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La Sombra del Pasado #13 3/5/15 I Have a Dartboard With Your Name On It

We may need several dartboards for the patio. Using interchangeable pictures may get futzy since multiple characters perform acts worthy of The Dartboard of Doom in almost every episode.

Refrito Rapidito
Abelardo tells Mari that he can draw a detailed map of every mole on Valeria's body.
Severiano (Sev) vists Raymundo's grave. He's recovered the land Ray took and used Ray's daughter to cover the loss of the arm.

Lo Nuevo
Aldonza prays to the Madrecita. She thanks her for their new life. It hasn't been easy. She asks La Madrecita to help her mother leave this life she's living. Patience, dears. It will become clear near the end.

Sev meanwhile tells Raymundo (Ray) he had every intention of leaving Roberta, Aldonza and Adelina alone in their new lives. He's a big-hearted, generous guy, you know. Unfortunately, Roberta hasn't learned a thing and he's simply going to have to shut her up some other way.

Aldonza continues her prayer. She prays for her guardian angel Adelina and the eternal rest of her father's soul.

Sev makes his goodbye to Raymundo's tomb. Sev has filled him in with all the latest so Ray will turn over in his grave.

Mari catches up with Lola and wants to talk to her (that's code for "gossip.) Mari tells Lola that her brother Abelardo said that Valeria (Val) went to Spain to chase after Cristobal so they could get married. Lola informs her that's old news (I love you Lola, but you are a rapidtalker and slangslinger. I think the Ocho columnas she refers to is an newspaper.) Mari then tells Lola that Val and Abelardo habían tenido sus queveres (loosely and crudely translated by yours truly as "they've knocked huaraches.") This gets Lola's attention. Lola calls her a cusquivana only to be quickly corrected by Mari with casquivana. Cusquivana, casquivana...they both mean tart (though I'm partial to "ho" myself.) Ah, but Lola I believe is playiing on the word "cusca" which can be used for "ho". She calls her vain, too.

Meanwhile, in España...
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Que Te Perdone Dios #32: Simona Wins, DeeDee Ducks and Trucks, Dr. Pats' Luck Sucks

 I don't have the latest video from Hulu yet (aaaaa-gain) so this is what I remember for now:

Mateo informs the feist-meister of his plans to marry Diana and leave for Spain with his new wife (por lo civil) in tow.  Feisty fakes a congrats and here's my blessing.  Mat tries scolding his "uncle" over his womanizing and suggests if he wants Renata to move back to the hacienda he'll have to give her some time and to mend his ways.  (Snore.....)

Simona keeps on truckin'.  No way she's outta this race.  Now more than ever, Freddy from on high will be her motivation.  And...when the results are in, she wins--and puts Marcelino's wife in as her assistant!  Marc sits around in his dirty undershirt sucking down beers all day long and kvetching about it.  (Talk to the hand, dirt bag!)

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3/4/15 Hasta el Fin del Mundo #139 Part Deux of Aracely's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I missed this last night.....As Aracely and Irma are walking out, Aracely says “No one beats you when it comes to being obsessive and stubborn.”I'm laughing so hard I can barely type!  Pot calling Kettle....

Now for the new stuff...

Escuela Primaria Jaime Nunó
Irma is giving the headmaster a bs line about having to go see a sick relative and that's why she's there so early to get Nandito.  Oh, and dad can't come cuz he's working.  Headmaster says okie doke and Irma smiles her sly little snake smile.
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Rot in hell Severiano La Sombra Del Pasado #12 03/04/2015

Here's a quick recap, totally from memory so if I missed something let me know!

Cristobal is looking for Aldonza on social networking sites when his mother walks in to the room, he looks like he got caught looking at adult websites! She wants to know if he is searching for Aldonza and he tells her that yes, that's what he is doing. She tells him to let it go, nothing good can come of it and sometimes you have to let love go. He wants to know if that's what she did, is that why she has such a cold relationship with his father? She tells him that's not the point and Cristobal puts his foot down: he won't allow her to run his life!

