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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #46 10/20/14 Alexa is One Smart Cookie

From Friday:
Sofia gives Silvana a lamp that belonged to Octavio as a symbol of their friendship.
Lucas tells Dani he's done with her because of her lies.
Matias offers his emotional support to Silvana. She screams, "Get away from me!"

Matias walks away. Silvana looks a bit guilty about her behavior. Chava tells her that Matias may be gossipy and silly, but he's a really good guy. As Silvana gets in the car she grimaces in pain and nearly falls. Chava catches her. "Are you alright?" She says her stomach is upset and asks Chava to get her home right away.

Alexa goes to the kitchen to ask about Dani. Miguelina tells her that after she introduced Dani and Lucas they had an argument. It was almost like they knew each other! Then they ran off. Alexa tells Miguelina not to say anything about this to Greta. She goes out to look for Dani.

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La Malquerida, capitulo 41. 10/20/14

Skipping the old....

(Some recording is lost so some things may not make sense. Fill in what I missed).

Ale walks into Olga's apartment and comes face to face with Danilo. She runs out yelling for help and trying to leave the rooftop. Danilo grabs her a puts a knife to her face. She yells at Olga for betraying her. Olga ties her up with some cord as Danilo keeps threatening her with the knife.

Nuria finds out from Hernan the contractor that Ulises is not around. She gets to work on falsifying documents.

Danilo tells Ale that he will be looking for German to kill him. (recording lost).

Nuria has another interested buyer. (recording lost).
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La Gata #36 Monday 10/20/14 Discuss!

I will be back with a full recap tomorrow, it wont be posted till noon, but in the mean time feel free to share the snark!



Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 10/20/14 #66

Capitulo 66: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Lascuráin Mansion: Fernando took Isabully aside and told her that there will be grave consequences for what she and her mother did to Ana. He didn't give her a chance to say anything in the way of denial and made it clear that he will not have his father's wedding day spoiled. He then called the chauffeur to get started. He assured his father that all was well before he went into the car. Zerobela then pretended to faint and told her mother that Fernando threatened her. Alicia was incredulous.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Reina de Corazones -- week of October 20, 2014

We learned at the end of Friday's episode that Reina is in "últimas semanas." Since Telemundo has only just started filming the replacement, a remake of Pasión de Gavilanes, we all hope that they will air the full 140 capitulos (60 more) of our favorite novela.

Thanks to Mauricio for changing his day to recap and to Stevie for doing my Wednesday slot while NovelaMaven and I are unavailable this week. I am in New Orleans but without any access to TV.




TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE, week of October 20, 2014 -- Los Miserables, Señora Acero, etc.

Thanks to  the folks who are stepping up and recapping Los Mis and Señora Acero, NovelaMaven, deb and J desde NYC. It looks like they could use some help so if anyone is watching those novelas and wants to try recapping, here is an opportunity.




Blogger/Recapper Update: Madelaine's Health


I have been in touch with many of you over the last week as I have gotten updates from Blogger Madelaine’s family about her health. Many of you have asked if we shouldn’t share the news more widely on the blog, and so I am using this space to do so now. Most of you know Madelaine as one of our most energetic bloggers, recapping multiple telenovelas at a time, multiple times a week. He recaps and comments are folksy and warm. Her ever-ready, perfectly matched song/music selections are infectious. Over the last few weeks she has been unusually absent from the blog, battling what she thought was a tough flu bug.

Mads and her family now know that her fight is much greater than that. Sadly, she is battling stage four lung cancer. I know most have you have already been sending her prayers and well-wishes. I ask that you redouble those, as Mads goes through radiation and chemo over the next few weeks. If you would like to send her a letter/card/note directly, please e-mail me by clicking on my avatar.

I hope you are all well out there.



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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #45 10/17/14 Let's All Celebrate this (un)Happy Occasion!

Sofia descends the stairs in a dress I have no explanation for. Why is she wearing black at her own engagement party? This might be something Silvana would do out of grief over 'losing' Pato, but no, she's looking hot in bronze. Note to Sofia, if you dress in funeral colors at your own engagement party, maybe your subconscious is desperately trying to tell you something. Pato joins Sofia and everyone applauds as they come down the stairs.
Besides being ugly, half of Sofia's dress is missing.
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La Malqueria, capitulo 40.

