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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo #113: 4/18/14: It's All About Graceless' Wants!

Ahoy Amiguis! I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and Passover. This recap is on the fly, so please correct/add anything I happened to miss. I am skipping the old and starting with the new. Oh, for my count of the missing Padre, this is day eight of the missing Curia. Shall we start with an earworm? Y'all just know I have one or two every recap I do. This one is dedicated to Graceless of course, cause this episode was full of her, er herself shall we say, and here it is for your listening pleasure: Heartless!

Graceless has continued her trumped up testimony and that Judge is just eating it up. Graceless says one of his peons, she doesn't now if it was Ale for sure, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, but he was being drugged or something, and she thought she'd let the judge know that cause of the exhumation. The Judge wants to know why she didn't take Don Benny to a hospital? Well, the Padre didn't approve you see, she was a married woman, and had been Don Benny's lova all those years, can you imagine the scandal? Her prestige, cough, cough, was on the line here. Besides that "bastardo" married her daughter Monse for goodness sake.
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Friday, April 18, 2014


Que pobres tan ricos! #74 Los tres matamoscas al ataque! (the three fly squatters ride again!!)

Chuy tells Lupe Nepo is talking to MA. Lupe goes over there.

AS and Mati watching tv. Leo runs out of patience. He leaves to find out if Alejo left already. AS also runs out of patience and goes after him. Mati keeps wondering if Aureliano will ever get home to pull Alejo’s ears out.

Nepo, MA and MA, Alejo is Emi’s dad… Nepo goes beserk insisting Alejo is after her. Lupe yells at him that she and him are not a couple. Nada de nada de nada de NADA!! MA has to stop Nepo from following Lupe. Nepo insists to MA that Alejo is also after Lupe (la vaca, not just the becerro). Chuy comes over, Nepo tells him Lupe told him about Alejo and Emi. Chuy also rants at Nepo, trusts Nepo will understand after he tells her what happened years ago. They stare at MA, he gets the sign and leaves.

Leo and AS gossiping about Ahole being Emi’s dad. MA demands AS be discrete… AS says how can I keep quiet facing the gossip of the year?? Lupe was ambitious, otherwise why would she roll with him? Leo notices that Emi is his nephew… MA reminds them that Lupe was the one that lent them a hand when they had lost everything. Did any of your friends help us?? No, right? So you will respect Guadaluuupe Menchaaaca and that’s all!!
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #30- Fri 4/18

"De que trabajo en Caprico, trabajo en Caprico"

Diego tells Irene about how he really felt like Rodrigo was there, listening to him, and how much he misses him.  *drink*  He's hoping this is a sign that he's recovering.  Irene encourages him not to get his hopes up.  They change the subject to the need for a DNA test on Diana's baby and start researching on the Internet.

Brigitte gets Natalia's work number from Carmen and calls to ask for an appointment with Irene.  Natalia tells her it's way too early for that--they don't even know if they're going to go forward with the clothing line yet.  Brigitte complains to Carmen that Natalia's just being selfish.  She's determined to get a job at Caprico (hence the title).

Irma the nurse would totally be putting the moves on Rodrigo if he were conscious.  She settles for putting him through some passive stretches.

Irene and Diego start calling labs to ask what exactly a DNA test entails and how long it takes.  The first lab tells Diego it takes a week and he flips.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #97- El Rumbo a Los Anvils Is Paved With Lots of Filler

Yeah, Balthazar and Zen are cute...but the time for such stories is past. I want anvils and YA!

Am I the only one who thinks Zenaida looks like Madame?

Anyhoo, on to the recap.

  • Feo hands over the check for Lucero and an icky kiss for Sonia.
  • Isa looks for a phone.
Lo Nuevo
Gil has taken Mari home and she had a good time. They ask Tita if Mari can visit Gil more and she agrees. Gil asks Tita to forgive him for being such a jerk. She forgives him and comments on his new positive, less snobby outlook. He tells Tita about Sonia wanting to help out Mari because of the scene at the wedding.

Mau and Andrea discuss the Art, Isa and Marcela situation. Andera has her doubts about Marcela.

Zen and Balty.

The police are convinced that there's some fishy business and promise to investigate and FeVier is suspect #1.

Osvy is worried about Art and the separation.

Mari overhears Zen telling someone about Operation Fake Broken Plate.

Dante calls FeVier and tells him about Gabi's investigation. He also tells him that the police think FeVier is the number one suspect.
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Weekend Discussion: Karmageddon Awaits!

Karmageddon in Por Siempre Mi Amor

OK, with 17 or 18 hours to go on this story, it's time for this all-important discussion. The villains in this tale are some of the vilest excuses for human beings we've seen to date, so this will be lively.

