,leaving her crying.

We skip to the opening which will probably take a while to take use to and im kind of liking the rythm though it still sounds ridiculous ..

Young Mateo and Elena are having breakfast ,talking about his father and he asks if he loved him .Ele responds yes and gratitude that Fausto treats Mateo as his own son despite the fact that he and his father had issues. Faustie interrupts them  and Elena compliments his good looks(From  what species came her nose?) and he hopes Renny will think the same.

Its morning and Brujo comes to Renny"s room. She asks him if he burned the house down but Brujo does not care and wishes her to forget about him,saying that he is "dead". He wants her attention very closely and wants to inform her about the wedding in Hell ,but she already knows that,Brujo is still spouting that he is from good position and that he wants her so bad.He is her only good partia and punto ! But Rennie wishes to know if he already knows about the Stork in her womb  and he denies it,if he knew he would never wish to marry with someone that dirty as her (Is the drunk dirtbag of her future wed any different?) .Faustie is coming to beg for her hand officially and he wants her to be good mannered and to use the Education that her Mommie Dearest and Master Brutus gave her ( You meant the book"s and riddles from Grandpa Norbie?). She is still protesting ,she wont do something that she does not want  ,she wont fall for someone she doesnt love! Anyway he manhandles her like the Brute he is and  needs to be ready in 20 minutes ,leaving her crying and goes.

Pablo is pithed that  Meliton  lied to Renny that he died.Anyway,the snake Macy comes and starts telling the grand lie that Renny is ready to leave with him ASAP,right now! Of course the poor fool does not know he is falling for a trap..

And it seems i Was wrong as that boy we saw in the kitchen was Young Diego and not Young Mateo. They are playing football together and appear to be good friends.He tells that his he is leaving,when his Tio gives the order but that they will still stay friends.All goes well until Faustie reprimends Mateo for playing again with Diego and immediately sends him back to the house. He later threatens Diegito that as soon as  the marriage is done,he is going to take Mateo away and soon send all the children away. Fausto then comes to the house,greeting Connie (What kind of noses do these people have anyway? ) and is immediately greeted by a tequila for special occasions(I will make sure to take shots too,when the anvils start falling!) . While drinking ,he asks for Renata ,he wants her to see her. Bruno says she is still putting herself beutiful and that she took the news with muchisimo gusto and is more than happy to go out with him ( And even more with a shotgun in the hand!) Connie forewarns Faustus that Renny is quite timid and he promises that he will make her the most happy woman alive !( But i am not sure  who is going to pay the Mortage ! ) .
Bruto is commenting on Fausto"s hacienda,that he should keep a more keen eye on it because it is going to Hell.He adored it when Fausties father and brother were still alive.Faustie promises to make it as productive as His.

Renny comes by and Faustie compliments her by her beauty and  Bruto even calls her a Princess but Renny takes the Guerra to him and  wonders why he is calling her a princess if he called her a slut last night?.The Parents Dearest try to silence her but to no avail because she tells Faustie that the only reason her father accepted the proposal so shortly was because in his eyes she is a mujer manchada (dirtied woman,with Sin)  and is very much in love with someone else,a worker and is also expecting a bebe .She supposes that Fausto would now never wish to marry her .Faustie has heard enough and leaves,while Bruto slaps Renny hard. While leaving,he  orders his two men to prepare his horse and encounters the annoying Fly by the name of Macy saying hello to him.Like the viewers,he answers our prayers and wants to have peace but Macy the Vile  doesnt let him,pobre. She asks him if he is in a bad mood,did Renny reject him? Faustie wants to know if the worker exists and wants his identity ASAP. Macy happily gives it to him,Pablo Ramos.He is sure that this maldito is only interested in the of the Sheep Family"s Money but Macy asks" You arent?" . She tells him that she is sure that he would not want to marry Renny after the bad news he was told.He goes on his horse and rides away.

Now here comes the best part of the night,i watched this clip on Youtube while in school and i was quite shocked .Bruto is pithed and is all but ready to unleash his fury.He slaps Renny again ,to the shock of Connie. He asks why is she so stupid ,why is she destroying her life and of the rest,wasnt dirtying  our surname enough,humiliating us all,condemning us.Marrying Fausto was the only way out of this mess and an entrance to a life decent.Now after what have you done,not even him or any other will wish to marry you.You only disgrace us ,what disgust. Renny interrupts ,saying how could they think she could hide her love life story?Conny tries to stop Bruto"s rant but Bruto replies that he is done with her and that she will now waste her life to repay him all the damage that she caused and he menacingly wishes that Renny should have just died in Connie"s womb! Connie is trying to get him to hear what he is saying and Renny in a crying and enraged tone says that he should stop  worrying because his problems will cease to exists shortly because she will soon leave  and he will see her NEVER! Bruto is still ranting ,saying that she is crazy and that she has no place to go now,especially now that the maldito is now MUERTO(Not!).Connie said to the crazy Bruto that his daughter is packing and that he has to stop it,somehow