Ale is outside Danilo's old business. I knew he still was running this shady business. Suddenly Olga comes out and recognizes her. She grabs Ale and says your the one that made us lose everything. Ale wonders what she means by that. Olga complains that she's a maid now. Ale thinks it's a better job than the one that she had before. But Olga is not in agreement. She has to clean up all the messes the drunks make at the end of the night. Voices are heard and the girls hide in a doorway. Olga tells Ale after she stole the merchandise, Danilo's boss found out and sent goons to kill him. Luckily all he escaped with was a disability. Danilo's former boss took away all his businesses. So what Danilo said is the truth questions Ale. Olga concludes that Ale has seen Danilo. Olga says Ale can confide in her and tell her everything. After Ale escaped, Danilo beat her up and left her in the street without a penny. All because I would help you. And Carlitos. Ale wants to know where they buried her brother.

Danilo tells German it's not that he doesn't want to give them Ale's old address. He called her old neighbors and no one has seen her but they will keep their eyes peeled for her. German doesn't care and still wants to go. Danilo tells German he knows he doesn't like him but believes that her old neighborhood would be the last place Ale would go. He knows her well. Esteban asks him why. Danilo says that her old stomping grounds was a horrible place. And it was also where her brother died. She had a hard time there and I helped her. She has no relatives there anymore. Luisa comes running in with photos of Ale. Danilo attempts to grab them but Esteban gets a hold of them first. He orders for copies to be made and put up in town. Acacia mentions also putting up a description of her along with her scar. Cris says she never knew anything about a scar. German says she was careful not to let anyone see it. Acacia wants to go and start making copies to distribute. Esteban sends her and Ulises on that mission. Esteban asks German if he knows anyplace Ale would frequent? Luisa thinks perhaps the church. Off she and German go to look for Ale.
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Mi Corazon es Tuyo, #65 One Wedding and a Funeral (of sorts)

We open with Ana throwing the DNA results at YoMama, exclaiming how disgusted she is with her and her daughter. To sum it up, she’s done with them and is moving on. She won’t be fooled again.

Meanwhile, Diego, Nico and Jen are sitting downstairs as Ana comes down. Jen wants to go up and smack YoMama around, they all agree that Isabela had to be in on the deception. Nico wants to tell Fernando, but somehow he gets talked out of it. Yet another secret about Isa that everyone wants to keep from him. Why? 

Jen shows Ana the bright pink and purple wedding invitations.
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La Gata #35 10/17/14 La Estupidez

With "La Terquedad" as a close second for title.

The teacher in me seemed to think everything was an essay question. I did a little scene combining, too.

Is it really Pablow's fault? Why or Why not?
Virginia and Mariano lobby for Pablow. They try to convince Augie to make up with Pablo and let him back in the house. Augie is too wrapped up in the legal proceedings against him. No. Pablo is not coming back to the house. All he's done is slung mud on the family name and made enemies of the Elizaldes (Monica's parents.) They could have been great allies against Fernando de la Santa Cruz, but Pablow ruined that.

Is it nature or nurture? Choose a side and back up your argument with examples
El Silencio complains about Pablow shirking his parental responsibilities. He's a Martinez Negrete. That explains everything. Jarocha thinks El Silencio is just as stubborn as well, Esmeralda. This kind of pleases El Sil. Jarocha warns him that if he continues Esme will end up leaving the house. Jarocha reminds him that she and Esme know abject misery and they know how to survive. Sure things are nice at his house, but Esme would have no problem leaving if El Sil doesn't slow his roll. El Sil thinks he couldn't bear losing his child again. His whole reason for venganza would be gone if he lost Esme.

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Bringing Down The House: Don Fernando On The Warpath

(In two parts.....)

Parte 1~~

Once the kids explain to Don Fernando all the nasty names Isabela called Sebastian and why, and once he hears that she actually pushed Seb down so that he fell on the floor, he sees red and races off towards their bedroom in search of his wife.  “—How dare you insult my kids, put yourself in their mother’s place, not to mention throw Seb, pushing him so he’d fall to the floor!??”  Isabruja lies that Seb is making things up to separate her from DF.  He almost believed it, he tells her but not now after this.  “—And, you are so far from being able to take their mother’s place!  You know, I really regret having ever married you!”  (Cheers emit from the whole of Viewerville.)   He storms out and into the hall.

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La Gata #34 10-16-14 Fallout from the Non-Wedding


The lovely Monica calls on La Gata, telling her God and Pablo punished her and humiliated her like never before. The love Esme and Pablo share is stronger than the hate and they must pursue that love. “Thanks for listening,” the shunned bride concludes. “God bless you and forgive me.”

The Dance of Love Continues
One can only suppose that Sra. LaToodle wants us to feel renewed with clean and almost comely Rita as a love object. The IV man appears in her room again, claiming that he is her clown and she is his circus. (His glasses are a little thick—maybe he doesn’t see so well.) She says if she could get out of bed, she’d beat him. The nurse comes to chase him off, saying he proposed marriage to the lady in room 14. So he roams the halls, preying on women.

