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Hello from Prague. Thanks to Sneaky Two Shoes, Span Prof and everyone for keeping me up to date on what is happening on Tierra while I'm in Europe. Here is your post for this week. Enjoy!

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Doin' Time For Crime 'N Other Criminal Pacts

Abigail tells Renata that there is nothing in the world she wouldn’t forgive.  Ren’s happy to hear that.  Let’s hope she doesn’t forget that in the future and that Abi doesn’t feel she has to eat her words later on.  Abi also mentions that she knows Macaria is not her real mother.  She says Mac made sure to tell her that she was just some orphan left on the streets.  Ren is angry to hear it and finally has the courage to tell her daughter not to believe one word more that comes out of that woman’s mouth.  She was NOT taken off the streets somewhere.  If she wants to know the whole truth then she’ll tell it all to her the next morning at the river where she and Pablo began their love affair and where, for Abigail, it all began.  She doesn’t want anyone else to hear them.

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La Sombra del Pasado #99, 7-3-15 Baby Bomb Bombs!

Hey, y’all!  I am so glad to be back with y’all on the patio.  Thank you, Diva, for covering for me last Friday and thank you to all my awesome teammates:  Diva, Eli, Hellashelle and Sweet Baby Chihuahuas for the past two weeks of recaps of some exciting episodes.  I so missed hanging out with y’all but I’m back now with not quite a blockbuster episode but anyhoo, here it is!

Padre Jeronimo, he of the iron halo, thanks Ren and Silvia for that brilliant sting and take-down of Sev’s evil plot to destroy PJ with an accusation of sexually abusing and impregnating a young, mute girl.  PJ doesn’t want to press charges:  it won’t do any good.  He wants to trap Sev in something much bigger, more important; something that will show the whole town who Sev really is!  PJ knows that this fight against Sev in the long run might cost him his life but he can’t let Sev get away with his arrogant and cynical treatment of the town as if it’s his own tool to use as he wishes.  Silvia and Ren pledge their unconditional support!

Adelina sits holding a picture of Raymundo and we are whisked with her to the terrible night of Raymundo’s murder.  Roberta is wearing red, but it’s not festive or sexy red, but the not yet dried blood of . . .who, her lover, Sev, or her husband, Raymundo, mortally wounded after she shot him in the back?  Roberta feigns surprise at Jock’s recent announcement that Ray had died in an automobile crash.  Adelina slapped Roberta hard and wished her and her damned lover a quick trip to hell.  In fact, she was going to the police!  Adelina confessed her love of Raymundo and cursed the day he married Roberta who stops her at the door and falls to her knees to beg Adelina not to tell.  Back in the present Adelina repeats “it was my fault, my fault.”  Dominga, ever ready with comfort startles Adelina who asks Dominga to pay her no mind.  Ay, what a tragedy was Raymundo’s life, so young with a new baby.  The worst part of it is, Adelina intones looking at the picture, is that it could have been prevented.

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Lo Imperdonable Friday, July 3rd 2015 Cap #35 Emi Arrives To Town; Claudia Gets Her Own Show; And The Old Goat Nearly Keels Over Again

Happy Fourth Of July Everyone! Hope You All Have A Great Day! 

On to the recap...
(scenes have been combined to help it flow better)

Tough Love (Or Twisting The Knife?) 

Jorge visits Emi in his room. He doesn't want Emi to feel like he's being treated as if he were an adolescent. Although we on The Patio know that he's been behaving like one. Jorge wants sonny boy to understand that they're worried about him. Emi like a true addict denies that he's an alcoholic. Yes, it's true that he's been drinking a lot lately. But that will pass. These days will mark the difference. Whatever that means. Jorge knows the real reason behind Emi's drinking. Emi thought it'd be easier getting over Vero but it hasn't been easy. Jorge doesn't want to hurt him more, but he has to show him Vero's fax. That way Emi will understand once and for all that he must leave her in the past.

The fax lets Emi know that Marty is doing better and Vero is happy. Emi crumples up the fax and Jorge tells Emi to not think that he doesn't understand his pain. It would drive Jorge crazy if he had to be away from Salma (foreshadowing perhaps?). But Emi's relationship with Veronica never started so it'll be easier to start over again with someone else. Emi doesn't think the same -- he'll never love anyone else. 

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Amores con trampa #70 3 July 2015... Where all the males over the age of 18 feel like arguing, drawing lines and punching each other. Neanderthals!