As in a previous discussion on another series, this will be a two-part question:

  1. What fate do you think they deserve?
  2. What do you think the writers will do to these perverse creatures?
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Por Siempre Mi Amor # 96- April 17, 2014- Where Am I? Who Am I? Who Decorated This Place? Lies, Lies and More Lies: Fernando is Resurrected

Episode #96- online #135

From the previous episode:
Favier takes Isa to,the cabin in the woods. She has to depend on him for everything.
Edgar brings the necessary paperwork and gets the details of the accident and the name of the hospital that she was transferred to.  Tita tries to talk to Ara and let her know that as a stepmother, Isa sacrificed herself for Ara. Ara the spoiled brat that she is doesn't even flinch. Tita doesn't believe that Isa would deceive Art, ever.

Tita tells Ara not to let hate poison her heart, Isa spent years earning her love and trust. Ara is not hearing her. Tita still doesn't believe that Isa would deceive Art.

Isa knows that she is not at home.  Where is she? She calls for FeVier who now looks like Fernando (WTF???).  He tells her that they moved.  They sold the apartment and bought the house for their family.
Ara believed the tape that she saw.  Tita tells Ara to look at Isa from her heart. And Ara feels nothing but hate for Isa. (Eye rolling time). (Tita stop wasting your time with this brat and spend it with the kids that love you and want to learn from you)
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo 112 - Nadia Escapes Pedro and Graciela Tells A Whopper - 4/17/14


The story you are about to read about is not true. No names have been changed because there is not one innocent character on Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, except maybe Baby Laurito. Given his family, I have eve my doubts about him.

This is the city, Aguazul, Campeche, MX. I work here: not for much as it turns out, but it must be enough or I wouldn’t keep doing the job. Praise does sometimes calm the ego’s insatiable need for fuel. 

I am a recapper.

Some might call me jaded. You will understand my cynicism when I report that in the light of the last few weeks of unending violence and gloom so little happened tonight that I could almost be cheerful.


It’s not easy being a recapper. You don’t get a lot of respect in this business. I mean, you sit down next to some good citizen on a long haul flight, they eventually ask you what you do, and you smile and say, “I spend several hours a week recapping Mexican soap operas. That is MY life.”

Do they smile in return and ask you to tell them more about your fascinating job as a recapper?  Do you ever get a chance to discuss the value of long arc storytelling or whether telenovelas reflect real trends in modern Mexican culture? Do you debate whether the Sopranos or Breaking Bad were telenovelas?

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Que Pobres Tan Ricos #73: 4/17/14 : Suelta La Sopa, Por Favor!

Hola Mis Amguis! This recap is on the fly, so please fill in anything I missed/got wrong. I have an earworm that is perfecto for Ahole. Have a listen: You're So Vain!

Shall we begin? Lupe is cleaning the house and talking to MA. She keeps making him move so she can get the floor under his feet and he even adds more cleaner to her bucket. They are discussing when they should tell their families about them being an item, of course, and also Nepo. Well, MA wants to do it sooner rather than later, but Lupe wants him to wait some, cause of the fraud accusation and other things. Knocky, Knocky on the door and who is it? Special Delivery, of flowers, and what a nice arrangement it is too! Lupe accepts them and is so very happy MA got them for her, that she gives him lots of sugar, but the problem is MA didn't send her those flowers. Lupe thinks maybe Nepo sent them, and of course MA isn't happy over that, even though earlier he said Nepo was a nice guy.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #29- Thurs 4/17

De que abrió los ojos, abrió los ojos

Grumps is rudely awakened by Diana, come to complain that Diego never came home last night.  Grumps thinks it's highly likely that Diego spent the night with "that woman," not that there's any reason to get all upset about it.  He tells Diana not to worry her little head…Grumps will take care of it.  "Now let me rest."

Diego's ready to go off half-cocked once he sees the video, but Irene tells him he needs to think first.

Vicente's old secretary stops by to visit and says such nice things about her old boss that you could knock Natalia over with a feather.

Diego is convinced that the baby is Oliverio's.  He tells Alberto to rewrite the agreement and Alberto says he can now demand a divorce--Diana can't "refuse" to give him one, since she's a cheater, and Diego doesn't have to give her a damn thing!  Diego calls the house and asks to speak to Diana.  He tells her he's been thinking and asks her to met him for a coffee.