Gata gazes from her window, asking the universe for Pablo’s location. No answer.

Pablo explains his mural to a group of gentlemen, proposing animals for the outdoor setting—cats in particular. He rhapsodizes to himself that he’ll immortalize his love for Gata, work through the pain he caused, and save money for his kittens—uhm, his children.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #44 20141016 A Tale of Three Dumb Daughters and the Mother who Spawned Them

So anyway, Greta is upset that her daughter lost her virginity, but Fausto encourages her to talk to Dani about it.  Times have changed, says the man that has no children.  Girls sleep around all the time now.  Encourage your high-school drop-out daughter to be loose. Whatever. 

Greta takes Fausto’s advice and listens as her ditsy daughter blather on.  Greta gives Dani the “sex talk” and advises her to be monogamous.  Dani assures her that she and her boyfriend love one another and that they used protection.  Dani asks how Greta felt when she had sex with Octavio because all teenagers want to know about their parents having sex.  I know I did.  Yuck!  Greta remembers her first time with Paco and Sophia’s subsequent birth. Greta wants to meet the boy, but Dani says not yet.   Dani hugs her mother; they’ve bonded over the sex talk. 

Across town, Lucas tells his Miguelina, his grandmother, that he and his girlfriend are in love.  Luckily, he doesn’t subject her to the sex talk.  She tells him that turning his life around has rewarded him with love.  He tells her that she is his biggest joy.  She has been both mother and father to him. 
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La Malquerida #39, 10/16/2014: He Should Have Given Her Pants

Mexico Episode #44

-German tells Ulises all about his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Ulises is sure that German can fix things with Alejandra—just look at him and Acacia! He invites German to live with him—rent free, until he finds another job or sells some of his paintings. German doesn’t want to be a bother or a moocher, and doesn’t want to cause any discomfort since Manuel and Uli don’t get along anymore. Uli insists, but warns that for the next few days, Arturo will also be staying with them. (Hey, maybe they’ll have a pajama party, like the girls…except they should be shirtless!) They realize they are both headed to Benavente that evening—Uli to give Acacia a driving lesson, and German to speak with Cristina.

-Ale is on the road, trying to hitchhike with no luck. It’s hot and dusty, and she didn’t bring water with her. She sees a roadside truck advertising freshly squeezed juice and goes up to the man and woman running it. Unfortunately, they have just wrapped up, have no more juice left, and are packing up the truck. They take pity on Ale and offer her an orange. She sits by the side of the road in front of their truck, gratefully sucking on the orange, and thinking about what to do next.

-Danilo happens to be driving by and gets a call from Norberto. The signal is crappy, so he stops and gets out of the car, right across the road from Ale! The writers have fun toying with us, as both Dan and Ale have their backs turned to each other while he talks on the phone. Norbie informs Dan that he has to rehire Ale and German because Esteban is the boss and he says it has to be done. Dan agrees to it since Este is so influential, and they need his support. He hangs up, finally turns around, and squints hard at what he sees across the road. Viewerville has a mini heart attack! But all Dan sees is the truck and their sign about fresh juices. The couple has offered Ale a ride to San Jacinto and she’s hidden away in the back with the produce. Dan drives off in one direction, they drive off in the other.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Reina de Corazones -- PAGE TWO: week of October 13, 2014

Hola Reinamaniacs!! There's some fun stuff going on on our favorite novela BUT the curse of the Red Diamonds has taken effect - both NovelaMaven and I are going to be unavailable all or most of next week. Mauricio has kindly agreed to do NovelaMaven's Tuesday recap and NovelaMaven believes that she can do Thursday. That leaves Wednesday. If anyone could volunteer to recap Wednesday's episode, that would be awesome. Witty headings are completely optional and the recap can be short and sweet. If you've never done one, this is your big chance. It's really fun. Thanks in advance.



La Gata #33 10-15-14 La Boda

There could be missing details here and there, so feel free to add them at will. This is a straight account—hard to make it any funnier than what happened on screen.

La Gata, resigned to losing Pablo on the day of his wedding to Monica, stands gazing out the window. Los Hermanos Estupidos, in their spiffy new clothes, converse in the car. Pablo tells Mariano maybe he could offer Gata the life he couldn’t. Then, he gives up and tells his baffled bro to take him to the church.
The Wedding of the Year
A throng of people flaunt their festive attire on the church steps. A group of girls in bright aqua could be bridesmaids, while the bride’s mother wears red and groom’s mother orange-red. The fathers have switched from sporting wear to business suits. Don’t hold your breath for a wedding with every detail—we seem to hit only the high spots here.

