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Weekend Discussion: Ultimos Capitulos and What Drives Us Loco Now

Getting the Right Balance

I had a thought just as I got up yesterday morning about how in past Ultimas Semanas discussions people have ranted about how ridiculous it was to finish off all the villains in the last two or three episodes. I agree, but now that we have a series where it's happening across the last three weeks it feels like the pain is just drawn out, like a prolonged attack of sciatica.

The explanation for this phenomenon seems all about the writers' need to maintain a high level of suspense to keep viewers tuned in. We know that's because cost-cutting is creating longer and fewer series to make up the standard number of original hours. Nothing about that is going to change anytime soon, so we need to stop complaining about it.

In view of this situation I think it's time that the writers give themselves a reality check on two things:
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 186, July 31, 2014—Maria Loses Her Head

Robo 186 – Maria Loses Her Head

Robo has dealt out dreck with a liberal hand,

And bade us sit down and enjoy it:

We could not but own that the protags look grand,

Personal trainers keep them SO fit.

But give TOO long a story and Televisa chances
That viewers with plus-100 IQ
Will stop coming by, giving glances
To see if Ale sports a new shade of BLUE.

Tonight’s actions are few, but they don’t lack import
Hang with the recap—tonight will conclude
Maria’s murder attempts; they keep falling short
Except for Sandro, the much ballyhooed
Blackhaired, handsomest villain.

As we start out, Refugio gets news
The scoop on Emeralda’s new beau
Erik is not the man Refu would choose
Refu sees him as a foe.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #147: 7/31/14: Ahole is a Lying Liar That Lies!

Hola Amiguis! What an episode!  I  have an earworm for you  that perfectly describes Ahole and here it is: Charlie Brown 

Shall we begin? Frida and her Granny Mati are having a chat about choices it seems. Frida is panicked about this pregnancy and doesn't know what to do. Frida is scared. It's okay but Granny has her back, she'll support Frida in anything she decides, now what about Tizoc. Frida says no one knows, especially Tizoc. Granny wants Frida to tell him, it's only right. Frida feels Tizoc is not ready for a girlfriend much less a bebe.

AS is tasting salsas and is unhappy with what she is tasting, oh, how she misses Carmelita's salsas, wow, who knew! Leo comes in and wants to go on a vacay to New York and she'd like to come with, but Leo wants to go alone.

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Mi corazon est tuyo, Capitulo 9, 07/31/14 Hashtag: Love is in the air

Hello, my Caray friends!
It’s been a while since my last recap and I might be a little rusty around the edges. None the less, here is my retelling of last night’s episode, in which we see how love stories start – telenovela style.

It's the first time I see the entrada, have they shown it before? It's made of a bunch of scenes with all the characters playfully running through a maze. We get to see some of the characters that are yet to appear in the show and the band who plays the main theme. It's cute, but the kiss between Fernando and Ana at the end looks fake and doesn't make me swoon.

The episodes picks up with the sad news that Ana and Maria are not related, after all. At first Ana refuses to accept that her lifelong dream hasn’t come true, but Maria tries to comfort her – she is sure that one day Ana will find her mom, so she shouldn’t lose hope.
They hug and Ana’s song gives the scene an extra edge:

si sientes frío / If you feel cold
y hay mucha niebla / And everything’s foggy
si las estrellas / If the stars
esconden su brillo / Are hiding their brightness
si mi princesa / If my princess
perdió su Castillo / Has lost her castle
jugando en la arena / Playing in the sand
solo recuerda / Only remember
yo voy contigo / I am with you

Ok, I need to take a quick break and call my mom – this song is always making me cry.
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De Que Te Queiro, Te Quiero #146, July 31, 2014

De que el no es bipolar, no bipolar

MM gets ready to return to France after ditching Brat because of her pregnancy.  He actually says there is nothing to tie him to Mexico so he can leave now.  Wow, that’s icky.

Grumps continues to question why Hilda and Mr. T left and slowly comes to the conclusion it must be Rod’s fault.  Rosa arrives and hopefully these two will escape now.  Unfortunately, their future looks bleak because Rosa is about to give Grumps the Demon (Rod) tampered meds.
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Que Pobres Tan Ricos 146, wednesday

Alejo is menacingly telling Lupe there is no option for divorce/annulment. Meanwhile, EmiliAhole trots up with some bit of electronics or something, "just a little gift from Dad." I think it's a Wii U, and Alejo acts like he forgot to buy games for it. Guess they're going shopping!  Since they are married, he doesn't have to ask permission!