Gusana and Ale… talking about Andres… while grilling some meat. 
Mireya and Esteban argue about Isa. Este says Isa looks better instead of worse so the treatment isn’t working. Mireya claims it is.  Isa is ABOUT TO fall apart.  She will suffer a terrible crisis.  Esteban questions it… what he sees is Isa is more smart… even more beautiful.   He wants results! How is Mireya with Santee?  Este shows very impatient. He needs to see Isa and Santee split and Santee sunk in despair.  Isa calls Mireya.  Este tells Mireya to agree to a meeting. He is running out of patience. He needs Isa locked in a nut-house ASAP.
Back at the grill, Jacinto and a couple young redhead boys (the ones that bullied him early on at school are now going to be good to him, per what Jacinto says) join the girls.  Gusana not so quick to trust them. The boys walk away. The twin boys have a plan of their own.. I guess their turnaround is not so.
At office, Santee arrives at Facu’s office with a suitcase… make that two suitcases. He opens them for Facu. They are FULL OF MONEY!!  Santee says it is the worst humiliation he ever had to suffer at a bank. As if he had a farmers market stand… Facu mocks him a bit since he once DID have a farmers market stand. Santee says never mind, here’s your money bill by bill.  Facu reminds him it is money he loaned him the same way, bill by bill. Santee does not want to remember the past, but Facu does.  Facu would not trust Santee further than he could throw him.  Facu is hungry, he is about to order food while they count the money by hand.  Facu even will pay for Santee’s food… Santee reacts as if it were a tragedy. 
At Mireya’s office, Isa has arrived. Isa whines that at home things are ok… the pills have worked well. But she gets cross-eyed and asks Mireya for help.  Mireya serves Isa some wine to give her another pill. 
Back at The Carmonas, Carmen has joined the girls by the pool. The party is going well so far, they comment.  Francis arrives. And starts annoying Carmen.  Diego and Feli along with the shadow girls arrive.  The boys both have something for Carmen and they reach in front of Francis to give it to her at unison, causing a cup of drink to spill right on Francis face and outfit.  They all laugh it off except Francis, who is offended, as always.
Back to Mireya’s office… Isa gets real upset… Mireya asks if she has been taking the pills.  Isa says she can’t drink so much because her kids are watching and nagging her for it.  Mireya says the treatment only works after 3 weeks. Isa says its been 4 weeks. Mireya says you gotta be patient.  And serves her another glass of drink.  Mireya sends Isa home to rest. Isa gets some twitches on her neck but thanks Mireya for her help, you are better than all other therapies, yoga, mantras, etc.  She leaves very happy.
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Weekend Discussion: Life Imitates Art Imitates Life? Revisited

Note:  This is a re-publishing of an August 2013 discussion that I think is relevant because I wonder to what degree the outdated attitudes get revived in remake after remake.  Inspired by a line of dialogue in last night's episode of LSdP.

Do you think that telenovelas reflect or influence human behavior?  A good friend of long standing is under the bizarre impression that in order to have a massively passionate relationship one must also have insane conflict.  I had so many conversations with him during fights and estrangements with various girlfriends from college until his marriage and after his divorce that sounded like novela fights and reconciliations (and he not only isn't Hispanic, he doesn't even watch them).

Last weekend I watched The Godfather, Part III and found an article by a British journalist that discussed the difficulties the studio had with the real mob during production of the original film. Once they settled their issues and the film debuted something interesting allegedly happened:  Real mobsters began addressing their leaders as "Don" and "Dons" became "Godfathers."  The characters on HBO's hit series The Sopranos regarded these films as the bible of Mafia etiquette.

BTW, as an aside, I know that the original Godfather film was a hit in Mexico; in a 2001 novela it was named by a series protagonist as his favorite film.  And El Padrino of QBA looks like he has something of a Vito Corleone complex.

Added:  Do you think outdated attitudes are revived or reviled?  Do you think that the PSA tendencies of novela writers can influence future behavior?

Have it it, amigos.

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Lo Imperdonable #34, Thursday, 07/02/15.

Skipping the old.........

Emiliano is throwing himself a pity party and in walks Matilde. She advises him it's time to get over this love of Veronica. But I can't he shouts! Why do I always have to lose those that I love? First my mother. You know how much I suffered.