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Mi Corazon es Tuyo #63 Fernando gets a rude painful awakening, Fanny turns down Reeky AND Leon... but Isa advances Reeky's plans.


Fernando, Manuela, Bruno in Kitchen.. FF>>

YoMama reveals to Isa that Ana is her sister… timberrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Reina tells Leon that Fanny stopped by FF>>

Lo Nuevo:

Fanny gives Nando a debrief of her visit to Ximena… Ximena does love you… but you guys should not be together right now….. but I have told you that I love her!! (Ximena calls Nando, is again depressed… need you now!!)

Isa questions the ‘revelation’… Isa asks Yomama if her dad knew. Nope, she kept the secret. Neither Isa nor Ana are jumping for joy about being siblings. Isa even demands Ana still see and talk to her as ‘Mrs Lascurain’. YoMama asks Isa to be a bit more understanding with Ana… Isa follows the lead and says will be difficult… YoMama says she is tired… Isa comments that now that we realize we are sisters we are rivals in love. Ana does not want to go there right now… Ana asks YoMama to sing the song one more time (really, Ana?? You need that??) once Ana leaves, Isa enjoys the comedy they just pulled. YoMama not so much. ‘you owe me’.

In her room, Ana is totally devastated, calls Jenny, need to see you right now. Jenny is up. Ana leaves to meet her.

Ana arrives at her house… Johnny is there, shows her the picture of that poster girl. Ana admits she is pretty but does not approve her appearance. Jenn comes out, Ana tells her what happened with Ana. Johnny ends up staying there. When Ana tells them about it they both are suspicious… Jennifer seems the smarter one noticing that it was not until Ana hinted Yomama about Ecatepec and the orphanage she was abandoned at and YoMama was like ‘yeah that!’… they ask Ana if YoMama said she had Isa before or after Ana… Ana comments that Isa uses expensive hand cream, maybe that makes her look younger… They suggest Ana get a DNA test on YoMama.
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La Malquerida #38, 10/15/2014: Ale Escapes Dan, But Leaves Love and Family Behind

Mexico Episode 43

-Esteban throws Norberto around the office and manages to give him a good gut punch before Cris breaks it up and yells at them both to calm down. She still refuses to back down on supporting German. Esteban tells her to leave the office, in a way that tells her she better do it. Norbie gulps, but luckily for him Esteban has calmed down enough to make his point with words, and not with fists. Norbie will never raise his hand to Esteban’s mujer again!

-Esteban can’t believe Norbie fired German and Alejandra. The Association meeting is coming up in a couple of days. Panicked growers are calling wondering if the meeting’s been cancelled. Esteban is the President, and HE makes the decisions! He’s also the one who does all the public relations, while German runs the operations, and Ale does all the administration (it’s clear that Norbie does nothing). Norbie admits that German was even going to write his speech for him. He seems to give in to Este’s order to hire back German and Ale.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo Recap # 43- Dani's Been De-Flowered ;)

Silvie and Chava pep talk about his love and she supports him

Matt and Sofi asking about Maestro about Paco. She needs Matt to prepare a recipe and he is astonished about the recipe book.

Lupe and Marisol; mari is crying since Lucas just wants to be friends.

Lucas and Dani in the field talking about Lucas' life. He was abandonded by his mom. Dani says he has an ngel; Miguelina. Lucas AM DANIELA Y DANIELA AMA LUCAS!

Pato kills Sofi's giggles and invites her to the best cheesecake in Mexico.

Silvie and Pato talk about her party planning skills and how she's such a good friend to Sofi; almost like sistahs.

Cheesecake (yummy!) Renzi making out with some chick in the restaurant (ew gross!)

Armie drops off Nandito with Paco and 'Celi. Celi is curious who is IrkMe's sick friend.

Renzi-Pat reunion!

Lexa and Fausto; he asks about Alan.

Sofi asks about Renzi; she introduces herself and he salivates over her subtly.

Greta caught wind about Dani not being at Annette's and at one point she says to the other end of the phone not to cry. She grills Fausto and Alexa intervenes.

Dani and Lucas are thanking each other for such a wonderful day and before leaving, they tempt each other into making love; don't be scared. We get tender scenes of Luc stripping Dani of her garments and kissing her on and down her neck.

Greta says to Alexa not to cover for Dani; she isn't. Greta asks why Dani lies to her/

Chava and Arispe(?) are talking about drinks and Sofi, his happiness is elsewhere.

