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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres- Looking for a replacement

Hello all . As you may have noticed I have not been active much regarding No Creo recaps. At the eve of the new semester I have begun experiencing troubles on a personal scale. It has been getting tough to get used to it while following shows at the same time. It's easier and more relaxing watching shows than doing something detailed about  them like writing summaries.
I admit that at first when I began writing it felt short term but then I began learning more and more I realized that you are either on a podium or you are not on a podium at all.

During my short term absence I have been fairly surprised that many people are eager to help me out just to not disappoint our  readers.   .  If you can find anyone willing to do it than I would be most pleased.

Participating  on other projects is very unlikely but I will definitely keep mark of the blog because the people on it are unlike anything I have experienced on the Web. There are many shows getting released that I am looking forward to such as Pasion Y Poder , Gran Hotel, Amor De Barrio and  Corazon Que Miente so I am definitely not out of this world even if it it sounds weird  for a man . I have learned a lot from writing here and have enjoyed it very much.


Yo No Creo En Los Hombres: Capitulo 64: So Squee worthy!

Hi all. I'm filling in for JdesdeNYC this week. I'll try to edit this down when I've got fresh eyes, but I'm too tired tonight. But I will say YAY!!! So much about this made me SO happy! So much cuteness, so much of what I love to see in a love story, I almost couldn't believe it! So excited! See you guys on the Patio this weekend!

The Rewind: Claudio’s off to help Max b/c Isela told him and Alma that the doctor upgraded Dan’s injuries and that just doesn’t sound right to him. Josefa pushes for Espy and the girls to stay with her rather than Hono and Julian (so that she/Isela can spy on MD for Maleny). Isela tracks Orlando down at Doris's, but this time he’s not buying what she’s selling. MD confronts Daniel and tells him to drop the charges against Max or she’ll raise some against him for arson and rape! He doesn’t think she has the money or legal support to do it, but Claudio offers both.
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Lo Imperdonable #104 10-9-2015 Marty is freed, Virginia and Manny bond, and Julio is shirtless.

Just as Marty believes that his world has crumbled, after being found guilty of fraud, Veronica makes her grand entrance into the courtroom with the evidence that she needs so hubs can once again be a free man. She presents the police report to the judge stating that it says that the gold from La Morenita was robbed by two individuals from the village and replaced with the fake ingots. Judge kvetches stating that Veronica is interrupting a courtroom trail and not following the proceedings she must follow to present the evidence. In the end, Judge accepts to look at the evidence and calls a recess stating that he will make his decision in an hour. After Marty is taken away back to his cell, Veronica tells Jorge and Emiliano that she has found the La Morenita gold and they'll have it tomorrow. 

Virginia confronts Manny over him getting her hopes up by making her believe that he would sell her his gold. Manny reminds her that nothing was signed and besides he can't sell his gold for such small earnings. He'd at least have go to up 50%. At that moment, Virginia gets a call on her cellphone that now magically works in Mina Escondida. It's Emiliano who tells her to cancel the gold order from La Perla because Marty's gold has reappeared. He tells her that the gold was stolen by two miners from Mina Escondida. Virginia now realizes that the REAL reason Manny had for not wanting to sell her his gold is because he doesn't have it anymore. She asks him if he's the one who stole it. 

Salma pours her heart out to Nicolas and breaks his heart in the process. She tells him that she wants to escape from her problems. It isn't the first time that she has done it and now it is costing her. She wants to start a new life free of lies and deception. She breaks his heart by telling him that she cannot leave with him and that it is best that the two of them not see each other anymore. 
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Antes Muerta que Lichita # 14 Roberto gets a huge bonus and throws a party at the orphanage for Mateo... however the move could backfire... ALicia did not get a bonus and she is not happy. Luciana has to watch herself because Daphne is watching...