Fausto came back to his crappy hacienda with Lucio(Lucifer?) saying hi.He thinks Faustie is in a feasty mood but Oh he is wrong! Fausto asks him if he has heard of any Pablo Ramos,Lucio nods and Drunk Dog gives him the orders to take the obstacle out of the way and to not ask the questions with the Devil,it is not the first time,you know that i always pay you good for that. Fausto returns back to the house and Elena has a good radar for bad news and asks if his foul mood means that the marriage is as existent as  if pigs were to fly. Fausto says to not mess with things that are not of her concern and that he wants to be in the office,undisturbed while she does her "cutie" smile.

Bruto and Macaria are in the office,fighting as usual.He wants her and Amanda gone because she was  helping Pablo but it will not work,before he would succeed he will  have to put an anvil on me  and while Bruno Flores exists ,neither of them shall put one foot in this region!  Macy counters that if it wasnt  for her Pablo and Renny would be still pulling the fools for ya! While being an  ally of Renny,s,she is prepared to be allies with Bruto.

Speaking of Pablo,his brother gave him some money i think,the brother wants all the happiness for him.All Pablo needs is a camionet since Macy will supposedly bring Renny today so we could go .Meliton has good eyes though and is capable of seeing through BS and tells Pablo not to trust much in Macy,she rapidly changes her skin and also her interests.Pablo is critizing him already though when he should be giving him happiness! But it is for your own good.He also made him some lucky but useless amulet for good luck(How many times have we seen this trick before?) while the brother remembers that Don Fully has a camionet ready.He leaves and Meliton warns him that while  he will not be a part of this nonsense,there will be no place to hide when Don Bruto learns that Renny was stolen.

Speaking of the Brutes,he was just giving some of the money away to Macy(Hopefully  the money is fake,you should always give the broken toys away to the  pobres,that"s called charity!),she knows what must be done  .Anyway Conny comes to the office and is informed that she was right Macy and Amanda will be keeping their jobs,they do not need to pay for the errors of your daughter.He plans to take Renny to some city but i didnt catch the name,if anyone could tell me in the comments!

Macy is now talking with her mother,Macy should stay away from troubles by Don Bruno but she calms her down cause he is not going to fire her,she is  not going to help Pablo and Renny anymore,the only reason she helped them was to prevent Fausto from marrying her,so Pablo will have to run away with Renny now. She informs her mother that she is going alongside Bruto and Renny to the City.She taunts her mother if she will be be dying out of sadness(I guess she will be doing the opposite soon).Amanda is hopeful that all of it is for the better good and that God knows his Frijoles ( And the Devil knows how to breed Spawns!) .Atleast she will be far away from that bad man,Don Faustus.

Conny is protesting to Bruno that she doesnt want Renny to go and that her opinion doesnt count. Bruto of course knows how to repeat the lines of the greater good and besides she asked him to put a stop to it himself.He also tells her that Renny is leaving with him for the City ,with Connie protestong that she is going to feel alone so she wants to go along but Bruto denies it,she does not want Pablo any near Renny!
Macy enters the room of Renny and begins spinning the lie of Pablo being offered money by Bruto so he could largar para siempre!

End of episode

Next episode:
Renny learns some shocking news
Macy and Renny are being driven off by Brujo to the City
Renny gives birth to Baby Abigail.



Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Tue 1/20 #109 Hasta el Fin del Mundo It’s Nadie……Chava Nadie or I’m Coming Octavio!

Lo Nuevo ---

Pato’s Apartment
Outside, Chava gives Armie the good news that he and Sofia are going to give Love another whirl.  They’ve found they still love each other.  He’s waiting for her now just outside Pato’s depa.  He’s not worried about her being alone with him.  She assured him she’ll be okay but he’s standing by, with his cell phone, just in case.  Chava tells him he’ll share all the deets later but it’s safe to say he’s the happiest man on earth!

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La Gata #100 1/20/15 Dumba$$ery Abounds

I'm skipping the old (and probably a lot of the new) and condensing this thicker than Borden's.

Fernando said it best: the trial is a farce. Esme interrupts the Chismosa of the Dump's testimony to ask why she's lying and doing this to la Gata. Then Low interrupts the proceedings to declare that Pablo is the only person that can clear all this up. The judge needs to MAKE Pablo appear!

Gisela stays with Pablo. Mi amors and lots of angustia.