Eleazar comes by to pick up his "wife" and is alarmed to see that Carmen isn't ready to go yet.  She fills him in on just how much work goes into getting the denizens of Garcia Central Station up and out the door every morning.  They end up laughing over how they're arguing like a real married couple.  It takes Carmen about two seconds to go to her room and throw on a fabulous dress, but she needs El's help zipping it up.  And I'm sure he's thinking he'd rather be unzipping it, but hey, Lupita's expecting them.
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Qué Pobres, Weds 4/16/14 (#72): He Hugged a Boy and He Liked It

Oh, man. This is painful. So much awesomeness to report; so little time. Most of this is from memory and I am paraphrasing like mad, so please don't hesitate to correct errors/omissions.
Diego calls Leo about his next art lesson. Leo hesitates. Diego suggests having the lesson at his place. Leo is afraid to go out on the street, but Diego offers to pick him up. Leo agrees; the things he'll do for the sake of art!

Leo comments on the decor at Diego & Nepo's house. (Sometimes a banana is just a banana, right? Right??) It's still super-naco, Leo says; just as tasteless as at the Menchacas', but he also observes that it's a better neighborhood and a nicer grade of hyper-naco stuff. Diego gets a kick out of the way Leo speaks, with everything being -uki and little sprinkles of English.

AS gives Perla an etiquette lesson. The topic: fancy dinners. Perla faces a dizzying array of plates, glasses, and cutlery. Everything she says and does is wrong, according to AS. Perla is overwhelmed, but motivated. AS thinks Perla also could use some lessons in "diction" because of the vulgar, common way she speaks. She urges Perla to encourage the rest of her family to take the lessons too, because (she's said this before to Carmelita) they could transform this greasy spoon restaurant into a fine dining destination. (Does AS really believe this transformation is possible, or is she just trying to entice them with something she thinks would interest them?)
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Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, #111, 4-16-2014: The Grand Re-Opening of La Escondida; María discovers a new career; Nadia realizes she and Victor have been Pedro's private porn stars.

Dear Caray Caray Friends,
I had to do this one quickly today.  There must be a million typos, but I think I got most of the major points and even some details.  Let me know if I missed something important.  
Best to you all!  Enjoy!  
Julia R.

Lo refrito:  Captain Robledo tells Refugio he should be proud of Esmeralda's hard work and intelligence and also tells him he has a new lieutenant to report to;  Esmeralda trains her new dancers while María looks on; Pedro has sent Nadia flowers to congratulate her on her pregnancy.  This is not a good thing given the fact that this means he KNOWS about her pregnancy.

Refugio meets his new boss, Lieutenant Rentería.  He is surprised to discover that said boss is a woman, and she quickly upbraids him for his insolence and attitude.  He apologizes and insists that he's not machista, it's just that he's not used to seeing many women in the naval base.  She informs him that she worked hard to merit her position and earned it through discipline, bravery, but most of all intelligence.  She wonders if he thinks intelligence and beauty are incompatible--and by the way, does HE think she's pretty?   Does he ever--with all due respect, he adds.  Finally, she dismisses him and tells him to wait for her in the office and help her with her work.  She reminds him to salute her when he forgets, and he leaves, but afterwards she is smiling to herself, and it's clear these two have some serious chemistry.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor # 95- April 16, 2014- The Pieces of the Puzzle Are Starting to Fit Together and It Looks like The Truth, Nothing But The Truth!!!!!!

Happy Humpday!

Online Episode #134
Art is still having his tantrum about Isa and doesn't want her name mentioned
Gaby shares with Andrea and Mau, the sordid story of the "good" doctor and how she can't find Isa. Andrea suggests calling to he local hospitals, while Mau looks for Javier.
Isa has anemia and has forgotten the past 11 years (how convenient for Javier). She is pregnant and if it's a boy she wants to name him Miguel, which sparks a strange sensation within her.
Javier/ Fernando skives us all by kissing Isa. Does her love her or hate her it's hard to tell?
The witch doctor continues her evil by supporting Art who is trying to get back on his feet.

Sucia tries to come clean by visiting Iakani Construction and devising more lies about her involvement with Javier and introducing him to Ara.  Bruno guessed the reason for Sucia introducing Javier to Ara and as always Sucia has that "duh- deer in the headlights" expression. At the same time Fab confronts Javier and wants to know the relationship that he has with wife. (Please let Fab make it through this episode)
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #28- Wed 4/16

De que no es gay, no es gay

Diana breaks off the non-gay-non-cousin liplock, in case Alonso comes back.  Alonso, hiding out in the broom closet with Alberto, is furious.

Diego assumes that Diana left the test results on purpose, and is pissed that she'd decide to tell him something so important this way.  He storms out of the office with Irene hot on his heels.

The "session" continues, but Alonso isn't kicking them out yet.