Lichita walks away determined… walks outside, thinks she used to be invisible, now she will be different, is declaring this is the new Alicia… tells the camera she had no idea how difficult it was going to be or what it would cost her…
Luciana walks the hallway limping due to the broken shoe, yelling at all the employees asking where Lichita is… Chuchette and Nestor are telling Luciana they are NOT mocking her, but they are holding back their giggles. 
Brisas is telling Lichita about Luciana’s reaction, LIchita would have loved to see that… Lichita is making copies of something…  Brisas tells her she is up to something, even her eyes are glowing… and warns Lichita that every time she has tried something to go up the corporate ladder before, it has backfired on her.  Lichita tells her now it will be different… she will be saying ‘yes’ to everything… (she looks really confident of getting away with what she is planning).
Luciana catches up with Lichita… yells at Lichita that her shoe campaign ideas were AWFUL!! Lichita plays innocent … Luciana keeps ranting at her… Lichita tells her ‘I am only a simple assistant… don’t tell me you copied my ideas…’  (Sandra comes over and asks Luciana if she copied LIchita’s ideas).
Gumaro on phone with Roberto… Gumaro mocks Roberto on having to kiss a___ of Augusto (el mero mero).   Roberto says he has to earn Augusto’s trust…  he says he now is determined to become a creative director FOR REAL.  Luciana denies denies to Sandra so Sandra turns it on Lichita, asking her if she is again raising false gossip on Luciana… Lichita apologizes and leaves… Luciana keeps selling to Sandra that she would never steal anything from ‘esta’.
Lichita runs into Roberto in hallway…  Roberto tells Alicia that Luciana was really in trouble with Augusto but so was he, since he is responsible for the whole thing.  Lichita is sorry she was not there to help him defend himself.   Roberto says ‘but that was an accident, no?’  Lichita plays dumb and pretends yeah it was.  They leave together.  (does he know Alicia planned the ‘planted bad idea’ gig?)
At Gutierrez table, Nacho and Elsa are eating together… HE swears that he will keep poking the insurance company until he gets paid for the car.  He is going to pay the power bill tomorrow. You know, they never let you slip even a day without paying. Elsa is afraid they will have the power cut off. 
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #34, Friday, 10-9-15 ¡Qué estupidez!

Ciao, Muchacha Patio Peeps!  I'm sorry.  I just can't get all exuberant and jubilant or the least bit detailed and verbose about what went down tonight.  Write this down in the annals of Caray Caray!  A short recap by Lila.  I can't even. . .

Pedro and Fiorella reconcile and share kisses and promises in the precarious, flowered row boat of love and decide to announce their betrothal at a family gathering Pedro has called.  Roxi finds out, tells Aitana who tells Eloisa.  The family is all gathered:  Sergio, Sonia, Osvaldo, Freddie, Roxi, Julieta and decrepit Queen Bee insists Aitana come as well.  First, Freddie usurps the meeting to announce Sonia's pregnancy.  Congrats and joy all around.  Osvaldo has to be prompted to hug Sonia after admitting he didn't know.  Through  clenched teeth he whispers to Sonia he will kill her if the baby isn't his.  Pedro and Fiorella had tentatively entered the room but retreat to just outside the living room at this announcement and Fiorella asks Pedro if he thinks it's really Osvaldo's baby.  Pedro says he doesn't know and is thrown totally off whatever game he thought he had.  Sergio insists Pedro congratulate and hug his cousin, Sonia, and he does with his brow all knit and his eyes vacant.  Aitana insists he tells them why he's gathered the family together.

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Lo Imperdonable, Ep. 103, Thursday, October 8, 2015: Vero goes for the gold – and she gets it! Virginia? She doesn't even medal.

Over Crescencio's Dead Body

In the quiet and now nearly abandoned church, Manuel holds the knife aloft, poised to plunge it into his sister's back as she kneels in prayer.  But when he glances up at the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe, he stops, as if his arm is frozen.  He shakes himself slightly and once more prepares to attack.  Then he looks at an image of Jesus; again his hand is momentarily stayed.  But it is only when he looks at the third image – the funeral portrait of Crescencio – that he really seems unable to continue.  