Oh, some good news! Mike is w/ Doña Matti at the hospital and the doctor (and his colleagues, he is quick to point out) has done some tests and found her to be quite healthy. But he wants to do more tests, of course. Aww, she talks about how grateful she is of the help Chuy and Carmen gave her. Kindness is the greatest gift, etc...

Matti remains extremely calm, but is insistent that she will forgive Ahole. Mike protests a bit. She has an interesting stance - he'll always be my grandson and he needs to know that. She's grateful to him for sticking w/ Aureliano through everything. All she wants is to end the resentments. While explaining, she also mentions what may be the strategy with Ahole - keep your enemies close! Also, she doesn't know what kind of atrocities Ahole might sink to if even his grannie denounces him.

I don't know what the foundation is, but AS is at a pool giving a ton of money to some women (and also being mean and vain about the money that "God gave her." They still mock her for her disasters. When she leaves they all talk about her - she has returned to society more insufferable than ever! Now she's a terrible combination of Mother Teresa and Lady Di[iana?]. The ringleader has a wicked alternative plan for the thousands of dollars they just got from AS.

Oh yay, Tizoc's still in trouble! But unfortunately, it's not for being a turdbag. The agent just wants him to talk like a fresa.

At the mall, the twerp picks video games while Lupe attempts to have it out with Ahole. The vile child realizes they're fighting and runs up to talk about how great his dad is. Ahole: well, we can't fight in front of the kid. It's his new weapon - let's spend happy family time! Barf.

You have to learn that being a fresa is a way of life, of being a condescending dick. Fortunately it comes naturally to Tizoc.

Wendy is still talking about that mysterious woman from yesterday. She still wants to hire her. And GASP! The banana king is still married to the mother of his son!

Aaaaand AS is now transferring a ton of money to her personal account on the apparent cart-blanche authorization of her son Mike. Oops, how'd he fall for that one? Oh, she forged it. She has a moment with her dog.

Mati is surprised to see Frida still eating with the Menchaca. She notices that the girl is even paler than usual. Grandmotherly advice-dispencing mode, ACTIVATE! Oh dear lord could they go more overboard on the pregnancy cliches? She's putting all sorts of weird toppings on her food.

Haha look at Don Chuy playing the video game after EmiliAhole gets sent to bed! At bedtime though, the turd-twerp wants to live with his Dad.  She says no and he pouts.

Doña Mati puts a plan into action - she takes the chofer to go buy some street tacos, all greasy and meaty and intense, and shoves them under Frida's nose. Predictably, the girl runs and vomits, and Matti gives the camera a knowing look, like this was some devious abuela-trick to get verification of pregnancy.

Tomorrow, at the office, Matti is planning to bring her grandsons together in her office. Also she reveals to Mike that he was always Aureliano's favorite, but the man never showed it because of some grand plan to toughen him up and prepare him for leadership or some nonsense. She says that everything the old man did to make Mike angry was completely planned and calculated!  Flashback time! Grandpa wanted to make sure Mike was comfortable and strong and capable of holding his head high and succeeding on his own, not relying on a rich dad. Now it's time for the meeting... Abuelita power!

She makes the boys sit side by side. Closer, closer. Once Alejo is sufficiently uncomfortable, she announces that she is planning to resign as president. Aaaaand giving the presidency to Mike! Bomb drop! Oh cute, she makes Ahole vice-president! That'll be fun!

The new girl comes back to Guendy's. Her name is Rita, and Guendy got so excited about her that she left a customer sitting in a chair.

The boys start fighting and superabuelita shuts 'em up! I love her being tough like this!

Thus far, it seems like Leo has been oblivious to how awful his rich friends are, but it finally gets to him. I like that.

What's the one thing she wants Alejo to do. It's very mysterious and important, and she gives him a week.

Aww, poor Frida is worried and pregnant and she looks on TV and sees Tizoc being a dick in an interview and not acknowledging her!