Garabato is on the bus back to the DF and worries about Pablo. Is he dead or not? And if he is, who could I pay to help him AND keep quiet.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #130 Tues 1/20/2015. Pablo has to move to Argentina... Fanny decides to walk away from Leon for a while... Ana keeps pushing Fer away with the 'kids cofusion' script and Fernando has little toleration to cold water showers


Ana/Fernando outside kissing, hiding from Sebastian, they state they are sure of their love for each other… even though Ana does not want to tell the kids yet… ‘we would’ confuse them, but it was you and I, then you married Isa, then I dated Diego then you and I again…’ yada yada… but it is enough for him to hear she does not doubt of his love. More kissing.

Lo Nuevo:

Sebas gives up on waiting for Dad/Ana to show up, goes back in… meanwhile Fer and Ana, still hiding behind the poinsettias, keep swearing the lurrrvvv… Ana insists they can’t kiss in front of the kids. Fer puckers up for another kiss but Ana is feeling pains in her back, gets a quick massage from Fer… Ana calls him on talking too ‘folkloric’ (LOL!) Fer is visibly running out of patience on the ‘waiting because of the kids’ pretenses… They finally walk back in.

When Fer/Ana come in, Fanny and Nando are impatient to hear something from the ‘picarones’. But Ana/Fer give the green light to open presents. The twins get costumes like ‘El Chavo’ (a character made famous by a comedian who died recently in Mex). Fanny keeps questioning Fer/Ana, she can’t understand the ‘hiding from the kids’ stuff either. She is asking why… just like he has been. Fer and Ana finally give in to Fanny that they were kissing, and Fer adds on that it was beautiful, wonderful!... Fernando moves on to watch the kids open presents. Alicia temporarily thinks she has no present under the tree… and even Nando mocks her saying ‘she ain’t got any!’ before Fernando says no, look harder. There is one for you too. She finds it and is real happy. Meanwhile Fanny is getting Ana’s reaction to the kiss… just as childish reaction description from Ana. Ana also tells Fanny Fer gave her a ring, and Fanny temporarily assumes its is an engagement ring, which Ana writes off right away.

At Leon’s they are also having Mau get his present… a small bike and some soldier (looks like Iron man, it is called ‘SUPER CHICO’), Mau is excited saying it is the one he had asked for!! He looks up and says ‘you are the best!’ to God while Leon takes a photo of him.

Fanny is trying to get Edith to get up from bed. Edith was dreaming about some plane. Fanny gives her some coffee. Edith notices Fanny has something in her mind… she has been thinking ‘maybe Leon is not for me’.

At Leon’s, Leon is talking to Reina about Fanny and Laura… Leon is saying same as Fanny ‘maybe princess Fanny is not for me’. Reina asks ‘what about Laura, is she for you?’

Edith still thinks Fanny could not live in a humble place like Leon’s… Fanny says it is more an issue of Leon’s temper. She reminds Edith that she and Leon have split and made up several times, but Leon solves everything violently. Fanny says it is a pattern that she does not like. She says Leon lacks maturity, has tantrums too often./easily.

Nando gets an e-card from Ximena saying she hopes to see him soon. He is impactado.

Ana is bringing the baby to her room, she gets a surprise flower bunch with a card ‘Via this card, I will inform to you that our dance practices will increase in intensity and intimacy/closeness. Please dress up even more beautiful than you are used to. For more information, please contact your dance partner… and hopefully, your life partner.’ Ana is elated… She looks again at the ring she just got from Fernando and writes him a response.

Fernando in his room gets the response slipped under the door. Fernando at first thinks it is Siete scratching the door but goes and sees the note. ‘Very dear dance partner… I thank you in advance for your attentions/details and I hope you too get ready for us to shine the dance floor… and if possible, get even more handsome, although that would be abuse… have a very good night, Ana Leal. PS… The “being my life partner” sounds wonderful!...’
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La Gata Recappers Phone Home! Sinopsis La Sombra del Pasado Gran Estreno February 16, 2015 7PM/6 CST

Please contact the blogmom at if you would like to recap

Time: 7PM/6CST
Producer: MaPat López de Zatarain
Created by: José Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Víctor Manuel Medina Cervantes,
Written by: María Del Carmen Peña
Source material: El Manantial

Santa Lucía is a small town where everyone knows each other and rumors spread like wildfire. Here live two families and over the years they have had many differences and accumulated resentments.

Our tale begins at the hacienda Las Ánimas where the baptism of Cristóbal (Pablo Lyle...eventually), the first born of Severiano Mendoza (Alexis Ayala) and his wife Candela (Alejandra Barros) is being celebrated. The family is rich, powerful and respected in Santa Lucía and the entire town is present for the party.

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La Gata #99 01/19/15 The story as told by Principe

Hello all, Eli has asked me to take over as she is currently trying to fake her death, normally I'd say "no" because I'm a feline and have better things to do but then I reconsidered, people need to know about the kind of abuse I have suffered and maybe someone will save me. Do not question how I know what's going on with everyone, including Pablo, I am a cat, I know all and see all.

