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Lichita 11/24: The big fiesta

All react to the announcement of Lichita's promotion. Luciana says this is her nightmare.

Magos bumps into an oafish guy. Perhaps he's actually the father? Yes! He's the Dad, he never knew about the kid and didn't flee like Magos told everyone! Chaclas (the oafish dude) is as surprised as Magos' parents! But he rolls with it and seems delighted to be a new part of the family (despite Elsa and Nacho's obvious disapproval.
Elsa and Nacho, not particularly thrilled to meet the father of their granddaughter

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #95--Wedding Bells And Death Knells or, Like a Bad Penney, Daniel Always Turns Up

·       Alma hisses at arrogant Ari to get lost before she calls the police on him.  He leaves and Clara and Esperanza put her to bed.  Alma hints at Clara to keep mum same as before with Leo; that he’s old enough to realize there are times when discretion is the better part of valor—i.e., it’s more courageous than outrageous to keep quiet as opposed to blabbing the hurtful truth to all around you.  When Clara and Espy object, Alma hisses that she’ll handle things herself in this matter because these are people who’ve been loving and helpful and she doesn’t want to lose their continued support. Throughout the rest of the episodio she suffers in silence but doesn’t let on that she knows.

·       Josefa lets Isela know in no uncertain terms that she knows Ise’s trying to steal something out of the box.  The picture?  Why?  Because the suicide note has handwriting that doesn’t appear to be her sister’s and Ise thinks it could be Hosie’s.  Hosie writes on the back of the picture so A the Little Lawyer Man (Arin?) can have it analyzed also.  Hosie wants an answer to the “who done it?” same as Ise does.  

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Pasión y Poder #15 Martes 11/24/15

It's only been a few weeks in Mexico City but they've certainly been colorful. Far from the deliberate restraint of the Upper East Side and Newport, these people seem to wear their hearts on their sleeves. It will be interesting to see how that plays in the long term. At any rate, it's a refreshing change for now.

I'm going to need a few more moles to keep up with all this. There are 20 million stories in the Naked City and Aldo could write half of them without leaving his building. – D.D.

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La Vecina Highlights and Discussion, #110-113*, Nov. 23-27

*The Thursday episode will likely be preempted.

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Amigas  and (lurking) Amigos!

Sara is already off on her Thanksgiving vacation, so I am posting this week’s La Vecina page. I’m sure things will be a bit slow here on the La Vecina Patio this week, so let’s just play it by ear. Whoever wants to recap, feel free to claim a day. If not, we can just discuss.

We ended last week with a few cliffhangers…

Will Sara be able to fly solo, without Antonio in her ear(piece), and convince the local government leaders to support Conatrol’s plans?
Will Simon be able to overcome his stage fright and host a web chat about his rocket?
Will Sabastian escape the clutches of Titina’s muscle-bound brothers, in one piece, and will he have to marry her?
Will Tonio actually stay in bed long enough to recover from his Dengue fever?
Will Padre Vicente ever be able to finish eating a meal in peace?

And the biggest question of all, did Rosa survive the explosion in El Molcajete????

Let’s get on with this week’s discussion!


Antes muerta que Lichita 11/23: the worm continues to turn

Crazy Marta, in her campaign to steal Mateo from his father, discovered Roberto beat up a guy in jail, just when he was going to be released early for good behavior, and so he had to serve his full sentence. He won't tell his lawyer what happened, it would implicate third parties.

Gumaro, who literally ran into Luciana outside the restaurant where Roberto is meeting with his lawyer, flirts hard with her, partially to save Roberto's ass and partially because he is very attracted to her. She calls him an indio sin gracia (play on her usual idiosincracia) and complains about the hairy guys and human contamination in Nacolandia.

Marlene Garbo wants to be Cleopatra in her own ads, with a few hundred extras, and pyramids. Or, instead, she'll be a Roman emperess and kill Christians in a coliseum. Alicia and Elias point out that these ideas, while undoubtedly magnificent, would be expensive and would not sell her products. Here's what they think:

Elias and Marlene continue their flirtation and are soul-gazing with joined hands when Sandra comes in.

Later Elias tells Sandra: Marlene doesn't like any of our ideas, we are are "un cero a la izquierda," that is, zero, "as our marriage was" - but when Sandra evinces jealousy he lights up and says, maybe our marriage was better than I thought - maybe 0.5 from the left on the meter.