Ha! Ahole has no one to take his worries to but Mini and Minimom. He basically is just taking out his rage on them but they get him back! He gets a call from Wilma, who's so mad that he's left her to rot. At first he's mean, but she says something (that I miss) that gets him to race down to jail to see her. Ok, they're now accusing her of killing Girón. She says he needs to confess to the murder or else.

Granny knows Frida's pregnant.



De Que Te Queiro, Te Quiero #145, July 30, 2014

De que falso matrimonio, de que el matrimonio no va a suceder

Mushroom Man (MM or Paul) wears an outfit that rivals his hair, its horrendous, and makes arrangements for Brat to get his name.  He tells her how he plans to make El look bad.

Mr. and Mrs. T move into his new place.  The little home wrecking wannabe (HWW = little Al) is there along with Diego as well.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #185, 7-30-2014: Pedro Beats Amelia Senseless, María Tries to Kill Montserrat, Gracie Steals Rosario's Dinner Plate, and Other Awful Incidents

Pedro and Amelia Have an Intimate Dinner;  Only Pedro Eats

Amanda fakes affection and concern, fussing over Pedro as has dinner and offering him more wine.  Finally, she suggests that he goes to rest in the bedroom.  He needs it, she maintains.  He agrees, throwing down his napkin on the table before he goes.  Alone at last, she is breathing heavily and seems nervous and afraid.

Ale Decides to Bring Glad Tidings of EZ to Carlotta

Montse wants to know what Alejandro wants to speak to them about.  Carlotta guesses it must be about Ezequiel, and Ale admits, yes, it is.  What did he do now? Carlotta wants to know.  She says that EZ ought to be in prison.  She claims she never wants to see him again for the rest of her life.

"EZ died last night,"  Alejandro informs her.

The news affects Carlotta, and she asks what happened, but before Alejandro can speak she begs, "Tell me he died trying to help Rosario.  Tell me in the end EZ did the right thing.  Tell me, please."

"Yes," Alejandro says, slowly.  "EZ sacrificed himself for us."

 "Thanks for telling me the story," Carlotta tells Alejandro.  She seems less anguished, and Montse tells her to get some rest.  Ale assure Carlotta that she is not alone and that together they will all move beyond this.  Alejandro and Montserrat leave Carlotta alone.  As she remembers what happened she begins to cry.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #8, the war is declared, signed, sealed and delivered... lots of emotion pouring out tonight....

Repeat of Isabela all over Fernando, Fanny sees the kiss…

‘you forgot about my mom quick, didn’t you?’

Fernando runs after Fanny.

Luz asks Fernando if Ana can have dinner with us… que chido! ‘don’t like that word… you can say que padre!’

Fanny won’t open the door to Fernando, but she does to Ana. Ana tells Fanny her dad has the right to rebuild his life. Fanny says it’s too soon, besides that woman is all wrong… Ana tells her no woman will be right… never mind, cancel! Cancel! You need to get ready for the dinner… even I will be there… (why?) your little sis asked your dad that I eat with you all… Ana fakes getting sick and walks out.

Isabela tries to downplay Fanny’s reaction to Fernando. Fernando not convinced. It might be logical but it hurts. Isabela offers to talk to her but Fernando says not a good idea. He leaves turning the subject to work ‘We have not progressed in our project’. Isabela, after he leaves, says I would say we have made progress, dear.

Fanny brings her mom’s dress to Ana… Ana is so moved her eyes are full of tears… resists at first but gives in.

Lo Nuevo:
Dinner is all fancy stuff, seems wild boar (Jabali) is indeed in the grill, split in half, roast pork style..

All kids are elegant dressed… Isabela meets all the kids except Luz… Fanny tells Isabela that Ana la nana will have dinner with us. Isabela fakes not having any problem with it… Meanwhile, Luz is escorting Ana down the stairs. Fernando comes in and is in shock… someone please help him shovel his chin off the floor… ‘She is beautiful, right Papi?’ ‘Yeah! She is very elegant! (to Ana) … you are radiant.. very beautiful. Shall we go?’ Luz walks Ana out, Fernando is walking behind them, still shocked at the ‘view’.