Pablo has run off to the woods in order to teach a girl, Vicky, I think is her name. The poor girl actually thinks he has talent, I don't think she's ever seen his horrible paintings. Because he is off in the country side "working" Pablo is around to provide Esmeralda the emotional support she needs. She is angry that he's not around and feels that it means he does not care about the fate of the babies. Oh sure, she thinks she could ask him to explain himself, but she refuses to do it, instead she chooses to believe a woman who has done nothing but hurt her and her family. Whatever. The babies still show no progress, I think someone needs to slip human growth hormone into their milk.
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #108 1/19/15 Goldilocks has Boring Sex

From Friday:
Chava and Sofia whine and cry about him doin' the drunken dirty with Araceli. Chava swears he loves Sofia and will accept whatever decision Sofia makes regarding their relationship. Yeah, I don't believe that for a second. 
Araceli admits that she forced herself on the drunken Chava. After Araceli told Pedro the truth he went back to Monterrey without her. Irma offers Araceli these words of wisdom, "Chava will forgive you, but I can't believe you were stupid enough to tell Pedro. Have shot of tequila."
Pato has no idea where Sofia has gone. Silvana is pretty sure that Sofia doesn't care about Pato or the factory, but if Pato is really concerned about Sofia he should call Fausto. He calls, but Fausto claims he has no idea where Sofia went.
Sofia tells Chava that despite his drunken sexual experience with Araceli, she still loves him. They kiss and make up.
The Wonder Bread Band practices together. Very FF ----->>
Matias arrives to take Yovet and Irais on a tour of Mexico City.
Sofia and Chava run to an abandoned house to find shelter from the rain.
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Monday, January 19, 2015


Que Te Perdone Dios on Monday, January 19, 2015 "Let's Do This!"

We begin in Real de San Andres where a truck pulls up amongst a bunch of ranch workers. Our (soon to be primera actriz) current star Renata Riquelme is snacking on grapes as astrapping ranch hand Pablo comes up on horseback eyeing her. Bruno chides his daughter for having gone by herself for grapes. He doesn't want her near any campesinos that could harm or take advantage of her. Her mother comes in saying she likes to see her and her father hug. Macaria has come in to help with the grapes and then is encharged with going with Renata for a swim and not abandoning her under any circumstances. Pablo comes in. Macaria (who is all Sabine Moussier'd up skin, make-up and hair-wise) and Renata girl chat about what Renata is really going to do.

Bruno wants Pablo to prove his worth (and that unfortunately doesn't mean he can have Ren.) Pab. is happy to oblige; cowboy hat and all.

Renata is stripping and dipping in the typecast Abismo de Pasion lagoon while Pab. pulls up and watches. He removes his hat and all attire to make a splash with her. They kiss and after their skinny-dip, talk about marriage. He wants to make her happy and unfortunately, her parents are against this. He refers to himself as a peon and she reassures him of her unconditional love for him.

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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 1/19/15 ♥ #129 ♥

Capitulo 129: Holiday Madness

Let's get to the important stuff:

Margarita's Apartment: Fanny caught Laura with León and was more annoyed than she tried to show. She gave Mauricio and Margarita their gifts and tried to make a fast but graceful exit. Laura followed her out saying she had to talk to her. Reina and Margarita saw this would not end well and both looked at León, who had to know what was on their minds.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Dueños del Paraíso, Señora Acero, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of Jan. 19, 2015

Wow!  So many comments last week!  It looks like Dueños del Paraíso has energized the Telemundo community, and now the whole prime-time line-up is getting attention.

A special welcome to the new commenters here, and a huge thank-you to the talented recappers who are keeping the enterprise going.

Enjoy your page and your week, folks.



Quiero Amarte (Week 18-Jan 19) Highlights & Discussion

Dolores Morales de Valdez, QEPD

Dolores left this earth suddenly on January 16, 2015. It is believed from official reports that she was suffering from advanced kidney disease and accidentally fell through a glass partition in the ladies' room of the hospital where she was undergoing tests.

She leaves behind to mourn and remember her, a daughter, Mariana, a goddaughter, Amaya, and Amaya's child, Valeria. She also leaves to mourn a host of friends. She also leaves her husband, Cipriano, who will miss her because she will no longer be around to cook, clean, iron for him, earn money for his vices, nor to abuse physically and mentally.

Dolores was a valiant and stalwart woman, a loyal friend. Though uneducated, her wisdom and intelligence was sometimes beyond her capabilities to utilize. She was a loving mother and protector and believed in the idea that her daughters deserved a better life and sacrificed herself for their advancement.

She lived with and tolerated a drunk and abusive husband because that was what was expected of  decent women in her society in those days. She loved him once upon a time.

Her friend and confidant, the village priest is expected to officiate. Final resting place will be in the family plot.


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