Marina has taken a trip to delusional land and believes Pablo just needs some time away to concentrate on his painting. Virginia hopes she isn't confused and that they actually broke up. She'll believes she just rushed the wedding plans. She changes the subject and invites her to go with her to Cancun tomorrow. She's going with Emiliano. Marina wants all the details.

Veronica and Martin make out.

Emiliano thanks Matilde for always being there for him and loving him when he lost his mother. Matilde thinks that with the loss of Veronica, his old wounds of losing his mother have reopened. But life continues....of course it continues replies Emiliano. I do not or will not resign myself. This love is stronger then me and it's killing me. I prefer to die then to throw in the towel. Life took away the love of my mother and now the only woman I can ever love. If I can't recoup Veronica, I will never love again! Way to throw a good-old fashion big boy tantrum! Salma comes in to put a stop to this non-sense. She orders Matilde to leave which Emiliano quickly reminds his mother not to speak to her that way in front of him. Salma apologizes as Matilde leaves.

Veronica and Martin surface from the make out session. He starts to plan their day. He promises to take her to the hotel so that she can send a fax to her family. He playfully gets jealous about Pierre but she reminds him that she only has eyes for him. She can't believe how happy she is. They pledge their love for each other.

Raymunda apologizes to Joaquin for what she told him. It was wrong of her. She's just worried over her father and Ana Perla. She's so young and innocent. I don't want the same thing to happen to her that happened to my aunt. He understands. They are his family too. She says he is the best of the best.

Ana Perla assures her grandfather and brother that she herself will stay in her room. Forever. She has no wish to leave. I just want to die. Her grandfather gets up to go after her but Manuel stops him. He reminds his grandfather that he can't let her do what she wants. Crescencio asks if Manuel if he has ever seen anyone circling Ana Perla. The only one I see sniffing around her is that foreigner replies Manuel. The only that attacked me at the bar. And you are the one that allowed him into this house.

Every woman wants a woman that takes care of them, protects them and loves them says Raymunda. The only thing I ask of you is time. Let us wait until my father is better before we talk to him.

More lovey dovey stuff from the love birds as Veronica is cooking Martin dinner.

Magdalena begs her daughter to forgive her for what she must have suffered at the hands of her father before her death. If I live, it's to remember you. Years of looking for you and to find your tomb. I can't resign myself to your death. I believe you are still alive. Magdalena walks into the living room and finds Nanciyaga crying on the couch. Nanci says the white woman will not allow her to serve the patron. She was told she was free today. She doesn't want to be away from the patron. Magdalena understands she cares for her patron but she's not doing it in the correct way. What you have is jealously. And if you continue feeling that way, you cannot continue living in that house. He is married. Nanci says the only thing she understands is that she needs to care for the patron and flees the house.

Martin tells Veronica that if only he has known she has cooked so well the day they met, he would have married her then. Veronica laughs and says her nana taught her all her secrets. Martin inquires after Nanci. Veronica says she gave her the day off but Nanci wasn’t too happy. I am grateful to her for saving you life and she is a nice person but she seems a bit impulsive with you. I don't feel comfortable around her. Martin thinks the white woman is jealous. Don't you know I only have eyes for you? I know replies Veronica with a smile. But sometimes it's uncomfortable living with her. Martin says he will talk to her and dismiss her but admits he wouldn't like to do it. Veronica couldn't do that. She owes her for saving his life and for her happiness. She will try and explain that they will need privacy. He's ready to go to town but she wants to stop at Magdalena's house first. She feels a deep affection for her but can't really explain why. I feel like she's mine somehow. Like a mother.

Pierre strolls back to his hotel from wherever he came from. He spots Teo outside brooding over some papers he's holding. Teo tells Pierre it's a letter Pablo gave him to deliver to Ana Perla before his departure. He just doesn't know if he should deliver it or not. He heard Pablo had a girlfriend. Pierre is outraged that Teo didn't do the bidding of one of his guests and quickly fires him on the spot.

After Daniel checks out crabby Crescencio, he informs him to stay away from alcohol, coffee and cigars. He must take things with calm and take all his medications. Crescencio doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Daniel advises him to head to the capital. He has a severe heart problem and if not corrected, could lead to death.

Teo begs for his job back. Ever since his father died after a mine accident, Pierre has been like a father to him. Pierre agrees to give him a chance but understand once and for all he cannot decide for others. Let Ana Perla make her own decisions on what she wants. Now run and give her the letter!