Candela leaves in a huff and runs straight to Severiano, he has to do something! Severiano tells her she has nothing to worry about, Aldonza won't be coming back into town. Candela wants to know what guarantee she has of that and he tells her that she has his word, she tells him that his word is worth nothing. This does not go over well with Serv who tells her his word is all she has and that he knows the women won't come back. She asks him what he did to be so sure but of course he refuses to tell her-because how do you explain that you raped a defenseless girl, right?

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Mi corazon es tuyo #160 4 March 2015... more filler... a divas fight right in La Costena office... Fernando still cold as ice with Ana. The little ones finally are told no wedding. Edith leaves town. Fanny has an anxiety attack


Ana/Fanny/Ximena (btw, Ximena says she loves helping care for the little kids, Ana responds ‘yeah, and most of all the 17 year old ones, right?’ LOL!), Ana tells them Angel declared his love to her. Later Xime asks Ana if she loves Fanny’s dad, Ana: you want to know if the Earth is round? (Ana gets an idea, asks Fanny for the credit card… Xime comes up with a new idea, lets use Ximena’s instead, Ana insists in paying her in cash later. LOL!)

Angel trying to give his pitch to Mama Sol about his declaration of love to Ana. Mama Sol does not quite believe he is in love with Ana. She believes it is more platonic love what he feels for Ana. Angel tries to justify saying ‘I love desperate causes’ (I would say it is a LOST cause, dude!)

Fernando at office with the ‘comando’ guys, whose best idea is to put flyers with Freeky’s picture around the city. (REALLY???!! Fernando, hire another group STAT!!!) LOL!

Freeky watching the kids at school ‘what better vengeance than to hurt one of Fernando’s kids?’

Sebastian shows Ana the video of her that Hissabella took at Chicago. Ana concerned.

Lo Nuevo:

Ana tries to explain that whoever put the video on his page had bad intentions, 'we both know who, right?… Hissabella'. Ana tries to explain… she does not feel shame for dancing, she loves doing it. She did not tell them because she was paranoic of losing them. 'Your dad is real angry at me because I did not tell him. And we will not get married'. (Sebas begins to cry) Ana explains she has danced for many years in the tube. Sebas keeps asking why Dad is mad at her. Why didn’t you tell him. ‘Tell Don hielo??’ (Sebas understands). If he fired me I would not be able to see you all anymore. He wanted a nanny who had degrees, spoke languages, etc… Instead of that, he got someone who dances on a tube'. Sebas reminds her that his dad used to think Hip-hop was for felons. Ana reminds him ‘prejudices’… And people who dance at the tube also suffer from prejudices very much. Sebas asks her why she did not tell Fernando later on. Ana explains that she had a signed contract that she could not walk away from and that she had fallen in love with all of them… it was much harder to come clean with him due to her fear of losing all of them. Sebastian stares at her, he seems to understand.

At office, Betty brings Fernando an arrangement of flowers and fruit… (of course its from Ana)… card: ‘I know Rome was not built in a day. That is why I want to regain your trust little by little. Love you. Ana.’ Fernando, miffed, asks Betty to take it away. Betty hesitates and Fernando shouts 'take it away (now)!'.

Nando visits Fernando at the office to try to explain some details about Ana’s job at Chicago. Fernando won’t let him even talk to him about it, yells at him. Then apologizes. Nando asks Fernando if he knew about Ana’s house having been lost to fire, yes he heard. Nando continues... she had asked the owner of the antro for money to fix her house… and he made her sign a contract. Fernando says 'ah I get it. She signed a contract to pay the loan. And I imagine she also signed a contract to … LIE… to HIDE information!'.

Ana continues to explain to Sebas. They talk about whether or not to tell the younger ones why their dad and Ana have split and why they are no longer getting married. Sebas assures her that if she hid the fact that she danced from their dad, the young ones won’t mind at all. 'You are the same Ana for them… and for me!'... Ana so thankful. Have to tell the young ones.
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La Sombra del Pasado #11 on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

We begin our latest excerpt of La Sombra del Pasado with the lovely Severiano on a horse blacker than his heart. He is riding along the trail when a 3-inches-short-of-feral RobbieDearest pops up and has a gun.