Magos' revolting pole dance wriggling in front of the Guero continues though he says, "I don't want any more coffee! And I love my fiancee and we're getting married soon!" By accident Magos, Guero, and the door collide and he has to go to the hospital with a broken nose. Magos follows and offers him coffee there, too. Just when she tells him Ximena is his daughter, his fiancee shows up (of course), hears all, and leaves in tears.

The Guero finally tells Magos that the night she woke up next to him, naked as Eve, they hadn't had sex. "You were drunk and sad because Chanclas was cheating on you. I was a gentleman, I didn't take advantage of you." She is astounded, has the grace to be embarrassed, and goes to his girlfriend's house to confess her idiot behavior and declare: Guero is completely innocent. He shows up, proposes to Vanessa, they embrace, and Magos has finally done something right.

Augusto asks Roberto to keep Luciana away from the house so the engagement dinner with Alex and Alicia can be peaceful. At a restaurant, Luciana tells Roberto Alicia will soon be fired, confesses her escapade escaping the Duke but keeping his ring, and that she's under a warrant for arrest back home in Argentina. She wants some confessions from him too but he resists. She pries: is Mateo really just your nephew?

At the mansion, during the glacial family dinner, Augusto and Beatriz laud appearances and united families. "It's one thing on the outside and another on the inside," Alex says. "If so, it's for a good cause," purrs Bea. "Lies are a sin," reminds Dafne, who goes off to have a cozy chat with Alicia about how hard school is and how she'll never have friends. Alicia tells her to be strong "and you always have me."

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Pasión y Poder #14 Mon 20151123 Less Talking, More Choking!

Montenegro Offices

Artie tells Augustin that he knows that he will see Julia again.  He can tell by the look in her eyes that she still pines for him. 

Later, Artie tells Erick that the company website is down and the guests can't make reservations.  Artie takes a swig of a stiff drink after he learns that Erick has known about the problem for a while and said nothing. Erick is obviously his dumb son so, Art says that he's going to have Miguel, his smart son, look into this immediately. Erick tells Art that Miguel is a hermit-nerd.  Art says that Miguel is a hermit-nerd that supports himself.  Erick gets all offended and leaves.   

Later during a meeting with Mike (Miguel), Artie enjoys a cup of soothing tea.  Artie believes that this is the job of Eladio.  Miguel says that he can't prove it.  Artie asks Mike if he can fix it because he losing a lot of money and clients.  He's also got a wife, two grown kids, a daughter-in-law, and his son's mistress to support. Mike says that he and his two imaginary friends will stay up all night and fix it. 
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres Lunes 11/23/15 #94

Chapter 94: Plans of Rats and Men

Arango pointed out to Úrsula that Danny-Boy was her only weakness. She had no understanding of drug addiction. He had taken something that was extremely addictive. She had to wait for him to shake off the effect of the drugs. The doorbell rang during his lecture. As he started another point, Isidro walked in behind Ari, who was dragging his suitcase.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #64 Mon 11/23/15 (Mex 93) Two Revelations and a Tease

Ciao a tutti! Hey, y'all! Here's the low down on tonight's show: down, dirty, and not necessarily in order of broadcast!

Diana finds a letter addressed to Fiorella from Fiorella's late Father, Mario, in Vitto's safe. She opens it and we only get a few tantalizing words: "My dearest Fiorella, in these, my dying moments, I must tell you a truth that I cannot take to my grave. You need to know that. . . ." Diana gasps and smiles and we don't get to hear the rest. She puts the letter back in its envelope.

Roxi and Benni have dinner. She thanks him for calling off Quina: she's always on Roxi's case. Well, Quina is her Nana, it's to be expected. Nanna, yes, Mama, no! We have a few interchanges in which Benni shows he's a poor, ignorant hick. Roxi thinks Benni is a diamond in the rough and hires a personal coach to remove all the crud and shine up all the facets of his sparkling personality.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Celia, Bajo el Mismo Cielo, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of November 23, 2015

HELP WANTED!  We need your energy and creativity! 