Silvie realizes that ever since Chava began to work for her, Sofi's changed a lot and Sofi concurs.

Dani comes into the Ripoll Mansion floating and in a Sally Sunshine mood. She plops on her bed and belts out her and Lucas' song, "Y NO PUEDO DEJAR DE PENSAR UN MINUTO EN TU SONRISA! (I won't lie, I recently saw my 2-yr. lost/re-encountered-March-18-2014 love and after walking up to his school, I started singing it quietly.) Greta tries to fart all over the breath of fresh air in order to relieve herself of stress but in a sweet way Dani shows she isn't havin' that and first dawdles in giving the slim on that she went horseback riding; Greta's perplexed and finally...Dani lets it out with the most glee I've ever seen that she made love with the boy she loves! Greta has certainly relieved that gas and soiled herself right about now but can hardly utter a word.

(There's more to come; I just reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy love this part!)


Alexa is looking for plane-tickets  prices when Fausto comes in to ask; is your incognito trip due to Armando?

Marina and IrkMe squawk at each other and Armie comes in curious.

Alexa says Armie has nothing to do with her leaving and says he is married and surely loves IrkMe. Fausto says real love is pursued with fire (a passionate flame fire I assume.)



Quiero Amarte Discussion Space (Week 4 - October 13-17)

Discuss away~~~~!



La Malquerida #37, 10/14/2014

Amigos- I'm running to an early meeting, and I'm not sure if Gloria was able to do a recap last night. If she does, I'll post it here later.

Last night:
-German did NOT get stabbbed! He takes the knife from Norberto, packs up his remaining paintings, clothes, and the car he bought with the money HE made at the Association (paid by Esteban), because Norberto never paid him for any of his work, and leaves with his dignity...to spend the night at the hospital with his brother. WORST DAY EVER!
-Norberto slimes all over Juliana, she rejects him, he says she'll come crawling to him when she needs money, he pays a visit to Julianita.
-Julianita gets roughed up by Danilo when she dares to dream about becoming the next Mrs. Norberto and leaving this life behind. He reminds her that she belongs to him.
-Dan calls Ale to make sure she dumped German and told him the lie about her dad sexually abusing her.
-Ale seems to be ready to fly the coop and leave her good man and new family behind.
-Both Juliana and Perla sign contracts on A2. Nuria lies to Ulises that she sold Juliana another space.
-Juliana and Manual try to convince German to give up his art so that Norbie will accept him back into the family. He won't budge.
-Acacia and Cris return home. Esteban seems determined to distance himself from Acacia. She's all over him seeking his approval for her reconciliation with Uli, and trying to get him to teach her some horse riding tricks/skills. He refuses the lessons saying he'll be too busy. She pouts and touches him too much.
-Cris returns the letter to Luisa. She's heartbroken but seems to accept that Manuel is not for her. She says Arturo is just a friend when both Cris and Acacia point out that he's a great catch and they think he likes her.
-Rosa has agreed to help Art and Luisa with their upcoming event. They're going to cook in Uli's little house. Art is totally going for it with Luisa. Uli approves.
-Norberto brings the full hospital bill to Cris and Este, and wants it all right now, so that Manuel can be released from the hospital today. Este thought the plan was for Norberto to pay and for them to pay him in installments. Norberto knows they don't currently have that liquidity with all the debts they've had to pay recently. Norbie doesn't care. AND he demands that Cris remove her support of German for the art show. Cris refuses. Este demands that Norb apologize to Cris for getting brusque with her in the hospital the other day. Norbie hesitates and makes the mistake of admitting that he actually raised his hands to Cris. Este loses it! He pins Norb against the wall and asks how dare he raise his hands to his wife!



Hasta el Fin del Mundo #42 20141014 Dude, Your Mom is Smokin' Hot and I'm Feeling Light and Frisky

OK Coral:  Dani and Lucas go horseback riding.  They make-out everywhere.  The only thing that we learn from them is that Dani is a virgin and that Lucas will wait until she’s ready to have sex.  Their scenes were uneventful and were only useful for catching up on my notes on the other scene. 

Snob Hill:  Aurora runs into the kitchen and tells the family that Allan has arrived, but unfortunately he’s been beaten only within an inch of his life.  Greta calls a doctor. 

(Alexa’s Bedroom)  Alan explains to Greta, Fausto and Alexa that he was out scouting movie sets when he resisted a robbery attempt.   After Greta and Fausto leave, Alan tells Alexa that Manolo and his thugs beat him.  They are still in danger and have to leave town immediately!  Alexa says leaving town won’t cancel their debt. 
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