Everyone is at a huge table in the backyard. Isabela and Ana exchange forced greeetings. Isabela starts undermining Ana, 'I usually forget the names of the service', ‘Ana... that dress is very high fashion (alta costura), but no it can't, since the salary of a nanny is not enough money to buy such a fine outfit. Maybe I will switch jobs. I will take Ana’s job… (kids shreak) I was just kiddin!!’ Isabela starts making goo goo da da sounds to Luz… and singing the ‘dos elefantes’ song… Ana tells her Luz is not a 2 year old. She is 5. Isabela turns to the twins and asks them if they like the music group 'Parchis' (the boys are as confused as me... que??)... Fanny tells Isabela 'it is a group from the 80's, (with hand hashtag gesture) you should catch up and hashtag yourself up to date.

Fernando tells the kids that there is a different menu for them, they won’t eat the crab. Bruno goes to Ana and gives her a flash 101 course on how to snap the crab shell with the thongs(?). Ana tries it and the crab slips off the thong and ends up on Isabela’s head. Isabela insults Ana saying ‘it is obvious a woman of your ‘rank’ (nivel) does not know how to behave in ‘society’’Ana comes up with the excuse that maybe this one in particular is still alive (LOL!!). … All the kids laugh, even Fernando laughs wholeheartedly. ‘We should do this more often!! Too funny!’ Isabel tries to follow along ‘I would love to repeat the experience… of course we will not always count on the lovely and distinguished presence of the nanny… ‘ ‘Ana!’ ‘Whatever’. Fernando announces to Isabela that Manuela fixed her her favorite dish, wild boar. Isabel stands up to thank Fernando, but at that time Ana looks at the meat on the grill and gets so sick she spits the piece she had put in her mouth right into Isabela’s outfit. The kids laugh it off again. Then Isabela tries to win over Luz calling her beautiful, but Luz turns it around on her, saying ‘thanks, you too, but Ana is more beautiful’.
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A night of gift giving Mi Corazon Es Tuyo #7 07/29/2014

Sorry for the late recap, I have to do a bullet list just because work is kicking my butt!

  • Ana and Fernando arrive home for the birthday party where the kids are ready to go. The put on a play, sing songs and eat cake, there was so much candy there! They also give their father gifts,a book, an ugly sweater, a drawing and I forget what else. Ana also gives Fernando a gift, a nifty leather jacket! I wonder how much that set her back?
  • Johnny has to take a job as an exotic dancer, ewww who would pay to see that?
  • Isabella tries to wiggle her way into Fernando's life by offering to get him a less traditional tie and buys him a hot pink tie, I dig the color, she is then invited to his house to work on a project and to stay for dinner.
  • Fanny tells Gus to never,ever bother her again, she says he behaved like an animal and she never wants to see him again, captas?
  • Ximena thinks Nando is not a bad looking kid and plans to have him do her school work for her. Witch.
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De Que Te Queiro, Te Quiero #144, 7/29/2014

De Que es un Asesino, es un Asesino!

Hey all! I only just now saw a note from poor Karen whose power has gone out, so she can’t do the recap. I’m doing a very quick and dirty recap in place of the fabulous one we would have had from Karen had she seen the show.

Forgiveness or Truce?
Nat tells Grumps she really has no need or desire to forgive him, considering how horrible he was to her and their lack of emotional ties. But she's willing to make peace. They take each others hand. Grumps seems moved. Nat seems resigned but at peace with their truce.

El, Crazy or Crazy in Love?
El continues to be plagued by the even more diminutive Mr. Mushroom in devil form, harping on him about his lack of cash to allow Carmen and her kids to live in style. He consults Morales (who has just finally found a recent and large movement of cash made by Rod). Morales tells him money doesn’t matter; what matters is that El and Carm are made for each other. El feels a lot better, and the BFFs seem to have made peace.

While El is taking Carmen to work and Lupita to school, Lupita tells El she’s changed her mind about the expensive dress. She seems very sincere in saying that it’s a waste of money. El gets annoyed with Carmen because he thinks she put Lupita up to it and doesn’t believe he can provide. Carmen makes a very good point about not wasting money on frivolous whims, but all El hears is an insult to his manhood. He leaves in a huff. Carmen wonders if he’s bipolar and calls the Mushroom for a consult. The Mushroom promises to come over to the fonda to talk about it. Brigitte convinces him to take advantage of this opportunity to cause problems for Carm and El.