Bam! The open panel on Grandpa Goat's coffin slams shut! As Ana Perla turns, startled by the noise, she sees her brother holding a knife and she begs him not to hurt her.   He ignores her pleas.  Instead, he chases her around the coffin, determined to finish what he came to do.   Then he stops to lift up the panel and view his grandfather's face.  His lunatic eyes widen – with what?  with terror?  with horror? – and he backs away.  As he does so, his arm passes into the flames of the candle that burns for Crescencio and he cries out in pain.  Ana Perla takes advantage of the moment to escape.  Manuel stumbles after her into the night.
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Antes Muerta que Lichita #13 Thursday 10/8/15: The Episode Where Lichita has Finally had Enough!

Alternative Title: Luciana Goes Through the Worst Day of Her life while Viewerville Revels in her setbacks. 

Great episode so lets jump right in!

Luciana is somewhat impressed that Lichita figured out her fabulous tastes so quickly. Well Lichita is just soooo grateful towards Luciana for getting her job back. Honestly, she just hopes that sooner rather than later they could become friends. Luciana appears to think very hard  but then rejects Lichita flat out. Luciana could never become friends with someone so low on the totem pole Puh-leeze! Luciana wants Lichita to work on gathering all there is to know about the Shoe Campaign (Grimwali??).  Lichita sarcastically also offers to freely give her ideas and phrases in this report to which the ever confident Luciana rejects. Puh-leeze! What does someone like Lichita know about an elegant, sophisticated, shoe company like Grimwali(??).

Turns out Ximena's so called friends are trying to apologize. Ximena rightfully tells them friends do not act the way they did. They complain that there were just tired of her talking of her Tia all the time. Ximena eventually forgives them and they run off to play (If only adult problems could be solved this easily).

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Capitulo 63: Weasels Get Their Way...Or Do They? (Also: Ivana sees the light?!)

Scenes merged and order slightly rearranged and whatnot for summary purposes-

Rewind on…
  • Adrian going over Max’s predicament. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention last night, but as Vivi and Anon207 pointed out, the severity of Dan’s injuries weighs heavily on whether or not Max stays in lock up or can pay a fine for the awesome beatdown he gave Dan. If the doctor signs off on Dan’s injuries being worse than they are, then it’s up to Dan to drop the charges. (Meaning Max would be totally screwed.)
  • Claudio trying to convince Dr. Medina to tell him what went down with Ursula and Hector’s death. He promises Ursula won’t find out.
  • Ivana telling Jacinto to hit the road and Jacinto threatening to kill Dan as revenge. Ivana tells him where Dan is.
  • Dan claiming his beatdown was all part of his plan to take Max down. Now he’s got Max and MD over a barrel.
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Muchacha italiana viene a casarse #33 Thursday 10/8

Indulge me a moment: When I actually sit down and watch an episode from start to finish, it's not half bad. It's got good music, decent performances and costuming that I like or is perfect for making fun of. It's just not a show that I find myself making time for until I have to recap it.

Anyhoodle...the recap. It's not even half-assed today. It's quarter-assed.

The super-duper condensed, hellashelle-patented short version:
  • Fi cries about marrying Vito and about Pedro sleeping with Sonia and giving Aitana a ring.
  • Pedro tells Fi he loves her and will fight for their love. Then he asks Fi if she will, too. (Um. I'm having flashbacks of the repetitious Gata over here....)
The only slightly longer, out-of-order highlights version (with "highlights" being a term looser than Freddie, Roxy and Sonia's morals.)

Benito drives Fi to her funereal wedding dress fitting.

