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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #31 9/29/14 Go to Jail. Go Directly to Jail. Do Not Pass Go or Collect $200.

Hola, Everyone! There was great discussion over the weekend about why Sofia (Beautiful) would be attracted to Chava (Beast). So I did a little digging and I found this article that gives several reasons why Visually Opposites attract:
Whatever the reasons, Uggo and Hottie couplings like Chava and Sofia happen all the time in real life. Cases in point:
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Pauline Porizkova and Rick Ocasek
Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter

On to the recap!
In her hotel room in Brasil, Sofia considers calling Chava but decides against it.
Dani calls to talk to Sofia.
Pato and Silvana get busy in bed.
Chava and Sofia think about each other through the magical windows of their minds.
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La Gata #21- Mon 9/29 - La Hija

Before Fernando can launch into his sales pitch, Jarocha tells him Gata's in desperate need of his help.  Gata apologizes for having caused a scene, but Fernando thinks she needs understanding and affection.  Jarocha decides to leave them alone.

Garabato hits on some other girl and gets caught by Ines.  She, of course, takes it out on the other girl.

Fernando sees Gata's inner light…she gives his life meaning.  He tells her about the pain in his life since he lost his wife and daughter.  He figures guys are always into her for sexual reasons (he doesn't say it like that, though) but he's interested in being her daddy, minus the sugar.  He wants to give her and the kids everything they need, so she can show Pablo that she doesn't need him.  He wants to humiliate the Negretes and raise Esme up like a queen.  She keeps resisting.  Fernando tells her that Agustin took everything from him and his revenge will be her revenge.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 26. 09/29/14. Stalkers aka crazies are circling.

Skipping the old....

Acacia comes back from her trip to see Ulises. Cris wants to know what happened. Acacia believes Ulises is with another. Elena asks why she thinks that. Acacia babbles that Ulises took a long time with that girl over dinner last night and today they were laughing and carrying on. Cris tries to explain to this immature child that all this doesn't mean anything. Acacia tells Cris to talk to Esteban, he saw everything.

Danilo is at the hacienda talking to Esteban. Esteban reminds Danilo that the association is a serious organization.

Ale asks for Luisa. She wants to eat lunch with her. Rosa tells her to eat with the family and stop coming in through the servants entrance. She's a visitor but Ale feels comfortable with the way things are. Rosa leaves and El Rubio comes in. Ale wants to know why he was in her room. A man came looking for Esteban and I wanted you to know. Ale says it doesn't matter. If he does it again, she will tell Esteban.
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Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 9/29/14 #51

Capitulo 51: Three Coins In the Fountain

Lascuráin Mansion: Isabitch went on the offensive by being offensive to Ana, demanding that she stay away from Fernando.
Ana took it quite calmly, telling her – with something of a smirk – that the kiss in the hall was an accident. Isabitch ordered her to shut up and said she would like to arrange an accident that would get her out of the way. She ordered her out of her room and growled in the wake of Ana's departure.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Reina de Corazones -- PAGE ONE: week of September 29, 2014

¡Hola, Reinamaniacs! Are we ready for a new week of our novela loca? Let's get our Crackpots™fired up for new theories and our beanies adjusted. We all hope that our Dragon will escape the soul-draining influence of Estefi and get some of his wisdom back. I have updated the Dropbox compilation of recaps here .

I have also updated the Perils of the Dragon (although I might have to add another one after tonight):

The Perils of the Dragon or, It's Hard being Navier

shot twice in back on Victor's orders;
beaten by guards in prison;
knocked out when Reina was kidnapped;
shot in leg rescuing Reina w/fever complications;
shot (graze only) while in shower with Reina;
forcibly sedated on orders of Esmeeth;
knocked out by Izzy and pinned by falling beam in fire in body-storage place;
shot in shoulder by Fico in parking deck;
poisoned by coffee laced with heart-attack flu virus;
involved in roll-over car crash - no injuries;
shot in chest by Reina but was wearing a bullet-proof vest - no injury;
thrown through window of hotel onto van on Victor's orders - minor injuries, broken ribs;
knocked out, chained up, beaten and almost shot on Victor's orders - minor injuries; and
rendered unconscious by sleeping gas in diamond vault by Estefi.




TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- En Otra Piel ends tonight! Gran Estreno de Los Miserables and Señora Acero starts its first full week -- Week of Sept. 29, 2014

Finally (and it can't be too soon for some of us) En Otra Piel ends tonight (Monday). Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9pm, Los Miserables, based on the 1862 Victor Hugo novel which, according to IMdb, has already been made into at least 14 movies, the earliest dating back to 1909,  4 TV miniseries, a musical and a movie of a musical gets a new life as a telenovela. At 10pm Señora Acero starts its first full week.

This is the place for comments and recaps of these novelas.


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Bela Gets The Blues (As Her Due)

Let us JIP (J=join in progress) as Don Nicolas’s bride to be, La Jennifer, makes a “naughty night” date with Nic.  (E.D. PSA alert!)  Nerdando  comes downstairs with a smile the size of the DF anticipating his own naughty night date with Ximena.  The two end up comparing their respective upcoming night of nookie and Nerdando admits he’s still a virgin.  Don Nico says that at his age with a woman like Jennifer he might as well still be a virgin himself.  (Sorry, but  a  serious young man discussing losing his virginity with his parental units or even his grand parental units is more than I can stomach.  –N-n-nb-b-t-t-t-t!!!  Oh well, the whole storyline here is more than I can stomach.  And my beanie is out for repairs.  Let’s continue…..) 

Even weirder discussion ensues as Nico tells his 17 year old grandson that he’s got an appointment that morning to see about adopting a baby for Jens.  (Guess the old guy’s so rich he figures he can buy his way through anything.  Anyway, what is some 70- something old fart doing bringing a baby home like a kitten or puppy from the county pound??  He’d probably be pushing up daisies and Mexican heather long before the kid gets out of junior high, even.  Why does he think that should be fair for a child??  Crap!  Why doesn’t the old toe-sucker get his rocks off once in a while with his trophy wife, courtesy of the little blue pill, and count his blessings such as they are?)
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #30:

Hola Amiguis: Sofia is on her way to Brasil. Before she goes Pato is wanting some sugar. She goes to kiss his cheek and gets a whiff of perfume. She asks Pato why that is. Ahem there were two women in this meeting and also Sivana When he says Silvana she gets a funny look on her face. She ends up going. Here is the earworm for Chava and SofieHow Do I Live

Sofie goes home and has a chat with Alexa She gives Alexa her check for her work on the Chica Ripoll campaign. Sofia wants her to give up this pipe dream of going back to Spain and to stay here and work for her at Ripoll. She compliments Alexa on her creativity and talent. I also think that Sofie is on to Alan.

Alexa goes to see Dani next, and tells her about her convo with Sofie. Dani says that Sofia gives good advice. Dani is actually studying, who knew.

MIguelina has a chat with Lucas. He is liking his work at Ripoll and has found a brother kind of there named Mittias, and yes, he has a novia, but he doesn't say who.

Chava and Sofie are having a sad goodbye. She will miss him, as he will miss her, but she has a new job for him while she's gone, he'll be under Pato's thumb, well not that, but he will be working for Pato. Poor Chava doesn't like it but Sofie assures him it will be alright, yeah right Oh, and Pato will be taking Sofie to the airport, more's the pity.

                                                    They are so darn cute.
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La Malqerida, capitulo 25. 09/26/14

Norberto is angry with Danilo for going to his house. Danilo wanted to talk business but Norberto reminds him it's only done at the office. Danilo came to finish talking about their business from last night. He understands that Norberto needs cotton and he is willing to sell it to him. After all, they are buddies. Norberto gives him the stink eye.

Cris and Juliana are strolling down the hallway talking about how wonderful Danilo is (if they only knew the type of slime-ball he is, they would be screaming and running away). Juliana believes as distinguished as Danilo is, is wife must be the same. Cris wants to set up a dinner and invite Danilo and wife. So how are things with you asks Cris. Not going well replies Juliana. Norberto every day gets worse and worse. Cris wants to talk about German's real dad but Juliana, who has seen a few novellas in her day, doesn't want to talk about it right now. Cris agrees and wants to go see her godson, Manuel. Juliana says Manuel has changed and not to be alarmed at what he says.
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Weekend Topic: The Galans of Opera

I'm always comparing telenovelas and opera and they have more in common every day.  And there are tons of great videos online to prove it.