Lupita admits to her mom that she lied so good, the class wants her cop daddy to come to show-and-tell.

Cop Daddy is getting a promotion to head of Homicide. Ummm…Eleazar…please don't bring homicide stuff to show-and-tell!

Diego shows up just after Diana and Sexter leave, but he leaves without stopping to talk to Alonso and Alberto.  Alonso calls him while he's in the car, but Diego is hell bent on confronting Diana about the pregnancy test.  The Als are worried, thinking maybe Diego figured out the truth about Oliverio on his own.
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Por Siempre Mi Amor #94- April 15, 2014

Let's discuss while Corazon unravels last night's episode.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Que pobres tan ricos #71 15 Apr 2014... The secrets are out!! And MA is confronted again on his vision for the future.

Ahole at cloob… Chabela and Geno comment about his ‘accident’. He tries to deny deny… assures them Isela and Mini made up the story. The ladies won’t buy what he’s selling, and leave.

Lupe and Perla at kitchen in Fonda, Perla ruins the potatoes with too much adobo (seasoned salt). Mati offers to help. Lupe has Mati, Perla, Tizoc and Frida in kitchen, and they all look mighty busy. Chuy comes down, is heading out. Lupe sends him with some deliveries. MA and Nepo come in. MA announces that Nepo will pay for some medical tests Mati needs. Lupe thanks Nepo. Lupe looks very worried and MA notices it.

Later, at hospital or Dr office, MA thanks Nepo more in private. Nepo again brings up the Lupe deal. Nepo tells MA he appreciates Mati… and him(MA) too. Dr and Mati come out. Dr summons MA to his office.

At A-hole’s, Mini still is trying to open the door to get in closet. Isela says they still don’t remember the date of Aureliano’s death. Mini is cursing. Isela mocks Mini that she did not ask MA for the date Isela suggests Mini ask MA for the date. Mini says not until I can get something really valuable for whatever I find in the safe. Isela keeps whining that she can’t live without a plastic card… without spending money!

At Fonda, everyone is trying to help out. Lupe is in kitchen and Perla and Tizoc are serving. Perla stops by AS, who is sitting at a table on her own… AS keeps suggesting to Perla to take the etiquette class… Perla tells her what she wants is to be a model… AS says then her class would be even more useful. Perla suggests instead of paying AS with money, what about discouting the class fee from their food tab.
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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 110, Tues., 4/15/14: It's a zoo around here!

In which:
Adolfo gambles big and loses;
Ezequiel gambles big and wins;
Two people learn Pedro's secret;
Pedro finds out about Nadia's pregnancy;
And Refugio is set up to have the sexist stuffing knocked out of him.


Pedro is about to leave for home when Adolfo stops him.  He has to tell him something:  "Ezequiel Basurto is hiding in your house.  He has a pistol.  And he wants to kill you."  Pedro takes the information in coolly.  


Nadia and Victor are together in their special house in the country.  They talk dreamily about raising their child together.  They snuggle in bed.  Then they do a little more than snuggling.

The Mongoose
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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #27 4/15/14

De que me paga, me paga.

Recapper note: Hot diggety, we've got some SMART people in this one. I almost wonder if Ms. Suarez needs a review of the TN "rules." 

Skipping the refrito and right to the nuevo.

Karina calls Natalia a robamaridos. Grumps interrupts the catfest and yells at Karina for how she answers the phone and tells her to keep him up to speed on company happenings.

Alonso agrees to the trap. Albogado sets up a camera with the laptop, but they find that having the laptop open and facing Diana will be obvious. Albogado offers to my a hidden camera (which will turn out to be a super obivious camera, but whatever.)

Diego notices the missing 20 mil pesos and immediately calls the bank. They tell him about the internet transfer to Oliverio.

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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, capitulo 109. 04/14/14.

So my 7 year old decided to stop recording my novela and instead record hers. I was able to record west coast time slot so recap will be up shortly. Although I'm afraid short.

Okay we start off with Dim realizing that his mom won't be nominated for mom of the year. She and Tomas were in kahoots to destroy his marriage to Fina.  He decides to leave but mommy dearest begs him to stay. He agrees if she were to tear up the check. Afraid not replies the Graceless one.  Dim says I'm out and leaves. 

Tia Pru tries to convince her big bro Captain Robledo not to send JL to the big house.  The Captain says no can do. JL committed a crime and has to pay. Depending on how generous the judge is, it looks like 5 to 6 years in the slammer.

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Por Siempre Mi Amor #93 US 4/14/2014 Feo Returns and Gabi Goes Grizzly Bear

Monday was the beginning of Ultimos Capitulos! Things should really start rocking and anvils should start dropping now. This was episode #132 in Mexico, we got a full episode!