"Severiano, you're going to hell!"

Once again, she has shot the father of her child (albeit a dead child) but the difference is this daddy survived. The look on Robbie's face as SeveredArmo rises from the ground is priceless. Sev has a few choice words and then Rob says hers (which is just calling the kettle black.) He has a total disregard for her self-defense and smacks Roberta and the gun out of her hands. Sev literally kicks her while she's down and straddles her. He tells her to watch her mouth and that her reputation is nasty, imagine her in jail. Rob says she doesn't care (and rather calmly after having been kicked and smacked to the ground.) She says her life is worthless now (and that's where the hysteria in her voice begins to kick in.) Sev mentions that her dear daughter Donnie's life is valuable however and after more vile sputterings rides off leaving Roberta alone on the floor crying.

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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 31 - Recap - Lucifer there"s no Heavens for Ya

I must say i was quite disturbed by this episode ,it is like tragedy tragedy and another tragedy at once! And we looked forward to a honest female politician for so much,now all we are getting is dictatorship and Fear Factor! 

Part 1 

Previously in Helltown

Mac gets informed by Amanda that Ren is finally at the surgery ,to regain her sight!

Benito gifts Not So Mad Connie some gift and Connie compliments his feverish loyalty ever since Bruto gave him the job. She sits him and begins drilling for the woman that Bruto was having an affair with that bare him a Spawn,he must have known who she was since he was very young.  She also reminds him of Pablo RIP and Ben says he was like a brother to him,.

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3/3/15 Tue Hasta el Fin del Mundo #138 Aracely's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

I'll go straight to the new stuff.....

Casa Ripoll
Iker begs the afternoon off from Fausto, saying he has a friend in need but doesn't really get into the details.

Casa de Chava – Mi Casa es Su Casa
Chava offers his home to Sofia for as long as she wants.  She assures him she's not planning to abandon the family business but insists she'll never forgive her mother.  Chava reminds her she once told him about his relationship with his father, “There are times one must open one's heart and forgive.”  Sofia insists their situations are different.  He reminds her that his dad did some awful things.  Granted, no parent is perfect and sometimes they'll keep things from you, thinking they're doing the right thing when in reality it ends up hurting you.  Sofia thinks he's so noble, defending his father.  “Aw shucks, ma'am,” he says.  (well, not really but I took some poetic license here.)  He just wants what's best for her and doesn't want her to be filled with bitterness.  Then we get into love talk.  He doesn't want to see her suffer, etc, etc, smoochies.

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Mi corazon es tuyo #159, 3/3/15 A crazy stalker, a sleepwalker, a concerned dad gets angry with hired security, a hopeless lover gets an honest rejection (yay!), a surprise proposal, Ana gets coaching to keep trying, and an unexpected video on facebook


Freeky waltzes around the Lasc Mansion in muddy shoes while Fernando does his goodnite kiss rounds…

Lo Nuevo:

Luz, scared, shaking, heads to kitchen to tell Ana that she just saw a man upstairs holding baby DN. Ana gets alarmed and fetches the security losers out the door… the guys run upstairs to check on the rooms. Fernando sees them walking around with their guns in hand and asks what happened. He then grabs the baby and runs downstairs, noticing the muddy footprints in the room and in the hallway all around.

Meanwhile Freeky puts the sleeperhold on a poor gardener and slams a security guard on the head with a shovel (ouch!! That’s going to leave a mark!)

Fernando reaches Ana and Luz… Luz tells him the man was at the house before, he came to Grandpa’s wedding. Gray hair, about Fernando’s age, and with blue eyes… Fernando gets even more alarmed, whispers to Ana ‘Enrique Basurto!’. She nods in agreement.