Blanquita and Polo are not happy that their grandfather will not allow them to see Ana Perla. Polo has a little trick up his sleeve to be able to communicate with her. Teo rushes up and Blanquita wants to know where the fire is? Teo says he has a letter to deliver to Ana Perla but Polo says it's going to be difficult since she's grounded. Teo gives it to Blanquita but begs her not to tell her grandfather that he is helping the foreigner. She looks at the letter and finds out that the letter is dated days ago. He admits he's had it since the painter left and has just been holding onto it. Blanquita rips him a new one. She will never forgive him for allowing her cousin to suffer for days not knowing anything from the painter. Now she really never wants to see Teo again.

Julio, the ever faithful servant, comes in to inquire on Crescencio's wellfare. He says it seems he's the only one to care about his health. His grandchildren could care less. He asks Julio if it's so bad that he wants to marry his granddaughter off with someone of his choosing? Julio doesn't think it's his position to opinion, but doesn' want Ana Perla to be in danger. That is exactly what I say replies Crescencio. But she needs to be happy also replies Julio. I have never seen her so unhappy. You have to be careful because there are those that say that some die from sadness.

Veronica tells Teo she needs to send a fax. Teo says there is something wrong with the connection and Martin offers to take a look at it. When he disappears behind the counter, Pierre sounds up. He takes her hand and gives it a kiss. He reminds her about their agreed trip down to the river. He would love to complete his promise to her now that his boat is fixed. Suddenly Martin stands up from behind the counter and gives Pierre the stink eye. Teo cringes behind the counter.

Ana Perla is in her room crying when Crescencio walks in. He tells her she is what he loves most in this world. Then why can you not allow me to choose my own husband so I can be happy she asks. At your age, happiness is misunderstood replies Crescencio. Marriage must have security. Happiness comes with children. Did you not love my grandmother when you married her questions Ana Perla. That was different replies Crescencio. How so she asks. Love has always been the same through all of time. Otherwise no one would have written such beautiful accounts of it. Those stories are just that. Stories says Crescencio. Reality is what I tell you. If I need to choose your husband, it's to insure your security. Many will circle you because I am the richest in the region. There are those that will want to be with me because they love me replies Ana Perla. Crescencio reminds her he's doing this for her well-being. She reminds him that there is no guarantee that everything will turn out alright. You cannot go around fixing my life and my errors. I can at least find a man that will always be at your side, protect you and take care of everything I leave you he replies. If that is what worries you, then don't leave me a cent says Ana Perla. Leave it all to my brother and cousins. He tells her to stop arguing. Nothing will change his mind. I will not be here forever and when I die I want to know I have someone to take care of you.

Pierre tells Martin it's good to see him but Martin calls him on his BS. Pierre says he was just telling Martin's wife about the boat.....Martin tells him he knows what he was saying. Pierre offers to lend them his boat and Martin decides to take him up on his offer. They can continue to enjoy their honeymoon as he shows a lot of PDA in front of Pierre. Martin wants to know how much Pierre will change them to use the boat but he wont hear of it. Martin insists and Veronica leaves the pissing match to send a fax. Martin again asks how much?

Salma can't believe just because Veronica turned him down, Emiliano is going to forgo love forever. He wonders why she never accepted his love for Veronica. Because I was never blind like you she replies. I knew she would never love you. She accepted the love of a stranger then from a wonderful man like you. It hurts me to see you this way. I have always wanted to see you happy with kids. Emiliano is happy that she has accepted him like a son and loved him so. So if you love me like a mother, then show me. Forget about Veronica. Don't love someone that doesn't appreciate you. I don't want to hate her. Emiliano gets mad and says Veronica is not at fault. A mother never forgives someone that hurts their child. If you can't find the love of a good woman like Virginia then I will end up hating Veronica all of my life.

Ana Perla cries and says she doesn’t want her grandfather to die. But doesn't want to marry someone she doesn't love. Do you say that because you love someone asks Crescencio. What difference would that make she asks. Nothing he replies. You don't understand now what I am doing but in a few years you will be grateful for what I did. He leaves and Ana Perla says if she only knew if Pablo would return back to her.