It is no longer necessary just to be able to sing well; opera stars are now expected to be good actors and also to be hot.   Today I will present a line-up of tenors.  If there is adequate response, I'll do a sequel featuring baritones and basses.

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La Gata #20 Friday 9/26/14 La Emoción

Hello students! Welcome to another edition of Sara's Pithy Points. I hope I am not being overly didactic, but the theme of tonight's work is "Emotions." (Note: Events are described out of order and my language may have gotten a little spicy. Please pardon me. And of course, there may have to be some fill in.)

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #29: 9/25/14: He's Nakkid and Sofie Sees!

Hola Amiguis. This recap is entirely from memory. Here is the earworm.The Streak

Shall we begin.

Sofia tells Chava he can take a shower to clean off. So he goes to do that. Sofia is leaving for Brasil shortly, I wonder if Pato is going with her. Crap! Sofia goes down to check on Chava, he is buck nakkid and covers his head with the towel, too funny. Sofia is embarrased and he finally realizes she can see everything. He covers himself but drops the towel. She squees and he apologizes to her. The only women folk that have seen him nakkid is his Mama and Marisol when he was younger that is. Sofia goes and runs to the study and tells Fausto what she has seen. He laughs and also says oh the gods on Mt Olympus. Too funny. I guess she has never seen a nakkid guy before. Hmmmm......

Marisol and Lupe are making amends over a cup of delecious hot chocolate. How sweet. Lupe assures Marisol she is not reuniting with the infeliz, Marisol is juat happy that her Mom forgave her for all the bad things she said to her.

Greta and Dani are also making amends. Dani apologizes to Greta and Greta also apoligizes th Dani. They love each other muchly. Greta finally allows Dani to have her computer and cell phone back. I think Dani will now toe the line.

Armie and Alexa and Little Lord Fauntleroy are about to leave, when Armie gets a phone call from Nando's school. He's sick and needs to be picked up.

Renzi and Irma are talking, although he is flirting with her. Renzi is checking out her boobage and she remind him she is a mother and she has a guy. Her phone goes off snd she doesn't answer. That call is
                                          Don Paco don't leave us now.
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La Malquerida #24: What is Lost Becomes Found And The Accidental Kiss

Hola Amiguis! This recap is mainly from memory, I didn't take any notes, so if I miss anything let me know. Here's the earworm.Bury My Lovely

Shall we begin.

Este and Acacia are off to Cuidad Real to take care of bidnez with that Pieralta guy. When they meet with him he immediately goes off on Acacia, what a jerk, calling her inexperienced and how could Este leave this child in charge of so important a bidnez deal. Este has gives it back to this guy , he tells this Peirata guy that he is talking to the daughter of the duena of the Hacienda and not just a nobody. Acacia wants to go, but Este has her stay. This Peiralta guy is a true putz. His cell phone keeps going off, and he is constantly walking out of this meeting to take the calls. We just know who keeps burning up his phone, it's Norbie of course. Well, Norbie too is unable to fulfill this order, cause he doesn't have that amount of cotton, nor is he able to get it yet. Peiralta is giving Este grief that this cotton is destined for The United States and they are holding his feet to the fire, and he'll have to pay a huge fine. Which will get passed on to Este of course. Este will do what he can.

                                          Stop the hugging of Este, you are driving him mad!
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Mi corazon es tuyo, #39 - Thursday, 09/25/2014 Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you

(Joey Adams, American comedian)

I’m back home this week for my brother’s wedding, so this recap has been written in bits and pieces whenever I had the chance to run away from my noisy (although lovable) family. I hope I didn’t forget any important details. If I have, please add whatever you think is significant in the comments.

Off we go...