Dear Friends:

After five years and many amazing conversations in this space, Jean and I have decided to give someone else a turn at hosting the discussion.  Lately, we've been more or less absentee landlords around here and we think you deserve better.

Is a separate Telemundo page still necessary?  We're not sure because:

- Telemundo novelas are now included in Diva's weekly update, ¿Qué nos cuenta, CarayCaray?  

- While daily recaps are still the mainstay of CarayCaray, now some Univisión novelas are covered by weekly posts with abbreviated (or not so abbreviated) recaps in the comment section.  See, for example, the page for discussions of La Vecina.   Why not separate pages for individual Telemundo novelas too?  

Is someone interested in posting a page for Bajo el mismo cielo?  

How about Celia?  Does she deserve a page of her own? 

Or would you rather continue with a single Telemundo y más page?

Important: If you'd like to be involved but you're not on Jane's roster of recappers, you'll have to ask her to add you. 

Please don't panic!  If we haven't figured it out by next week – and we might not, with Turkey Day and all – I'll put up a new page on November 30.

What do you think?  Who'd like to keep this thing going?  What format would you prefer?  Let's come up with a plan.

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¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (November 23, 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitúlo 93, Fri November 20, 2015, Or, What's Done In The Dark Comes to Light


Scenes combined for clarity

Lo Pasado
Leo breaks up with Clara, saying she hides information just like MD, since she knew his mother was sick and didn't tell him.

Maleny's quest for truth continues as she meets with the sixth man, Aron Valezquez, a ballistics expert, who knows more information about her Dad's murder. Maleny thinks he won't tell her the truth about the facts of the case. On the contrary, he says he involved himself in the investigation because Claudio promised he would not be named in the peritaje (expert report), and because of that fact, he can tell Mal whatever she wants to know, since in the case he officially does not exist.

Max explains to MD why his father helped Ursula get Dan out of jail and she tells him his father and Isela are having an affair.

Lo Nuevo

At first, Max doesn't want to believe MD about the affair, saying his Dad is incapable of treating Alma that way. He insists that Claudio has been un hombre ejemplar (exemplary or ideal man) and un esposo intachable (a husband of flawless, impeccable or faultless reputation). Orlando saw them kissing, MD responds. "Orlando has had loads of problems with my father. He'll say anything about him." MD is exasperated as she tells him Isela confessed to her that she was sleeping with Claudio. Max finally starts to believe at this statement and then gets mad at MD for not telling him earlier. "I didn't tell you for a lot of reasons but most of all because you told me your Mom needed calm, peace and quiet."
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Pasión y Poder Episode #13 Friday, November 20th 2015 The one where the Gomez Luna men have girl trouble.

When we last left off, Julia had walked in and found Hubs (Eladio) and The Ratt (Montse) in a rather compromising situation. In a surprising twist, Eladio wasn't able to weasel his way out of this one, despite The Ratt's squeaks, err pleas, that she and Eladio have nothing together. And despite, Eladio attempting to explain to Julia that what she saw was a terrible misunderstanding. Julia leaves the Gomez Luna offices believing that Hubs is cheating on her with The Ratt. [Side Note #1: It should be noted that one point, Julia told Eladio that she thought that his flings were over with, which would indicate, that she knows very well that he has had affairs with other women.] [Side Note #2: Marinita, or whatever her name is, was seen slithering past Eladio, at the end of the scene, which would indicate that she had overheard the entire argument between Julia and Eladio.] 

Daniela spews some BS to Arturo about wanting to head off to Queretaro because she wants to change and wants to patch things up with her sister Regina. Well, Arturo Montenegro wasn't born yesterday, so he's not buying the BS, AT FIRST. But then, Daniela claims that she talked to her mother about her "change" and as expected Mommie Dearest backs her slutty daughter up. Well, that's enough for Arturo, to allow Daniela to head on over to Queretaro, so I guess he was born yesterday. [Side Note: It should be noted that during this scene, the Joshua factor came up, and Arturo made it clear to Nina that he didn't want to smell, err see, Joshua in the Montenegro household ever again.] 