Aranza returns home after going to see Javier. She wails to Arturo that Javier told her he'd been Isabel's lover from the start and Aranza meant nothing to him. Aranza and Arturo cling together and try to comfort each other through their tears. Seeing the results of her handiwork Marcela decides it's time to leave. Bruno walks Marcela to the door and she asks him to keep her up to date with what's happening to Arturo.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #26- Mon 4/14

De que salió positivo, salió positivo

Tad has something medical going on that needs more testing.

Irene returns to the waiting room and signs the paperwork for Vicente's operation.  She and Alonso go to get something to drink, followed closely by Karina.  Diana is pissed that Diego doesn't seem to care how she's doing.  Well, you're not the one going in for surgery.  Plus, you did cause a scene earlier, so….

Irene runs into Tadeo, tells him about her dad, and almost gets away, but nooooo…Tad has to turn this into one more opportunity for a "talk."  Irene actually agrees, unfortunately leaving Alonso with la chismosa de Karina, who's just dying to know everything that has nothing to do with her.  She helpfully tells Diego that Irene went off with "a man her age," and then has the cheek to ask "So, who's this Tadeo Vargas, anyway?"  Diego tells her it's none of her business.

Irene and Tadeo have a coffee.  Tadeo brushes off his reason for being there with "Eh, you get to be a certain age and you just gotta make sure everything's working."  Right.  'Cause all the guys I know are SO good about routine preventive care.  Tadeo says all he wants at this point is for them to at least be able to say "hi" if they run into each other, maybe forget the past and start over.  He's noticed that Irene seems happier and he's guessing that has something to do with Alonso. He says it without any jealousy and Irene practically blushes, cause, yeah, she may be "of a certain age" but that just means she knows a fine specimen of man when she sees one.  I say that as a woman of a certain age.  We know quality.  Tad gives her his card and his digits and tells her to let him know if she needs anything.  Then he takes off.  And that's how The Tad Show ends for this season.  Next season will be all about Tad's mysterious health issues.
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Qué Pobres, Lunes 4/14/14 (#70): You'll Never Get Rich

I apologize; my Spanish is broken tonight and there were several scenes that sounded one way at first and then different when I replayed them... so there may be a lot of mistakes here.

Ahole offers Lupita a laughable sum for hitting her bike (which is AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT on Bingo Card #5, by the way, although in Ahole's mind it probably qualifies as sex... he did "bang" her, after all...). She tears up the money and throws it in his face (woo! more sex!).

Emiliano is calling for his mami. She tries not to react until Ahole drives away.

Vilma warns Saul that if he doesn't stop defending MA, he'll sink with him.

At home, Emiliano wants to know why Lupita was so angry with that man. He's not completely happy with her explanation that "he hit my bike," and she becomes impatient. He backs down, and she apologizes. It's just that he's never seen his mother so angry before.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: La Impostora, week of April 14, 2014

Hi guys!

According to the listings on my tv, La Impostora will get the night off on Good Friday.  You might want to check this out yourself, just to be sure.

Happy holidays everyone!



TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- Avenida Brasil, En Otra Piel, Camelia la Texana, et cetera, week of April 14, 2014

Hola Telemundies!  Madelaine asked me to remind you that this week, because of Semana Santa,  Avenida Brasil will only be shown on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to my cable service, the evening novelas will run from Monday through Thursday, but there will be religious programming on Friday.

Gut Pesach, Happy Easter and if you're someplace where it isn't snowing, Happy Springtime!


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Lo que la vida me robó, ep. 108, Friday, 4/11/14: Enemies

Dear Readers: 
A version of this brief summary was originally posted with the comments to Thursday's recap.  

Pedro steps out of the judge's office just long enough to tell Alejandro he must wait outside while his mother is being interrogated.  "Why do you hate me so much?" Alejandro asks his tormentor.  "Why are you so determined to do me harm?"  Pedro's only reply is a smirk.  

Pedro and the bent judge finish their brutal questioning of Rosario.  Every question is an accusation. They try to get her to admit that Alejandro's father is really the late Jacinto and that Rosario was a slut who was sleeping with both Benjamín and Jacinto.  She is forced to tell them her horrific history -- how Benjamín Almonte ripped away her innocence, killed her fiancé, and then had her accused of the crime; how she gave birth to Alejandro in prison a month and a half early and entrusted the baby to her father, and asked him to tell everyone she had died; how Padre Anselmo guessed the baby's parentage but didn't know that Rosario was alive until she had finished her 30 year prison term and appeared on his doorstep one night.
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