Ana takes Luz back to her room and locks the door. Luz asks why Enrique came, Ana does not know. But your dad is fixing things so we will be safe here. Once Ana gets Luz calm, Ana asks herself why Freeky came to see Dieguito.

Fernando is bashing the security guards about this 2nd slip. (the 1st was with Fanny at the restaurant). MY 5 Year old child!! My 5 year old child!! Saw him in the house!! (he has summoned Torres to tell him he wants to hire a commando team to locate Freeky. He does not care the price tag. Also, tomorrow he wants the best alarm installed, even with motion sensors all over the yard. He bashes the security guards again, warning he will hire another group if they don’t do their job.

Fernando comes back to Ana’s room to check on Luz. He is very cold and indifferent to Ana, even asking her to talk to him as ‘Usted’, he caresses the baby and kisses Luz goodnite. Ana asks if he talked to Fanny about Freeky. He will talk to her tomorrow. Then he walks right by Ana as if she were a fly on the wall. She says ‘good night, Ana, because the courteous does not take away the brave’. (‘lo cortes no quita lo valiente’, it is a famous spanish phrase)

Apparently, Ana has taken the same tea she used to serve Fernando when he had the sleepwalking stints… she sleepwalks right into Fernando’s bed as he has gone to the bathroom/closet. He sits on his bed and jolts up when he hears her snore..(LOL!) He tries to wake her up but to no avail, she sits up and says ‘I love you Fernando’ in her sleep, then drops back to sleep. He gives up on getting her out so he grabs a pillow and blanket and heads out the door.
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La Sombra del Pasado #10 - Mon 3/2 - New depths of darkness

We're reminded in the refrito that Candela gave Severiano a directive "Use your imagination.  Do something.  Anything.  But do it now before it's too late and my son gets tangled up with…her!"  Just making sure we're clear about ALL the responsible parties when Severiano acts on this later.  Candy doesn't get a pass from me.

Adelina doesn't have enough money to buy all her groceries and the stall attendant has been told not to extend any more credit.  The two creeps who were assaulting Aldonza at El Santuario are there, saying Adelina should ask her niece for money because "everyone knows" she's following in her mother's footsteps, especially now that the fire destroyed their crops.  Adelina tells her to ignore the cackling dumbasses.

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #137 3/2/15 Time to Pay the Piper

From Friday:
Araceli informs Irma that because Irma tried to commit suicide and lied about her paralysis, she'll have to undergo a psychological evaluation. Irma insists that she's the only sane person in the house.
Armie tells his lawyer that he needs a few days to clear things up with Nandito. If Armie has to take Nandito back to Irma, she'll fill his head with lies and turn Nandito against him.
Lupe' gives Javier a prayer card with a picture of Jesus and tells him she'll take care of him. They talk about Paco.
Greta tells Sofia that she went to Lupe's and apologized for kicking her and her buns out of the factory.
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Que Te Perdone Dios #30 on Monday, March 2nd, 2015.

Double Jerks and Tono leave in a huff while Lucio and Mac gloat smarmily.

Marxelino and Fausto tho. Those 2 are tighter than Kelly Ripa's face after botox injections.

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♥ Mi Corazón es Tuyo ♥ Lunes 3/2/15 ♥ #158 ♥

Capitulo 158: Stranger in the Night

Lascuráin Mansion: Ana was in the parlour to greet the kids as they came home from school. They were more than pleased to see her, many hugs and kisses. Bruno took a photo with someone's cell phone while Fernando watched with an ironic and possibly embarrassed expression.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Dueños del Paraíso, Los Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, etc - Week of March 2, 2015

Welcome to another week of slightly organized chaos here in the Telemundo corner of Caray.  

Los Miserables in now in últimas capítulos.  We are, of course, on full Anvil Alert and our ace team of recappers — LXV, Aficionada, el Señor EC and Spanish student — is ready to dish.  Personally, I am fine with anything that happens from now until the end AS LONG AS THE WRITERS LEAVE PABLO ALONE!