Do you still have to write thank you cards for the wedding presents if you get a divorce three days after the wedding? Do you even have the time to do that?
Fernando is telling Bruno that he is still in love with Ana, but it’s not like he’s harboring any type of hope of a future reunion. He is married and she is involved with Diego, who is his brother AND is truly in love with her. She is unlike any other women that Diego has ever been with, so Fer truly believes that this time his feelings are for real - so he can’t get in the middle of that and hurt his brother. Besides, Diego is handsome and a good guy, he is the best candidate to win Ana’s heart.
Bruno doesn’t believe that all hope is lost. With all due respect, he doesn’t understand why Fer had to marry Isabella; he could have taken care of the child without making her his wife. (Viewerville is applauding Bruno for calling it as it is, even if he is trying to be very tactful about it).
Yes, but Fer wants his new baby to feel like it’s part of a real family.
OK, then, Bruno insists, but there is always divorce… There are plenty of kids out there with divorced parents that are OK. Because as far as he’s concerned, this marriage was un grave error. (Viewerville cheers, Bruno might be getting a honorary member card). Fernando goes hmmm… Could he have a light bulb moment?
After they finish their chat about Ana, Fer invites his only friend, el majordomo, to join him to watch Johnny's stand-up. Isa is not home yet, so... boys night out?
But Isabella IS at home and she hears the first part of their conversation and runs to her mother’s bedroom, kicking and screaming after. She knocks on the door and is very loud, Diego sees her but doesn’t stick around to figure out what happened. He goes downstairs where Ana is waiting for him so they can go to the bar to watch Johnny's show. Their banter downstairs about taking the moto is really cute, Ana is at least warming up to him.
Upstairs Isabella is still crying like a little child over the fact that Fernando doesn’t love her because he still loves Ana. Yola doesn’t want to comfort her daughter, she just points out the fact that having all these loving, human feelings are only getting in the way. Their purpose was the Lascurain fortune, which they now have, so Isa needs to stop crying, because that won’t solve anything.
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La Gata #19- Thu 9/25 - La Llegada

Gata gets right to the point--she needs money for the kids.  Don Italiano was hoping they could take things slow.  That's ok, though, he can live without romance as long as she agrees to be a decent wife to him…and maybe give him a little love.  They're not off to a good start when Gata turns her face instead of kissing him.  Damian shows up before Meatball gets too violent…but it looks like Damian might be bringing the violence.

Rita and Jarocha argue because Rita's an evil old hag.  A selfish, evil old hag.  A selfish, evil old hag who uses people.

Gata gets yelled at by both guys.  Both guys yell at each other.  Damian headbutts Meatball.  I guess he's a meat patty now.  Damnit, Damian, you've already got a record for assault!  Gata keeps pleading with Damian that she needs the money for the kids, but instead of just telling her that he's going to give her money, he keeps telling her not to make a deal with Meatball.  Meatball says this is a "now or never" offer.  This is a lot of arguing back and forth that's going nowhere.  Damian finally hauls Gata out of the pizzeria while Meatball yells at her that she's stupid.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Reina de Corazones -- PAGE TWO: week of September 22, 2014

Dear Reinamaniacs,

With everything that's going on, I think we're going to need this page to tide us over from Thursday to Monday.  Enjoy yourselves, everyone!

Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.
--Edmund Burke

Maybe those who DO know history are also destined to repeat it...



Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #28: 9/24/14: Everyone is Slumming

Hola Amiguis: I don't know if Corazon is putting up a  recap today so I will put up some bullet points and if he posts one, I will remove mine. 

Shall we begin?

Chava is on the hunt for Lucas. He goes to his house and asks him why he didn't go to work? Well his girlfriend is having some family problems and would Chava want to meet her? Dani hides out and Chava says no. You need to get back to work, after what Ms Sofie did for you! So Lucas goes. As soon as both Chava and Lucas goes, Dani hi tails it home.

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La Malquerida #23: 9/24/14: Who is Chantajeing Who?

Hola Amiguis! This is another short and sweet recap. I think I got everything. Here is the earworm. Dirty Laundry

Shall we begin?

Este is being pissy and wants to leave. Cris convinces him to stay, it's the last day of their honeymoon. Este was thinking of taking a private plane. So the upshot is that Este is staying, there's a good boy, and they kiss.