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La Que La Vida Me Robo, capitulo 184. 07/29/14.

Skipping the old and straight into the new....

Pedro has the gun pointed at himself as EZ and I are yelling for him to shoot himself. Hurry up before the navy rushes in and arrest you. Now shoot! It looks like Pedro is about to pull the trigger but instead points the gun at a surprised EZ. You are here because I have decided it this way says Pedro. I wanted the pleasure to end your miserable pathetic life. Pedro pulls the trigger but unfortunately there are no bullets. EZ laughs and says you fell in my game. The plan is to turn you in alive so the navy can find Rosario and you can rot in prison for the rest of your life you miserable swine! Pedro rushes EZ and throws him up against the wall, throws insults at him and pistol whips him. The navy rush in but Pedro is long gone. The boys ask EZ were Pedro is and if he said anything about Rosario. Nothing replies EZ.

Outside a badly wigged Maria is waiting in a car and in hops Pedro. They speed off.

Amelia and Virginia sit down for a heart to heart chat. Amelia is angry that Virginia keeps questioning her decision to marry Pedro and send her away. Virginia believes Amelia sent her away to enjoy her marriage to Pedro and keep her from pestering them. Amelia admits the only reason she married Pedro was to find proof of his bad dealings. He never touched her or shared a bed with her. Virginia isn't buying her story. Amelia grows more frustrated and says there is just no talking to her. Virginia says she really needed her. She lost her father, sister and then her. Amelia says she did it all to protect her. She loves, missed and needs her. They are together now and nothing will separate them again. She wants her to find someone to love and form a family. She wants grand kids. Virginia says she met a man at Esme's house. His name is Eric. I don't think he is interested in Esme since he's a younger. I believe I caught his eye.
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Que pobres tan ricos Tuesday: as anvils fall, the tarantulas gloat

I was delighted that Dona Mati's entrance was at the very end of last night's episode - I've had all day to look forward to her bringing the anvils. I had no subtitles so if you find this vague, fill it in!

Refritos: the fresas hate Tizoc's microbus song. and his manager threatens to kill him. I agree with them that he is an imbecil. Listening at home, Chuy reminds Carm that success is easy come easy go and he doesn't think Tizoc is managing very well.

So! At the editorial, Mati is welcomed into the room and embraced by los Ruizpalacios. "Quiet everybody. I am completely recovered and the doctor is here to confirm it. So we are not naming a new president just now." Mike sort of sticks out his tongue at Alejo, "so there."
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Que Pobres tan Ricos #144 28 July 2014 Tizoc wakes up and confronts managers from hell, A-hole is drooling over his victory, but his victory is short lived

Emi argues with Lupe about how he has changed. Emi goes to his room in a huff.

Lupe calls A-hole. He tells her she has to show up to the office with him to finish baking the donuts (signing the papers). Lupe agrees, but reluctantly, she was not counting on having to show her face.

The nurse is brought to the police bldg… Top Cop asks her where is Mati. Nurse looks down.

At Tomas’ Dr Miranda gives Mati the green light, he can certify she is fully recouped… Mati so glad. She needed his opinion… He suggests she rest another few days. And if you can spend that time with family, even better. Mati says she is already with family. Regarding the RP she will meet up with them later.

At club, AS is turning it on Beba, she wants them to bet some of their jewelry… The ladies take their quick exit, don’t want to play strip poker… AS throws kisses to the wind as the ladies take off… She also fans her newly won cash (was this donation from Beba and Chabela to AS' charities?)…

Chuy and Mati celebrate that she is ready for coming back to the wrestling ring… Mati says even though she feels guilty of keeping her grandkids, especially MA, in the dark about where she is, she wants to wait a few days more. Mati wants to make sure she is really really REALLY 100% ready to face the music.

Top Cop tells MA and Saul that the nurse testified that she blames the staff at the geriatric clinic. She is trying to wash her hands… The nurse says that since Mati was in the other geriatric, she also escaped a few times… so Top Cop has to let her go.