Martin tells Veronica everything is settled. They are bringing lunch with them as he nuzzles her neck for more PDA. Pierre takes this fine opportunity to inform Martin that Claudia will be coming today with the filter for the mine. He orders Teo to pack the food and he has included Veronica's favorite wine. She thanks him as he walks away. Martin mimmicks Pierre as Veronica gives him the stink eye. She's not happy that Claudia is returning. He tells her not to worry. He promised to make her happy and that is exactly what he is going to do. Stop thinking about that and let's enjoy the day. More PDA as Pierre walks in on them.

Blanquita and Polo are trying to figure out how to get the letter to Ana Perla. A vendor selling pastries comes by and Polo has an idea.

Emiliano is in the gun range when Nicholas shows up. Emiliano apologizes for his rude behavior. Nicholas advises him to forget about Veronica and drinking. Emiliano says he will but not now. He has made arrangements to go to Mina Escondida tomorrow. I will leave everything done at work. I promise not to do anything stupid. I just want to make sure she is happy.

Salma joins Virginia and Marina at the club. Marina has to leave. She's going home to tell mommy dearest she's leaving tomorrow for Cancun with Virginia. Salma tells Virginia the only reason she allowed her to leave early with Emiliano to Cancun is because she knew that she would behave like a lady. Of course I would says Virginia. Sex comes after marriage and not before. That is why I invited Marina to go with us. I wanted everything to be appropriate. That makes me happy says Salma. I hope Emiliano realizes what type of woman you are.

The maid brings Ana Perla some lunch. She declines but maid insists that she have the sandwiches that her cousins brought her. Ana Perla gets the hint and opens them up to find a letter from Pablo. She reads the fax that he has done what he promised. He is now free. She finds out he gets back today.

The love birds take a nice trip on the river. She thanks him for behaving around Pierre. He doesn't want to talk about Pierre and enjoy the day.

Pablo says he's coming back so they can get married. He will do anything to defend their love. She's happy but wonders what will she do about her grandfather?

More happy time with the love birds. Lunching, laughter, kissing and frockling in the water.

Pablo has returned. Claudia walks in the door and receives a warm greeting from Pierre. She inquires about Martin and his welfare. Pierre a little down on hearing her mention him says all is well with him. She asks to be taken to her room and she is whisked away. Pablo finds out from Teo that Ana Perla is grounded and no one can see her. Pablo insists he has to see her. Teo says it's too dangerous and especially at night. If her grandfather will kill you if he catches you. Pablo smiles that beautiful smile and asks if her grandfather would really kill him?

Crescencio is glad that Ana Perla has decided to come out of her room and join him for dinner. She has decided to leave her room because she did nothing wrong. So it means nothing that you escaped asks Crescencio. I didn't escape, I just didn't want to continue arguing with you replies Ana Perla. All this time in my room gave me a chance to reflect on things. I'm glad you have decided to get married says Crescencio. This way it will cause less headaches for us all. I have not changed my mind on that says Ana Perla. I cannot keep quiet anymore. I cannot marry anyone else, because my heart already has an owner. It is Pablo, the painter.

Teo tells Pablo that Crescencio ordered one of Raymunda's old suitors murdered. Are you telling me this to scare me asks Pablo. I swear this is true says Teo. That is why people are afraid of him. Just wait until she tells you to come see her. He finally agrees for her.

Salma thinks Jorge was right and they should have sent Emiliano to a rehab facility. Virginia doesn't agree. She doesn't think Emiliano has a problem.

Sorry folks. Recording ended. Please fill in what is missing. Thanks.



Que Te Perdone Dios #117 – Revelations, Slaps and Fists, No Anvils Yet

Refry: Diego makes himself a third wheel at Mateo and Abi’s lake encounter. Diego accuses Mat of aprovechándose de ella, which could mean forcing himself on her or just taking advantage of the circumstances, which I suppose would be her willingness and desire to be with him. They start hitting each other.

Toño is still pointing the gun at Daddy Julio, who tents his fingers calmly and waits out Toño’s rant about taking advantage of the spinsters. Then, without so much as wrinkling his blue, three-piece, pinstriped suit, he delivers a masterful beatdown of Toño, to Toño. The son has not yet surpassed the father, that’s for sure, and Lucio turns in his grave at the sorry antics of 2.0. Toño has had this coming. Not necessarily from Julio, but Toño had it coming for a long time now.
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La Sombra del Pasado #98 7/2/15

Tonight's "recap" is more from memory. Lots of things were going on and I'm just ready to hear what the patio has to say. Be prepared for all kinds of condensing and out of order.