Oh, look Norbie is hitting the bottle, I wonder why. A little riddled with guilt are we? German comes in, wondering where he's been. Norbie tries to say that Manuel's injuries are due to Uli. Yeah, blame the other guy! Now Norbie is thinking this will work to Manuel's advantage. I love German, Mr. Big Sexy! He tells his deluded Papa never happen.

                                                                                      Such a small man. I can't wait till they catch your butt.
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Mi corazon es tuyo #48... FINALLY Nico and Jen get engaged!!... and some more 'near miss' scenes of Ana and Fer... Fernando as the tooth fairy... and Diego moves into Reeky's building


Isa arrives home, tells YoMama went to OBGYN alone. There is something you don’t know. / what did you do?

Reeky and Fanny at lunch… he digs into her phone calls and what happened with Leon and Fernando, never seen my dad that angry.

Isa tells YoMama the worst news she could hear… ‘I don’t know who’s my baby daddy’ / ‘NO!! … NO!!’

Lo Nuevo:

Reeky surprised Leon was just a messenger… no wonder your dad was angry… / it was not about that. It turned out Leon was married and has a child…

Said Leon is getting the ashes of his ex… he is still upset… he is signing up for a payment plan to pay for her cremation… (the loan term is for six months, a very short time for someone currently unemployed)

Fanny says really what makes me upset is to think of Mau, Leon’s son. I know what it feels like to lose your mother. Saw the painting at my house? My mom was a beautiful person inside and out. Reeky (I am sure it is a lie) says his mom died too, and his dad is ill, had an embolism (embolia). He was my partner, my friend, my hero… and now he can’t even talk… (wow, good acting from this jerk)

Yomama calls Isa a cynic… Isa brushes it off to YoMama as ‘'asi es la vida' (that's life). YoMama asks ‘then why did you split your legs (aflojaste) for him??' Isa replies it was a few days before and a few days after the weekend at Malinalco with Fernando. YoMama is more and more upset the more she hears. ‘I feel like a piano just fell over me.. No! .. No!’ She wants a triple Margarita from the waiter. YoMama gets even more scared when she learns Reeky knows about Isa's pregnancy. 'Then why did you recommend him to Fernando as your replacement'  'What do you mean why?? Because Reeky knows about our plan!!' … 'No, no.. no manches (don’t tell me).'  'What plan?? (as in DUH!) The plan to strip Fernando dry of his money! (to sum the rest up, YoMama ends up pulling on Isa’s ear… 'Reeky could be our demise… if Fer finds out, we won’t end on the street, we will end up… and I will lose this great(tan rica) bed!.. Waiter!!'.

The twins and Luz are helping Ana finish the dress… the twins say it still does not look like a princess. Ana asks then what do we do? Luz suggests a crown/tiara… they all jump for joy at the idea.

Ana goes to talk to Fanny… how is your heart? Fanny says she feels she will never be able to put the pieces back together. Ana gives her some encouragement… she has a very good glue (gives her a big hug)… pega cachitos del Corazon (a glue specifically to put a heart back together)… muy apachurrante (very squeezy) (Ana gives Fanny a very nice strong hug of support and then whispers in her ear… ' Time always heals… when you feel sad and sensible, you have your BFF-Nana… or the Nana-BFF… a confident who will be with you always.. love ya'   (AWWWWW... she has nothing to envy of any real mom there... Ana, don't change anything when you become her real 'new mom' as Luz said)
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La Gata #18 Wednesday 9/24/14 La Discusión

No recap tonight, but feel free to discuss.

The Good News: Rita does not get her skeletal and grimy hands on Leti.
The Bad News: Rita is in this episode a lot.

The Good News: Little Pablito will recover.
The Bad News: He needs an expensive prescription.

The Good News: The doctor gives Esmeralda some free samples.
The Bad News: Esme finally gets desperate enough to go to the Italiano.

The Good News: We had a Virginia sighting!
The Bad News: She's miserable in Italy and misses Carrrrlos.

The Good News: Damian talks to El Silencioso about Esme, despite Metiche Meche. El Silencioso will help.
The Bad News: He may be too late!