Thanks to some splendid surprise recaps by Julia and sneaky two shoes, the neglected middle child of the lineup, Tierra de Reyes, is finally getting a little love around here.

Hombre de Misterio and Novelera continue to be our guides (with deb singing harmony, of course) to Dueños del Paraíso, taking us through a late 1970s Miami of leisure suits, impenetrable Medellín slang, and a group of singularly unsympathetic characters who manage, nonetheless, to capture our attention.

Have fun and keep up the comments! 



Quiero Amarte (Week 24-Mar 2) Highlights & Discussion

Let's Review--Where are WE?
We've been shuttling back and forth between the fincas in Chiapas, the City of Mexico and the WUN finca, La Tormenta.

We've watched a terrified Lucrecia imagining her worst enemy is stalking her. She wants round-the-clock bodyguards, and for her investigator to vite vite find that damned woman. Too bad it's all an illusion. Florencia is nothing but ashes.

We've watched Cesar in a snit because he's imagining the worst of Max and Amaya together. He's heading for the ranch. He doesn't know it but what he is imagining is true. What will he do with the red teddy he saved for her?

We've observed Juliana and Jorge delight in new found love with each other, kissing passionately and sharing a huge chicharron a la Lady-and-the-Tramp. Carolina realizes all is lost when she sees them munching away.

We've been witness to a terrible road accident suffered by Max and Amaya, somewhere on the road to Mariana and Ivan's wedding. All is lost--not even a cell phone. That's ok, we've enjoyed a shirtless Max and have listened to a When-Harry-Met-Sally moaning Amaya.

We're just now seeing, with great trepidation, the arrival of some SUVs full of pandilleros at the town square of the WUN town. Ulises can be seen looking out the back window. The whole wedding party (minus one jealous Cecy) are happy in their innocence. All will probably be lost, but primarily Mariana, unless a miracle saves her.


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Weekend Discussion: Premios TVyNovelas 2015

I have to admit due to my tech issues I haven't seen most of these and there were two I bailed on during the first week, one of which has me scratching my head.  What are your picks this year?

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Mí Corazón Es Tuyo 157: Over a Little Broken Glass We All Must Crawl

Alicia and Luz both want Ana back.  As far as Don Fernando is concerned, it will be over his dead body.  However, he’s no match for Luz’s tears and Ali’s emotional blackmail. 

Soledad reminds Angel that he’d better make up his mind about declaring for Ana or he’ll lose both Magda and his one chance with Ana.  Soledad’s on Angel’s side, but Ana has her own mind.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #136 Benito's Last Day, Silvana's Wedding Day and Greta's Judgement Day.

The Chapel of Love

Patrick asks Renzi to be a witness at his wedding to Silvana.  Once Patrick leaves, Renzi promptly picks up the phone and makes an CYA call to Peralta.

The next morning, at the courthouse, Silvana and Patrick are waiting for the clerk to call their names.  Renzi has yet to arrive.  Patrick begins to get frosty tootsies and tries to talk Silvana out of the shotgun nuptuals.  She's too classy to get married by a Justice of the Peace, he says.  A chick like her needs to get married in a church with a wedding planner.  Silvana will hear none of it.  They will get married right now and plan a big shindig on the honeymoon. Their conversation is chillingly interrupted by Peralta who believes that his invitation got lost in the mail.  Patrick pees on himself a little bit when he turns and sees Peralta and his thugs. 
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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #134/135 from Wednesday and Thursday: Hit It With Your Best Shot!

Yes this is overdue but I will be honest; I (have computer problems to begin with) detest this show by all means. This show has lost all credibility in my book
(two of the actors being changed, the extension until AFTER Easter in Mexico and possibly Mother's Day for us in the US and the worst of all: THE MOST TRIVIAL OF THESE STORYLINES IS MADE TO BE GODDAMN ROCKET SCIENCE!)

with very few redeeming qualities 
(Fausto, Male Eye Candy excluding Julian Gil and my 2nd favorite: End-Show-Anvilage.) 