Feel free to chime in with any added information.

Padre's Plan and Ren's Ruse
Padre confronts Sev about Nazaria's nefarious accusation. Sev's plan didn't work. Nazaria has a conscience and she's decided not to take Sev's money. So nyah!

Little does Sev know it's ALL A LIE and he play right into Ren's ruse (We all know this was Silvia, but I needed the alliteration.)

Padre leaves Las Animas and heads straight to the law offices of Silvia and Those Other Two. Pato will follow Sev. Sev leads Pato right to Nazaria's hiding place. Pato reports Sev's location. Silvia and Ren head out!

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Que Te Perdone Dios 116 Discussion Page

Discuss here.  Anybody with highlights will get put up later today or tomorrow.


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La Sombra del Pasado #97 - Wed 7/1 - Partially-thwarted plans

Yep, Val's knocked up.  And it's all big bad Cris' fault 'cause of that time he got drunk and she kidnapped and raped him.  Cris says there's no way!  But he agrees he doesn't want her to have an abortion.  He's going to be there for her, and take care of the child…but if she thinks he's going to marry her, she's got another thing coming!  And a great cheer goes up from the patio!  However, since we weren't there to defend him, he got slapped in the face for saying that.  She's busy flouncing off the balcony when she runs into Cande, who I'll never believe wasn't lying in wait to make this entrance.  Cris gives Cande the news that Val is pregnant, but he tells her if she wants details--ask Val. Oh, I'm sure Val would give a truthful account…NOT!  Cande ponders her impending grandmotherhood.  I ponder whether this entire scene was set up to happen on the balcony just to for that last image of Cande rocking the full-on Evil Queen vibe with the braids and the collar and the lipstick.

No, Irma doesn't think Lola took the money.  Uriel asks who else could have done it.  Last time, it looked like Lardo was the one who stole money…since it can't have been him this time, maybe both times were Lola.  And if her crime made Lardo look bad, he never wants to see her again.  "Who else had access to your purse?"  Oh, let me think…sitting behind the counter…with the door wide open…and she and Lola in the back, not paying attention…that would be…THE ENTIRE TOWN!  Irma can't think of anyone.  Uriel advises her to confront Lola and watch her for signs of lying.

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Lo Imperdonable #33, Wednesday, July 1, 2015 - "Martin & Veronica's 24-Hour Lovemaking Marathon - The Complete Sessions"

Freedom Reigns Supreme:  It's fitting that I am writing my recap of episode #33 on the first day of the month in which we celebrate America's freedom.  Why?  Because I am once again asserting our right to freedom from Uni's censorship.  And I am doing it by showing you here ALL the scenes from episodes #32 and #33 that Uni thinks American viewers are not mature enough to watch, even though they were shown without a problem in Mexico.  However, to not hurt any sensibilities, I have identified each of the clips below with what I believe would be their appropriate rating had they been shown in a movie theater.  You will note this includes two clips with "NC17 ratings", so if you have any heart condition, do make sure to clear this with your own Dr. Feelgood, er, cardiologist, before you view either one of those clips.  On to the recap and the deleted scenes.

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Amores con trampa #68 and #69 7/1/15 and 7/2/15

It feels like it's been non-stop action ever since the doomed anniversary fiesta, but with Jarifa as our talented guide it will be smooth sailing no matter what comes our way!

Look for her recap in the comments :-)



La Sombra del Pasado, Tue. 6/30 Capítulo 96: Get your slapping hands ready, Patio…

Note from HellaShelle: ¡Mil disculpas! I apologize for the late recap. Warnings: This episode was great and I’m not sure I did it justice (the world intervened hard today). See you all on the patio later.

Long: Oh me of too much faith…Aldonza predictably freaks about Valeria being in Cristobal’s room late at night. She barely lets him speak as she chews him out, then hangs up on him. Val smirks in the hallway.

Lola calls Pato specifically to get on his case about Mari. He explains they’ve been friends since before she and Mari fought, but all Lola wants to know is if they talked about her. No Lola, the world does not revolve around you. Silvia thinks it’s a good sign: Lola’s jealous.