The Good News: Lupe likes to interrupt!
The Bad News: El Italiano is still his boss and he has to follow orders.

And I don't give a hoot about Pablum Pan anymore.



Quiero Amarte Week 1 Discussion Space Sept. 22-26, 2014

For those who catch this show and would like to discuss amongst Caray, Caray,  here you go!



Mi Corazon es Tuyo #47 Tues 23 Sep 2014... Ana and Fer in another 'almost kiss' scene, this time with a witness... Betty gets a big letdown courtesy of Ricky... Isa gotta know who is her baby daddy, Isa and Fer play truth or dare

sorry this is late, was sick all day yesterday...


YoMama and Fer make amends

Diego, Ana, Nando and Ximena at club and out on the sidewalk… ‘tacos de lengua’ with Xime very excited that Nando defended her…

Nico, Jen… I love you… I know.

Lo Nuevo:

Bruno flattered that Manuela was mad at YoMama for what she made him do and Manuela ready to beat up YoMama… YoMama caught the last of this and threatens Manuela ‘you don’t know who you are messing with’… Manuela answers in kind.

Ximena invites herself for sleepover in Fanny’s room, Fanny tells her she can forgive Leon but can’t go back with him. Fer comes in to check on Fanny and repeats to her that he loves her.

Betty visits Ricky, they get into chaka chaka… FF>>

Fer knocks on Ana’s room but she does not answer the door in time.

Isa finds the twins in her bed… runs to get Fernando and fakes being delighted about it …

Ana goes to kitchen for a tea. Fernando finds her there, he is in his pj’s. She ALMOST tells him the details about the bad guys at the club, but stops herself. Then she tells him about Tamara’s accident with the kid and that Fanny was there to support Leon. Fernando is sad to hear what happened.

Isa in bed mistakes one of the twins with Fer. She gets sick about it and gets up to go find Fernando. She peeks through some square hole from hallway to kitchen… watches as Fer and Ana have the same conversation of usual ‘you do so much for the kids… you love them… don’t know what we would do without you’. / ‘don’t know what I would do without you all’. He holds her hand and they are AGAIN about to kiss…. Isa has witnessed all this through the square window… Ana notices there is ‘someone in the window’. Fer goes out to look, Isa runs and hides… He doesn’t find anyone… Ana cuts their midnite meeting short… when she walks out, she can smell Isa’s perfume. (que asco! … yuck!)

Isa watches Fer still in kitchen deep in thought… she probably wishes he could think those thoughts about her.
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La Malquerida #22: 9/23/14: Trouble, Trouble

Hola Amiguis! This will be a short and sweet recap. Things went by quickly and I had a hard time getting everything. Here is a little earworm.Trouble

Shall we begin?

Acacia has come to see Esteban to let him know what happened, but she's too slow and he goes off on her. The only part she's gotten out is that she wasn't able to fulfill that bidnez deal with the cotten. He isn't waiting he goes off. What is it with these guys.

                                            OKay Esteban, shut up for just a tic. I can't hear myself berating you!
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Hasta el Fin Del Mundo #27 20140923 Lucas Bueller's* Day Off

Ripoll: Chava runs around the car, but Sophia has already opened the passenger door.  As she steps out, she drops her brief case and some papers on the cobblestone.  Their eyes meet as both bend down to retrieve them.  While they struggle to resist feasting upon the lips of the other, I struggle to find somethinganything…attractive about Chava.  Maybe squinting and ingesting several shots of tequila will work.  Naw!

In the conference room, later on that morning, Chava and Sophia get an unexpected visit from the fuzz.  The commander has come to freak Sophia out by telling her that they have identified two of the kidnappers.  The master mind is still at large and they believe that he or she remains in town.  The vehicles were stolen by the perps the night before; however, they abandoned the vehicles and left no prints.  He wants Chava to view some security footage about the men who may have jacked up his race car.  Chava reviews the videos with the fuzz, but the perps don’t show their faces.  Something about one of them looks familiar to Chava, but he can’t put his finger on it.  Chava is surprised that the men are wearing uniforms and were able to easily enter the garage.  The fuzz says they are pros.
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