Vito is there waiting with Raymundo. Vito talks to Ray about Fi. Is not so sure Fi loves him. The fact that she has not arrived for the fitting speaks volumes. Vito is canceling the wedding and the fitting when Fi finally arrives. It's been almost 12 hours and I'm still shaking my head. Vito is thrilled. This would have been a perfect time for him to keel over from a massive heart attack because of the shock, but the writers didn't see it my way. Vito wants to stay for the fitting, but Fi and the designer convince him that's bad luck.

The back story? Benito spent a lot of time trying to convince Fi not to honor her ridiculous promise. Fi told Benito about seeing Pedro "give" that ring to Aitana. That's why she's marrying Vito. She was crazy to think she could have Pedro. hmmm. The way I'm remembering it, there's very little logic to what she said. I'm forgetting something important, I'm sure. Weigh in patio.

So Pedro asks Benito to do him a solid.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 62 Discussion Page - Mortal Kombat!!

Really busy day today so I will put up a discussion page today instead. Hopefully someone could put up the highlights. I have all to thank for your efforts efforts  ( Especially Vivi in DC) and since I am looking for a replacement she is the perfect candidate. I believe she would do a fine job  recapping if she had the time.  I have to say that the beating yesterday that was  received by Dan  was amazing. Too bad Max had to go to prison for these reptiles!

UPDATE: Recap courtesy of Vivi in DC. Thank you very much!

Part 1:

- Replay of the brutal, but oh so satisfying beatdown of Daniel by Max. Ursula and Arango pull Dan’s bloody and unconscious body from the fountain, as Ursula wails that Max KILLED him and orders Isidro to call an ambulance. Max, realizing what he might have done and coming to his senses, tries to help Dan, but Ursula shoves him away, screaming at him. Maleny arrives homes and runs up to add to the screeching and blame throwing at Max and MD. Both Max and MD appear in shock, but hold each other close.

- The ambulance and police later arrive. Dan is taken away in a stretcher, and Max is taken away by the police in handcuffs. Maleny keeps berating him and MD all the way to the squad car, but MD and Max don’t hear her. They share and unbroken and meaningful gaze, until his police car is out of sight. MD follows to the police station, where, after finding out the severity of the charges against Max, she calls Claudio. 

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Antes muerta que Lichita #12 Wednesday 10/7/15

Well, well, well, Lichita's transformation starts tonight but we will have to go through a lot of stuff to get there . . .

Lichita regains consciousness in the emergency room to her mother Elsa asking how she is. She had gone looking for Lichita because she was late and was the one who found her. Surprise, surprise: Magos is also there. When Elsa saw that everything including the new briefcase had been stolen from Lichita she signed with the lawyer who offered to help them. Lichita asks: so we even owe more money? They sure do. Elsa says that Magos will be taking care of that particular debt but Magos is still insisting on paying for it with her mother's check that they should go and get.

At Augusto's house, he, Beatriz, Dafne and Luciana are all gathered together. He is seated on his red armchair with Beatriz on one side and Dafne on the other. Augusto's new angle to get rid of Luciana is that she might be an impostor. How is he to know??? her passport could even be fake. Luciana cannot understand how he could not trust her. She is a Toledo y Mondragón. Talk to her parents. Do a DNA test. Beatriz jumps to her defense and wins.

Back at the emergency room they are getting ready to leave and Elsa is giving Magos and Lichita the "do not tell your father what is going on because we do not want to upset him" lecture. As a matter of fact he calls Elsa on her cell phone but she does not answer.

Roberto and Gumaro are spending their evening at their "model" apartment and Roberto is actually studying advertising. He has a real book and is learning the definition of certain terms like: spot, copy, branding, etc. He takes a break and quizzes Gumaro on these terms for the fun of it. They love these word games.
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Lo Imperdonable #102, Wednesday 10-07-2015 - The Villains are Still Winning...