Chuy tells Mati that when MA took her out of the geriatric clinic and took her to the fonda, she did not look as wide awake and healthy as she is now. Chuy felt bad when she would call for Aureliano since he could not come to help her. Mati says that with Chuy’s family around, she felt like she had Aureliano’s presence by her. Chuy says that is how he lost his Marcelita. Mati says that life has taught her that sooner or later our loved ones that have gone still are with us thanks to the great memories they left us. We have to let them go and live the best we can in their honor. (Boy Mati looks grrrrrrrrrreat!!)

Vilma calls A-hole. He is trying to avoid coming to see her… Again she insists she needs to see him in person. HE promises he will come tomorrow, too busy today. When he hangs up he says ‘and you better wait another 30 years for me’.

At Fonda, the Menchacas are eating… Lupe sends Emi to bed. Perla tells them Tizoc will have another show tomorrow night. Tizoc does not look anywhere as excited about the new gig. Perla says we don’t want to see you, we want to see the other artists that will be there. She is excited about her newly found fame (as makeup artist??) Carm can barely contain her excitement… Chuy looks at her weird, thinking it is about Mati. She is super happy about Wendy’s upcoming wedding. Everyone talks about weddings, Perla mentions couples that were expected to end up married and in the end… NOT, like MA and Lupe.. She ends up making Lupe cry…

MA tells AS and Frida that he still can’t find Mati. AS is making a comment that Mati is in heaven surrounded by angels. Maybe the nurse that they found could tell us the truth. Maybe we could buy her to tell us. AS thinks they can ‘buy’ anyone to do anything now that we have money again… The rest of the family protest in unison.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #143 - Mon 7/28

De que con dinero baila el perro, con dinero baila el perro

Rodrigo gets Big Al's ghost to go away and takes a call from the shady doctor who's going to help him get Grumps declared mentally incompetent.  Does this actor always play shady guys?

Morales hasn't tracked down the account where Rodrigo is depositing all the money.  It's not enough to accuse him of embezzlement, since he can just claim he took the money for something business-related.

Brigitte scolds the Mushroom Man for not taking advantage of her drunk mother.  He's pretty much resigned to going back to France, but, hey, he and Brig can be Facebook friends.

Alonso and Diego make plans to go visit Tiburcio and start his new drug regimen.

Carmen visits Eleazar and tries to use her feminine wiles on him, but he's too pissed about Carmen "kissing" the Mushroom Man.  She tries to tell him how things really went, but he won't listen and throws her out, saying it's OVER.  Carmen goes, but she says she hopes he won't be sorry later.  Eleazar grouses about knowing what he saw.  Carmen stands outside his door and calls the Mushroom Man to set up a meeting tomorrow morning at the fonda.

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Lo Que la Vida Me Robó Lunes 7/28/14 #183

Chapter 183: Life in the Balance

Church Steps: Two of Pedro's goons drove up in the black van. One hit Father Anselmo to the ground, then they grabbed Rosario and forced her into the car. Alejandro saw this from half a block away and ran. The car pulled away. He didn't catch up to the car in time. “Pedro Medina is behind this. He's taken my mother. What do I do now?”
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Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 7/28/14 #6

Capitulo 6: Apologies

Lascuráin Manor, Parlour: Johnny makes a royal fool of himself in collecting the wine glasses from Fernando's guests when Ana enters with the tray of canapés. They are both startled and drop everything. Ana hurriedly starts cleaning up. Johnny [the idiot] claims to have seen a cockroach. Fernando tells Ana to get Bruno ASAP. She leaves the room wishing she didn't have to come back.
Two, two, two fashion faux pas at once!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- Reina de Corazones: week of July 28, 2014

Are we all ready for another crazy exciting week?  I think we may be breaking records here, Reina fans!

Here's the recap schedule:

Mondays -- Caroline
Tuesdays -- I'm not sure.  Stevey, are you out there?  Do you still want to recap?*
Wednesdays -- Jean
Thursdays -- Mauricio
Fridays -- Sara has been doing these on a week to week basis (and I'm hoping that she never, ever leaves us!)

We have really been blessed in the recapper department, don't you think?

*If we haven't heard from Stevey by Tuesday night and no one else comes forward to volunteer, I'll fill in this week.

Have fun!



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- El Señor de los Cielos II, En Otra Piel, et cetera, week of July 28, 2014

Here's your page for the week -- enjoy!