Idiot 2 (Lola) joins Idiot 1 (Aldonza) in her room. Aldonza tells Lola she shouldn’t get mad at Pato because they’re not actually dating and it’s exactly what Mari wants. She asks if she really loves Pato the way she loves Eman. Lola doesn’t want to talk about Eman. They switch to Aldi, who’s pissed about that lagartija(=lizard aka Valeria). Don’t get Lola started on the ecogido (=hunched) dinosaur. It’s good that I’m eating popcorn for dinner because this is obviously a middle school sleepover and not two grown ass women seriously trying to figure out their relationship problems.

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Ana Perla Crashes the party Lo Imperdonable 06/30/2015 #32

Bullets because doing back to back recaps is hard:

  • Replay of Botel asking Nanci to leave because he does not want her to give Magdalena false hope.
  • Magda is not happy about the way he treated Nanci but Botel tells her that getting her hopes up will only make it harder for her to recover.
  • Magdalena decides that she is going to shower Veronica with all the love in that she can't give her daughter, Botel tells her that may not be a good idea and we all shout #shutupbotel!
  • The old goat, I mean Crescinsio tells Ana Perla that he is going to marry her off to whomever he picks, cause this is 1875,yo.
  • Ana Perla tells him he can't do such a thing but he's all like, "yes, I can, that's why I'm your grandfather" that's what grandparents do? Julio takes the whole scene in, sigh, he's perfect, right? I'm kinda wishing they could have cast him as a potential love intrest for Veronica, cause Santelmo is a jerk, speaking of Santelmo:
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 115 -Blood ties are more important than Sex Crime

(Some scenes were merged)
  • We tune in to Mat&Faust fighting to death and Mat was just around to kill him but Elena screams that he is his Darth Vader( God damn it Mat if you plan to shoot Daddy Devil , SHOOT).  The hurt Abi pulls Mat's gun down. Mat tells them all to leave except Fart and his dear mom. Renata merely threatens Faust to leave tomorrow cause he doesn't know what she's capable off ( She is only capable of long threats, like QTH even Mac has more balls.Marcelino least has a fried one) . Mat's look in the eyes is certainly not "Um hey Daddy haven't seen you for a long time how you've been?" which is quite redeemable. 

  • Daniela is flagging the story of depression,   and suicide to Uncle Barry ( Of course Max hasn't left a suicide  note , what a smart dude NOT. Well it's not like dead men can write) . She tells him that Porf became a different jealous  man ever since the accident. Uncle Barry sucks it all in like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. 
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Give me back my nana! La sombra del Pasado #95 06/29/2015

Bullet points today, cause I overslept this morning :/

  • Sev drops all the charges against Padre J, before leaving the station and in front of the police officers he says "that priest better not think this is the end of this"- and storms out of the police station, Nava is all like "dude you can't say things like that in front of the popo" and Sevs all like "I don't care!"
  • We get a replay of Adriano getting shot, the creepy thing is that his "blood" is the same shade as my favorite lipstick.
  • Aldi and Padre J walk out to find half the town waiting outside of the police station, they are all chanting that they love Padre Jeronimo, and they even brought signs! Sadly, no one bothered to use glitter. Boo.
  • Padre J tells Aldi that Sev dropped all the charges and they wonder why, cause it's not like Sev has a heart or anything, they both agree to worry about the Sev problem later.
  • Back at Las Animas Cris is busy pouting because Mel and Dom are gone, Candela tells him that Dom made her decision after admitting to bad behavior, but if it will make him feel better she will ask Dom and Mel to come back, Cris tells her she might be out of luck because Aldi has already offered them a job. Candela actually says "that woman is not happy with taking away my son but now she wants my nana too?!" and storms out.
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Que Te Perdone Dios Capitulo 114- Highlights

I am doing the highlights today for episode 114 instead of CorazonSalvaje.  I will see  to you tomorrow.

  • Connie warns Abi of the threat that Fausto poses to her but her request falls on deaf ears. Abi decides that if Ren gets the divorce  she will move to live with Fausto.

  • Daniela has learned of the pregnancy news from Porfirio but realizes that the baby is not from Pat. It turns out Porfirio has been planning the antic for a long time. Their conversation gets interrupted by Max who decides to interrogate him regarding his part in Lucio's murder. Daniela gets memories of the vicious onslaught on her parents , pulls  the gun from her bag and shoots Porf dead  but not before revealing her secret identity. Max makes the death appear like suicide. (In the words of Dothraki "A wedding without atleast three deaths is considered a dull affair") 

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Lo Imperdonable, ep. 31, Monday, June 29, 2015: When you're in love, Green Hell feels like Paradise - or - The Protagonists Finally Catch a Break.