Lo Nuevo

  • Vero watches the surveillance video that Chucho brought to her. Dr. Dan is Ginny's accomplice. Vero also concludes that with the timetable on the video, and the time of Mati's death,  Ginny had enough time to go back to the hospital to kill Mati.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #32 Weds 10/7/15

I'm drawing a blank on the title tonight.  It's the pressure of subbing for Eli.  Send her some good work vibes, y'all!

Oh, good grief, Fi…of course Pedro isn't interested in Aitana!  He jokes that he doesn't know who Aitana is. They're back to making plans about when/how to tell everybody.  But Sonia has already headed back inside, so have fun with that, kids.  Aw, we get so many parting kisses.  *sigh*  I'm taking that as a bad sign.

Gael and Gianna are talking about his visit with the psychologist.  And how maybe it's not so weird to tell a total stranger everything about yourself, 'cause he told Gianna a lot of stuff when they'd barely met.  They roll around with each other in the grass, but we are denied any lip action.  Bummerrrrrrrrr!

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #61: Countdown to a Beatdown

Parte 1~
Highlights Only This Week
·        Isela’s told by the archivist that it’s odd that Marta’s file should be kept around for so long since generally they only archive files of historical or judicial importance.

·        Maria Dolores and Max plan to go out to eat together that night to celebrate winning the arson lawsuit.   MD mentions she has something important to speak to him about but that it can wait till later that day.

·        Adrian checks in with the archivist and gets told Ise asked for 2 files but she could only find one – Hector’s.  Ise blocks any further conversation.

·        Doris is pursued by a policeman and she takes refuge in MD’s house; Esperanza lets the copper inside.  (Gulp.)

·        Shady Doc gets a threatening phone call from Ursula.  Shady Doc explains he only told Maleny the truth: that Urrrrsula destroyed Hector’s life.  He insists he never told her anything else about the circumstances of his death.  Keep it that way, warns Urrrsula cuz she’s got nothing to lose and he’s got his reputation at stake.  Bah Humbug sayz he!  “--Don’t you dare cuz I will tell all at that point about what really happened!”  He wouldn’t dare!!  Oh no??????  “—Claudio will smash you to smithereens before he allows you to damage his professional reputation and career!!!”

·        The cop says he’s only there to get information about Orlando.  Ari walks in just then.  Officer!  I told you that we know nothing about anything.  We were trying to get in touch with him about a car repair and no, we haven’t been in touch with him.  Orly had ignored the injunction and went to try to see Srita. Isela and attacked the judge at his place of residence.  (Ruh-Roh!  Poor, dumb Orly.)

·        Mal has joined Alma and Ise on the search for an apartment for Ise.  Mal gets nasty and acts as ugly as she looks, slyly pretending to purposely let slip that Alma’s actually choosing hubby Clod’s new little love nest.  So Ise better come up with the info on her papi or next time it’ll be for real!!

·        Espy and MD warn Doris that she’s on shaky ground here by hiding Orly in her apartment.  She’ll go to jail if they catch him and her for aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice –Hey, that goes for Ari also!  What a bummer for the beefcake!
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Lo Imperdonable #101 10-6-2015 The Old Goat Croaks, Virginia Finds Her Mom, & Marty Gets A New Home

The Old 

  • Manny tosses AP out of The Goat House and onto the streets.
  • Virginia finds out that Salma is her Mommie Dearest. 

The New

Salma is all alone at the Prado Castelo mansion and sitting in one of the chairs in the living room. As she sits there she recalls some of the most recent moments in her life.

She has flashbacks of: 
  • When Jorge accepted the divorce and told her that when someone puts a condition to be with the other person it means that there is no love there or the love is dying. 
  • When Jorge told her that she lives in a bubble of selfishness and that it was clear that the only person she'd do anything for is her darling Ginny. 
  • When Ginny told her that she didn't have time to spend with her because she had to work.
  • When Nicolas told her that if she wanted to give him an opportunity then he'd be willing to go where she wanted. 
Nicolas is at the Prado Castelo offices and Rita fills him in on the latest office gossip letting him know the reason for the presence of the cops. 