Ms. Insensitive, err Clara, decides to chit chat with Maribel, who is obviously suffering another headache, about the embrace and support she received from Francisco, regarding how sad Clara was over what is happening to Maribel. Clara can't seem to accept what is happening to Maribel, but Maribel has already accepted it, and advises Clara to live and enjoy every moment of her life. Maribel also advises Clara to get closer to Francisco and to not wait for him to get close to her. Jacinto joins the group and he picks up his daughter Luisita. He then passes Luisita over to Maribel,  so she can hold her daughter, but Maribel can't handle the weight of her daughter, and nearly falls down. Jacinto realizes that Maribel isn't feeling well and he asks her go on inside, telling her that he can take care of the corn stand for her. But Maribel refuses to go inside, in fact no one is leaving, they'll all stay together like a family. 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #63 Fri 11/20/15 (Mex 91-92) You Make Your Bed with a Cold, Pale, Wrinkled Bag of Bones; You Lay in It!

Ciao, Muchacha Peeps!  Let's jump right in.  Scenes have been combined and are not necessarily in the order of broadcast.

Remember that Sergio was telling Pedro that whenever Granny says so, they have to assume the position so he'd better make it to the chapel on time with Aitana. . .who bursts into the office with Julieta.  She ignores Pete's anger at the lack of respect and insistence that he's got work to do.  Petey darts out to take a call from Fiorella:  He wants to run away with her, she says destiny is separating them again.   She throws the phone and says it would've been best if they never met. All three convince Petey to adjust his priorities and the ladies herd Petey off to pick out rings and the wedding cake and other matrimonial frou frou, leaving Sergio in the office.

Freddie enters the office where Sergio has made himself comfy with a cigar and more than a shot of liquor.  She pumps him for information about the relationship between her Father, Gabriel, and his Father, Maximo.  It was bad, they were like water and oil and fought all the time; one would never know they were brothers!  Once their Father died and the business was left to the two of them, they argued more than ever, especially about how to manage the business.  Maximo ended up being the head hancho Freddie says, baiting Sergio, because he was brighter and more fit.  Oh no, goes Sergio, your Father was very capable and talented; it was such a shame that he died.  Yes, she adds, under suspicious circumstances; but she was very young and it was never clear to her what happened.  Sergio thinks such rivalries are common:  he had one between himself and his brother (the late) Osvaldo, Sr., and Gael and Osvaldo Jr. have the same rivalry.  Sergio observes that he was never serious competition for his brother as far as the business was concerned, being the fun-loving type and all.  [I feel like there should be some kind of alert here, but I'm not sure exactly about what.  Any ideas?]  Anyway, Sergio insists such rivalries are normal, yah, Freddie thinks it's all fun and games until somebody dies and it must've been hard for him when his brother died like it was when her Father died.  We can hear the wheels in Freddie's head creaking down the same old rutted road.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #43 ALicia makes her demands... but ends up agreeing to marry ALex... Marta causes Mateo to have a new crisis, which alarms and upsets Roberto