Saturday, July 26, 2014


Mi Corazon Es Tuyo, #5. Beefcake, it's whats for dinner.

We continue our story with Fernando sitting on the couch with Ana waiting up for Fannys to come home, except Ana has fallen asleep on his shoulder. Fernando is so close to Ana and is about to lean in and kiss..., but no, he wakes her up, darn! She gets startled and jumps up and decides to go to bed. Fannys is tiptoeing in and proves how smart she really is by taking off her highheels and runs upstairs to say goodnight to Ana. 
The next morning, Ana gets to work. She has a tea party with Luz, wrestles with the twins, shows fashion tips to Alicia, dances with Sebastian, does Fanny’s nails, and looks in on Nando but leaves him alone.
At the end of the day, Ana tells the kids to say goodnight to their father, but they said when he’s in his library, he’s not to be disturbed. Ana goes in to talk to him and he quickly dismisses her. But Ana persists, and sends the kids one by one to say goodnight. As they come back out, Ana high fives them and states they have started a tradition.
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #182: 7/25/14: Will This Story Go Round In Circles, Hmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Ahoy Amugis! Where is everyone? Are Y'all in the Bunker? Come on out and have some conchas and cafe au lait and join me as I give the dish on our ongoing saga in Aguazul. I also have some levity for Y'all. We have alot of grammar nerds here and so I have found the perfect earworm for you, Word Crimes!   

Shall we begin. I am starting with the new and skipping the old

Ale and his posse come to confront JL. Ale accuses, JL denies and now it's a fight to the death by, are you ready, fisticuffs! So as Ale's posse, that would be Dimi and Vapid Victor (Thanks Carlos), and Refug on the side lines trying to keep the posse at bay, so it looks like a fair fight, the fisticuffs begin. Oh, and I think Vapid Victor has got a piece (gun) on him too. Que, Que What? Lots of rolling on the ground, the postion of being on top changes, both are bloodied. We'll get back to them in a tic.
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Friday, July 25, 2014


Que Pobres tan Ricos #143 July 25, 2014 ... FINALLY... Nepo and Gwendy engaged!! and MATI found her Doctor Miranda!! Tomas the hero again!!

Here's a treat I found from one of my favorite movies of all time...
Mr Deeds goes to town court scene

MA finds Frida eating ice cream like crazy in kitchen/dining room. She says there are so many changes going on in her life… y eso!

MA tells Frida that Lupe is too stubborn, too Menchaca.

Frida takes the entire gallon of ice cream to her room. MA protests.

Lawyer and A-hole meeting… A-hole fakes concern for his family going back to dirt poor.

Tay’s video shows up on TV, Frida is upset. With her painting  the pamphlet says 'inesperado?’ (unexpected?)


At bar named La Amargura (sorrow), Gwendy and Saul are wrapped in each other’s arms… Gwendy seems to be half drunk, seems to be ready to take Saul home for some pow-wow.

At studio, Perla talks to the models she helped out with the make-up. The girls say she is AWESOME. Modeling is a very hard career, besides being very short, you end up rejected after only a few years. Tizoc comes to them… takes Perla away. The models are a bit sickened by Tizoc coming by(?)

Gwendy and Saul keep it going at the bar, he finally gets the check. Her cell phone rings. It is Lupe. Lupe tells her about Nepo’s visit. Gwendy afraid she returned with Nepo again… on the contrary, he came to tell her he doesn’t love her. That he has the hots for a girl from the barrio. Gwendy guesses who it could be. (carror hair?? LOL!) Lupe says nope, it is some girl named Gwendys! He finally realized you are the girl of his life!! Gwendy says ‘men are like the two legged cockroach, until they see her with another, they don’t realize how much they care. ‘ Lupe tells her don’t reject Nepo just for too much pride. Gwendy says no, she is now interested in someone else. Gwendy hangs up on Lupe and says ‘sorry but Nepo already lost me’. She goes back to Saul and kisses him… He is ready to go to her place… but she has changed her mind… he wonders if he did something inappropriate… you did, and I liked it, but the issue is not that… then what? … she ends up leaving him sitting there… without a real reason. ‘quedo de ti muy atentamente, lic Saul Ballesteros…’
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #142 Friday, 7/25/2014

De que yo también odio a los guionistas, odio a los guionistas

Tonight's recap is organized by relationship.