"They call us The Three Stooges" (left to right: Curly, Larry, and Moe).

Botel, Joaquin, and Lorenzo of the fake mustache are at La Perla and asking one of the miners about the whereabouts of Remigio (the guy on Manny's payroll who drove the truck and drugged Lorenzo). They find out from the miner that Remigio doesn't work for La Perla anymore and that Remigio started to dedicate himself to fundir (melt) gold. The latter catches the trio's attention. Joaquin now asks the miner about the whereabouts of Manny and is told that Manny hasn't shown up at the mine all day. The trio now leave determined to find both Remigio and then Manny.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse #31 Tues 10/6/15 Flashback central

Well, goodness…at night…in the stable…with a gorgeous horse and a gorgeous guy…in the lantern light…Fi just doesn't know what to say.  Anybody want to help a girl out here?  Anyone?  Beuller?  She's spared from coming up with an answer by the sound of her electronic leash.  Seriously?  Who brings their fiancé-given cell phone to a tryst in the stables?  Pedro begs her to say she doesn't love him and HANG UP.  I'm with Pedro!  Of course, she lies and Vito forcefully confirms their "date" tomorrow to visit Julieta at the hospital.  And tells her it's time for good little girls to be in bed.  Also he wants to buy her dresses.  Gross.  She finally gets off the phone and Pedro keeps testing her resolve, but nooooo…she made a promise.  I make a rude hand gesture.  Gianna comes to find Pedro--Gael needs him.

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Antes muerta que Lichita #11 Tuesday 10/6

I hope someone will be able to fill in the last 3-4 minutes. Univision has taken to running this 5 minutes into the 9/8 slot...which means a DVR conflict for me. So until Univision honors a freaking schedule, I will always miss the last few minutes. I'll try to wheel and deal with Hubs and see if we can forgo recording Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D or iZombie. *grumble grumble*

PS: I'm feeling half-assed and cranky tonight.

Last Night's Tsuris
The bank calls Lichita to ask about her late payments. She worries about where she'll get the money.
Elsa is told that due to "restructuring" all employees who have been with the company more than 20 years will be let go.
Luciana generously offers to take Ximena's classmates and Magos on a tour to see what Lichita does at Iconika.

The New Tsuris
Roberto continues to be aloof. Lichita notices and asks if she's offended him somehow. He plays dumb.

Nestor asks Lichita to make copies...pero ya! Chuchettte asks Lichita to make copies...pero ya! Nestor demands that Lichita make coffee for the Oki Oki Jin-sei meeting (that was suddenly called)...pero ya! It's all part of Lucifer's, digo...Luciana's plan to humiliate Lichita.

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Lo Imperdonable, #100, Monday, October 5, 2015: The Murphy's Law Episode – In which anything that can go wrong does go wrong!

        From Friday:

Verónica and Martín agree not to allow Claudia to come between them.

The Quality Control Engineer examines the ingots and determines they are fake.

The New stuff:

Mad Dog Julio beats Mad Dog Manuel and throws him out of his little shack.  "I must find them," hisses Julio through gritted teeth.

Despite Pablo's reluctance, Ana Perla insists on returning to Mina Escondida without him. "Trust us," say Botel and Magdalena.  "We'll take care of her." [Oh noooooooooooo!]

Pitchforks and Torches in Pueblo Nuevo

Since he started drinking Manny's special (poison) tea, the Old Goat has been feeling a bit better so he decides to take a little walk around the block.  As soon as he sets foot in the street, however the villagers – who would not be out of place in a Diane Arbus photo or a David Lynch film – jeer at him and his sinful family: What's next?  Will Blanquita be following Ana Perla's footsteps?  He waves his stick at them defiantly, but as soon as he walks away, he reflects that what they've said about Blanquita is true.
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Monday, October 05, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #30, Monday 10-5-15 Roxi needs her throat punched, NOW!!