A very self-confident Alicia tells Augustus  she thought about it very well and she will marry Alex but only if she becomes the Creative Director.  Augustus predictably reacts a bit proud ‘Wow, wow! (lol!) no less than the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of ICONIKA!! Hey kiddo, don’t you think that is a bit steep? … makes sense, you marry my son in exchange with ANOTHER promotion’ Alicia assures him her work will be up to par with her new title. He responds ‘it better be… it won’t be easy jaja! … let’s see if you can carry the load!’
Alicia assures us she can!  She adds to Augustus ‘Since Roberto had nothing to do with this there is no need to take his job away… he can take a role as Sub-Director or similar…’  Augustus protests that she now is making up position titles at the agency … Agu jokes that he will now be the one that sells coffee.  Alicia adds to her list of requests: stop blocking my parents business of the coffee shop.  Augustus claims he is totally unrelated to that situation.  But he offers he will have someone find out what is going on there. By the way, regarding the compromising photos, you better be putting distance from your ‘amiguitos’.  Alicia asks Augustus if Alex is aware of this offer, is he willing to marry ‘me’? Augus gets close to her face in a jolt.
At Iconika, the reporter lady is now interviewing Roberto. She is very curious about Mateo… Roberto detours her back to his job at the company.  Then Luciana starts making up a advertising profile background… saying he has worked in Mexican and worldwide advertising agencies.  Shushette adds on to the mask full of false facts… Roberto again tries to detour the conversation to his CURRENT job at the agency.
Augustus is meeting with Alex in his office.  Alex still refusing to deny who he really is… Augustus insists that he has to come to his senses and shows him a magazine cover with a photo of Alex’s love interest ‘Kenny Williams’ with a title saying he just got engaged to a certain Hilary Paterson.  Augustus tells Alex that the ‘tipo’ with whom he was related understood the game of appearances.  Alex picks up the magazine and reads the title with a teary voice.  Augustus apparently also has some teary shadow in his eyes… ‘this world is based on appearances, if your ex understands it, why don’t you?’  Alex asks ‘and you knew about it already?’
At reception tres amigas… the girls are mocking Magos about her having trouble with ‘guero’ and his girl. Fatima comes and rants at Magos about complaints that have come to her regarding that situation.
Alex tells Augustus ‘you investigated… you not only knew I was gay but every detail of my life… you never stop surprising me.’ Augustus claims that is why I am where I am and I am who I am.  Alex continues ‘in the end, you don’t forgive that I am not like you… you think I have a weak character…’  Augustus comes over to hug him and assure him ‘I only want to open your eyes… if you came out, you would make many unhappy, beginning with your family…’ / ‘Then to avoid making others unhappy I have to make myself unhappy? I have to sacrifice myself?’  / ‘no, no!! don’t look at it that way! … your mother would not resist seeing you like that, and you would never be out of trouble… didn’t a guy beat you up, even if he had the same sexual orientation as you? Nothing good awaits you following that life!’ Alex claims it was just bad luck… Augustus says no… don’t be selfish, think of those of us who love you.  (who is selfish?? ) if I am asking you is because I love you… I won’t be around always to get you out of trouble!  I beg you, please accept…
(the new actress, Marle [Patty Navidad]) is yelling at Alicia and Elias… she claims it is a lack of respect and dignity to make her wait…  Alicia and Elias apologize and assure her they will make it up to her.  Marle says Elias and her were talking for a long time, she says Elias is interesting… Elias says the same. Marle leaves, ‘I want something dignified/to the level of… my fabulous brand!... I am a genius! I know!’  Marle and Elias have a flirty goodbye… Alicia looks at Elias a bit inquisitive… makes the ‘I am watching you’ sign with her fingers.
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Pasión y Poder #12, Wednesday, 11-18-2015

Hey folks! Bad news. I did not get the very beginning of the episode. My DVR was set to start 1 minute early, but I guess Uni started the capitulo earlier than that. I will start the recap where my recording started.

Arturo and Augustin are talking at the office about Julia and her marriage. They are under the impression that it is a good marriage. Little do they know all that Julia has suffered.

Clarita is talking with Francisco at their place of work. Through tears she tells him about her friend Maribel who is sick and that she has no cure. He offers his help and gives her a hug. Franco sees this public show of affection and tells them to get back to work. Clarita goes back to work. Franco tells Francisco that even though he is David's friend, his Godfather can still fire him. Francisco tells him yes, like you said only Mr. Gomez Luna can fire me. He gives Franco a stare down that proves he is not afraid of him.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #42 Wednesday 11/18/15 "Managing and Selling Images: Layers of theTruth"

Thursday night: Latin Grammies. More Lichita on Friday.

There was some question yesterday as to the meaning of "flor de quilombo" as Valeriana was warning Luciana that she would be creating a "flor de quilombo" if she were to keep going after Alicia. "Flor de quilombo" is Argentine slang (Lunfardo) for a big mess/enormous problem. Great job by the writers trying to include some Argentine vocab with the Argentine characters.

Now on to tonight . . .

Back we go to Alicia being told the way things are by Augusto. She will marry Alex or else she and her whole family will suffer economically. He knows all about them and their precarious financial position. Augusto wants her to act as a "tapadora" "front/cover" for Alex. She can save Alex's career and her own. She asks Augusto what if she does not want to get married? Augusto tells her he does not threaten (is he channeling Catalina Creel from "Cuna de Lobos"?) and gives her ONE day to decide. Does she want to lose it all or gain a lot more? Augusto motions her to leave, closes the door and laughs.