Even Vero had begun to think of him as Crazy Marty.  Now Dr. F has declared him sane (the high-pitched giggle? just an endearing tic), Marty has surrendered to love, and the couple's problems are behind them.  Claudia and Ginny are both safely in Mexico.  Yes, Nanciyaga is still (omni)present, but for the most part, her machete is sheathed.

Of course Vero doesn't know that Marty has chosen to FORGIVE her for something she didn't do and that while he has set aside his lust for vengeance, he is still conflicted and riddled with guilt.  It wouldn't take too much to upset the balance in this supposedly balanced man.  It is much too soon to make him our Mental Health Poster Child.

(Nor does Vero know how ready he was to believe the worst of her and how he had been trashing her behind her back while swearing his confidants to silence.  Oh man.  She's gonna be sooooooooooo mad when she finds out.)

In the hills overlooking the falls.

Marty vows to make Verónica the happiest woman in the world.  His love for her is stronger than any other feeling ... like, say, hatred or desire for revenge (though he doesn't say this last part out loud).   
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Monday, June 29, 2015


Amores con trampa #66 and #67 6/29/15 and 6/30/15

From Friday
Estefy and Maria are going out for a girl day.

The Panzón tells Florenico Gallardo that Maria and Fac are having trouble. Florencio wants to put a smile back on Maria’s face.

Florencio wastes no time in calling the Carmonas. Perpetua wastes no time in hanging up on him.

Fac is NOT happy about El Panzón spreading gossip. Perptetua asks what Fac is going to do. Florencio was always in love with Maria and now that he’s a widower, he may try and win her back. Fac knows Maria loves him. Perpetua and Fac decide not to tell that Maria about Florencio’s calls. They unplug the phone.

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This week Aurora begins in the 9:30am Central time slot.  We didn't quite recap this one during its original run, but we had plenty to say about it.  If you're interested, check it out beginning here.

I enjoyed the actors, despite some bizarre casting decisions.  (We are expected to believe that 20 years has turned Eugenio Siller into Jorge Luis Pila!)  I really liked Sara Maldonado in the title role.

Personally, I thought the first third or so of this one was a hoot – the science was SO VERY SILLY,  definitely in the so bad it's good category.  I only gave up on it when it seemed to lose focus and abandon the fairy tale at its core.  Me, I like a telenovela to have a strong story arc and tidy resolutions.  (For random and tangential, there's always real life, right?)

In other news:

Telemundo has devoted plenty of space on its website to Bajo el Mismo Cielo, though it is still skittish about telling us when it starts and what it replaces.

Stop by and chat about the current shows, won't you?

Enjoy the week and have a great Fourth of July!



ALL MUST READ! Bloggers and visitors alike! Read or be banned!

Hello my dear friends, it has come to my attention that an unacceptable number of comments lately have been:
  1. Unpleasant
  2. Unsupportive of our bloggers
  3. Containing spoilers

It's bad enough I'm having to delete twenty comments every day from the spell-casters who want to bring your spouses back. I don't have the time to police this site for inappropriate remarks.

Have you noticed that there are no ads on this site? Nobody is making a cent including me. Every blogger is doing it for love. If you don't support them then you should not be here.

Have you noticed this is a NO-SPOILER zone? This is a rule with no wriggle room. It's not my rule, I don't care about spoilers (I read the end of a book after I read the first chapter). It is the READERS who have begged again and again that NOBODY SHOULD REMARK ON THINGS THAT HAVE NOT YET HAPPENED ON THE U.S. RUN OF A SHOW.

Oh, have you watched ahead somewhere? Do you think you are cooler if you go "nyah, nyah, I know what's going to happen to Horacio!"? No. You are not cooler. You are a jerk. Let people watch the shows as they unfold. If you have to gossip about what hasn't happened yet, go to another site.

We do not have racial or political or socioeconomic slurs on this blog. If you persist in this behavior you will be banned.

Have I been clear?

Support your bloggers. Thank them, do not scold or denigrate them.

Nothing nasty will be permitted.

No spoilers are permitted.

If you violate any of these simple rules your comment will be deleted without warning or explanation and if you do it repeatedly you will be banned. There, have I been clear now?

Your Blog Mom

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