However that doesn't mean I will stop recapping it. I have a commitment to Caray, Caray! and shall not abandon it. My snark in these next two recaps shall be relentless and tactful as will the next amount of them left. On with the show but before that, Jarifa sweetie: let's get a catchphrase count on: 

-Que A Todo Dar (Armie and Chava)
-Pagruris (Nandito)
 and lastly: PRIMAZO DEL PRIMOR! (Mauro)

On with the show!
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La Sombra del Pasado #9 2/27/15 Candy's Very Busy Day!

Cristobal smiles gently, remembering the waterfall kiss he shared with Aldonza.  “For one kiss from you I would break both legs.”  He closes his eyes and leans against the headboard.

That same night Prudencia roughly awakens Valeria with news of Cristobal’s accident.  Humberto was called urgently to Las Animas to attend him.  According to Prudencia Cristobal got burned because he was over at Las Animas trying Aldonza’s forbidden fruit! 

At the same time Aldonza is pressing Adelina for information on what the real problem is between their and Cristobal’s families.  Aldonza says she and Cristobal are not to blame for the hatred between their families.  Adelina insists she has told Aldonza what the issue is.  No!  All she has done is tell her half-truths.  Adelina cannot meet Aldonza’s gaze.  “You and mama have no right to keep Cristobal and I apart for no good reason!  It’s torture!  Adelina and Aldonza embrace.  A smile dawns on Aldonza’s face as she, no doubt, remembers the waterfall kiss as well.
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Que Te Perdone Dios #29 02/27/2015

I'm having a super hard time trying to get a hold of this episode, as soon as I can watch it I'll be back with a proper recap.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #135 02150226 Benito has Moved On Up to the East Side, but He Won't Get to Stay and have a Piece of the Pie

Thank you Anita and Gobluefan for filling in yesterday.  I really appreciate it.  

Please discuss what you know from last night.  Again, if there's anyone who would like to help out on Wednesdays or Thursdays, please let me know.  You can do a "quick and dirty"....I don't know who came up with that term, but I like it.  



Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 28 - Better brains are necessary ASAP , Bitcoin accepted Full Recap


Previously on Snortville

Part 1 

The Men in Blue could not  see any Game of Thrones pirates in the small village so they decided to take Motor away for supposedly provoking the accident of our Dear Padre instead.  Our Pirate Faust Sparrow is still at large and his most  nicest GOT character is Joffrey !
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Mi Corazon es tuyo, #156, Thursday Through the eyes of the Innocent

The new:

The kids have come to visit Ana and they all hug her, extremely happy. Then they ask what is wrong with her health. Dad told them that she has a stomach bug, but that’s so strange, since she ate Manuela’s food, just like everybody else. While Angel and Johnny try to come up with an excuse, Ana feels bad again and faints. Angel takes her to the room, while the kids cry and scream to know what is going on. I don’t know how it was for everybody filming this scene, because I was crying when I watched. Warning: I’m crying a lot during this episode.
While Angel checks Ana’s vitals, Johnny tries to reassure the kids. But they are all heart-broken, each remembering different moments they shared with Ana, how much she loved them and promised she would never leave them.
When Soledad arrives home Luz jumps into her arms and tells her what happened. Soon after Fanny arrives, too, and Angel tells everyone that Ana is better now but she needs to rest. The kids want to help her get well, but there is not much that they can do. They also have to leave without saying goodbye, because Ana is asleep. So they leave, all feeling very bad and worried. Fanny stays behind and asks Angel what is really going on. Her father made up the excuse that Ana is sick, but is she really feeling bad?
Angel explains that due to all the emotional turmoil that she’s gone through, Ana is suffering from severe anxiety and she needs a lot of rest before she can be well again. Seeing the children affected her a lot, especially under the circumstances. Fanny realizes that Angel knows the whole truth. She thinks that maybe with time, Ana could get over losing Fernando, but she could never recover from losing the kids – they are her family, her whole life.
Fanny does get to see Ana, who is still asleep. She gives her a kiss and leaves.
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