Carmen and El
Carmen asks Eleazar to apologize to Paul Champignon (Mr. Mushroom) and he refuses. When Carmen tells Brigitte (Brat), Brat cries about losing her father so soon after losing Alberto. Carmen agrees to go see Mr. Mushroom. Brat gives him a heads up.

Alonso (Al, Aloser, Emotional Dwarf, Leg-humper) also goes to see Mr. Mushroom. They confab about Tiburcio's treatment. Mr. Mushroom asks Al to keep him abreast of the patient's progress as he would like to publish the results. Alonso calls Lala later to find out when he can try the new drug combo.

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #142: 7/24/14: Que Oui, Oui, or Que Padre Depending On Your Point of View!

Hola Amiguis! Due to a snafu, I am going to do a brief summary of Pobres. I didn't record and watched in real time and didn't take notes. Please fill in the bits I missed. Things will not be in order, just what I remember.

Tomas finds Perla's diet pills and asks her about them. He tells Tizoc who has a chat with her. She feels she needs them she tells him, as the top models are all thin as rails. He assures her she doesn't need them, she is beautiful the way she is. Later. she goes with him to his video shoot, for that stupid celullar song, and fixes the model's makeup. They love it up the actual makeup artist is not happy.

Ahole, while talking to Emi, tells him Mama and I are married. Que Padre! Ahole assures him that soon, very soon they will all be together. Oh, and keep it a secret!

MA and Lupe have a big fight, right in the bread store. He finds out that Lupe is married to Ahole and MA is fit to be tied of course. Crap, crap! MA I think informs Saul.
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Novela Genres: What is your preference?

Some people seem to be bailing out on Lo Que la Vida Me Robo because of the turn the story has taken. As long as Televisa (and other production companies) are in cost-cutting mode we can expect story extensions that do things like this one.  I certainly will agree that doing this to a series that begins as a comedy without an advance set-up (such as we are probably getting in Mi Corazon es Tuyo) is completely wrong, but when novelas depend on suspense, we need to deal.  I'd much rather have this than filler scenes that just attempt to inflate the original story.

Personally, I'd like to see more mystery-oriented novelas if we're looking for more male or younger viewers. The gratuitous violence and gore in narco stories is something I find as unappealing as the glorification of their lifestyles.

I mourn the absence of a good novela de epoca, but I guess the networks think they're too expensive a risk against the bleeding of younger and male viewers.  Que lastima.

Be verbose, my friends.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 181, 24 July, 2014 - Check It Out; The Show Was Blah but the Patio Has A Lively Conversation

Robo 181

Even a yeoman recapper cannot craft a good recap out of re-crap. At best, we resort to creative fabrication and humor; at worst we devolve into cynical and edgy observations that are often fueled by a tinge of self-loathing.

Please remind me, just WHY did I volunteer for this job?

I can only imagine that what we are viewing in Capitulo 181—sheer telenovela dreck—was not planned, but was a scrambling response to a tragedy that occurred in the life of Angelique Boyer—the unexpected los of her mother. We offer our deepest condolences to the actress.

A few days ago one of our finest recappers, Novela Maven, called for the services of a forensic psychiatrist to assist the not-so-good people of Aguazul. Now that is an interesting idea.

I am no Forensic Psychiatrist, but I play one on TV. Grin.

So, dear friends of the Patio of Lowered Expectations, and those of you who are hunkered down in the Bunker of Ironic Detachment; in order to encourage lively Friday conversation on the Board as we enter Ultimas Semanas, I offer to facilitate a discussion on the following (sort of) Forensic Sociological topic—the context that holds the story of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo.

Story and Context: The Mexican Drug War

The title of “Lo Que La Vida Me Robo” sums up the experience of its’ characters—they are bereft and victimized.  Life isn’t fair; something was stolen from them that was theirs as a natural human birthright. The characters of “Robo’ are all victims of life itself. They are aggrieved, and from this suffering all manner of maladaptive personal responses emerge.

Each of the main characters has suffered major losses, but each of them still starts the story with a lingering belief in ‘justice’, which is absolutely contrary to their personal experience.
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