Elsa and Nacho are discussing with the municipal government representatives who have come to shut down their business. Nacho tells them he got all of the permits that were needed so how can they shut them down? Seems that for starters they do not have their "derecho de reventa" "resale right" (resellers license?) That is followed by picayune problems that these representatives have detailed. Elsa is convinced that somebody must have invented these complaints just to drive them out of business. Nacho says they will be going down to the the municipal government office to sort it all out. The government workers have them vacate the premises and have seals to officially close the business.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yo No Creo en los Hombres #92, 11/18/15: Isela and Ivana Confront Their Abusers, But Find They are Looking in a Warped Mirror

Max solemnly greets Clara and tells her the reason Leo hasn’t been answering her calls is because Alma revealed last night that she has cancer. Not only that, but she also told them that her cancer has advanced and she does not plan on getting treatment. Leo took it badly and slept curled up with Alma. Clara understands how devastated they must all be, says she will call Leo later, and makes a quick exit.

Up north, Doris joins Nana Chelito at the dining table, and scolds Chelito for eating all that delicious looking bread, when diabetes runs in her family. Chelito basically tells her she’s already old, and she didn’t get to enjoy the good things in life when she was young because she was always working—not even going out with male suitors. Doris wonders if that means that Nana has never done the deed. Chelito basically responds that she’s got her own secrets and it’s none of Doris’ business. Doris starts complaining that she’ll be in the same boat with Orlando ‘cause he won’t give up the goodies under wraps in his package. Chelito doesn’t understand young women today. In the old days, women would beat lousy men off with a stick to keep their grubby paws off them. Now, women don’t appreciate a good man who respects them. She asks if Doris doesn’t think she saw what went on (or didn’t) on that couch last night? (That’s right, Doris. You should be blushing.) If she wants someone like Ari, he’s there waiting for her. But don’t waste Orly’s time. Doris points out that these days, sex is no big deal if the two people love each other. Chelito’s advice is to enjoy the courtship, and allow love and respect to grow over time.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #62 Wed 11/18/15 (Mex 90) Here we go again

I almost thought Vitto had overplayed his hand when Fi said it was all too much, between Gianna being sick and her dad having just died and she might actually take of running because she couldn't handle being around any more sickness/death right now, but nooooooooo…she ended up promising never to leave him, as overheard by Diana.  Oh, what's he dying of?  They don't know yet.  They're still running tests.  But he's totes dying.  *roll eyes*  Well, what the hell, it's not like we love Fi for her critical thinking skills.

She called Pedro, in the midst of Vitto's fake "I'm dying" speech and told him NOT to call things off, and then later had a big cry-fest with him in the garden because she can't possibly leave a dying man, blah, blah, blah.

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Lichita 11/17: In which so much stuff happens!

Whew, this was a really busy one, guys!

Luci, initially delighted to catch Lichicienta in the act of cheating on Alex with some gross old married dude, is horrified to see her smooching Beto! She snaps some photos for evidence and then indulges in some angry selfies!
Luci in shock!

She goes to her mom and whines: "Who knows what twisted and perverted tricks that Alicia used to ensnare Beto!?" Her mom points out that as of yesterday she was all aflutter for Alex and mad at Lichita for getting him. Luci explains that yeah, she liked Alex and was done with Beto, but when she saw him kiss Alicia so passionately, the ground shook beneath her. In the most brilliantly sarcastic line of the night, her mom, who's seen this all before, gasps: "another earthquake strikes Mexico!"

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Yo No CreoEn Los Hombres #91: Mother and Son Reunions

 (I’m doing this from memory cuz I’m in a hurry today.  If I got it wrong or left any out, my apologies.)

Daniel, smelling and looking like  sewer rat after slinking off from prison at his release, grabs hold of Maria Delores, pulls Julian out of his wheelchair and into the street, and then threatens  her and throws another guilt trip on her.  He then races off up to Josefa’s apartment, bangsing till she lets him in.  Julian is lying in the street but MD takes the time to help him back into his wheelchair and screams for him or somebody to call the police. 

Daniel finds the cell phone and calls Ursula to tell her to pick him up from there.  He then makes his way to Hosie’s kitchen and holds her off at knifepoint while grabbing food out of the kitchen.  She convinces him—one sewer rat to another-- that they should make a pact  to wreck MD’s and Max’s wedding by blurting out the truth about Claudio and Isela’s affair.  “—That news will stop the wedding for certain!”  He agrees.

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