Ciao, Ragazza Italiana Peeps.  Let's jump right in!  Fiorella says NO to the long-haired, baggy-suited, ancient Mack Daddy, Vittorio Dragone, and we all heave a sigh of relief!  Nope!  She will stay at El Rancho de Los Angeles; she wants to clear her name and besides, she likes her work and is not just going to leave Sra. Eloisa alone suddenly.  She will come to his home only after the wedding.  Very well.  Vitto has two conditions:  She must tutear him (use the familiar form of address) and they must spend as much time together as possible!  Fiorella's eyes are NOT burning with anticipation.

Gigi runs into the kitchen to continue working with Gael on her college registration stuff.  The rabid racoon, Roxi, enters the kitchen hissing and spitting and tries to pick a fight about Gigi having been in the car the night Benito took her and drunk Aitana to the club.  Since this doesn't get Gigi's goat, she grabs the folders with the college papers, pretends to read them, inserting her own childish venom and eventually rips the whole folder in two.  Gianna screams and cries and runs to retrieve them, Gael right behind her.

Here's the other big sigh of relief.  Pedro turns down Aitana's proposition to give their lurve another go.  She thinks that after all they've been through, they've remade themselves and deserve to try again.  Nope!  Pedro doesn't have a head for "us", just for himself and the business.  Sorry Charlie, only good tuna get to be Star-kissed!  Pedro's outta there!

Sonia does a mini freak out over being pregnant and wonders who planted the spawn:  Osvaldo or Fabio.  Osvaldo enters the bedroom, she lies about being upset and proposes they make a little great grand for Granny.  Ooops, coulda really used the tuna line for Sonia!  Osvaldo has seen her use her feminine wiles too many times and they don't turn him on.  Osvaldo's outta there!  Sonia puts the pregnancy test stick under her pillow and texts Fabio:  she's got to see him ASAP!

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Yo No Creo en Los Hombres Lunes, 10/5/15 #60

Chapter 60: The Fakeout

Doris finally gave Ari his walking papers. He pleaded with her, saying he would change. She told him she no longer loved him as she had before. She left immediately.
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Antes muerta que Lichita October 5: an episode gruesomely devoted to Luciana's successful machinations. Except for a swimming lesson.

At the police station: "You're the father of that loser? Your daughter's just an assistant, a maid to the whole agency." Luciana blackmails Nacho into retracting his complaint [that she knocked him off the road in the sporty little yellow company car], otherwise she'll make sure Lichita never advances at any ad agency. Nachos sadly complies and tells the desk sergeant he was mistaken and Luciana leaves exultant.

Robert says Alicia's supermarket campaign is more than perfect. Alicia thinks things are going well at the police station but we know she's wrong...

Roberto takes Alicia with him to meet the clients at the Mas supermarket. He's gracious to Elsa. Here come O and his henchpeople. O remembers Alicia but not as a competent member of the advertising team. Rather, as - a cow. All laugh at her, Roberto included.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: Avenida Brasil, Bajo el mismo cielo, Señora Acero and Preciosa Perla: Week of October 5, 2015

Here's the page for the new week.  Enjoy!


La Vecina Highlights and Discussion #75-#79 Oct. 5-9

Edwina has a balloon.

Would Simón like to take a ride in Edwina's balloon?

Monday: Sara
Tuesday: Vivi
Wednesday: Sara
Thursday: 5ft
Friday: Denise


¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (October 5 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres 10/2/15: A Break-up And A Make-up

~~Parte 1~~

At Ivana Enterprises, Doris and Maria Dolores have just learned that Ivana has a plan to defend MD in the lawsuit over the burning down of her tailoring shop.  The question remains what that might be and might mean.  She immediately calls Max to tell him she’s decided to fight the lawsuit rather than settle out of court.  Max thinks she’s crazy to do that.

At the same time, Ursula and Arango wrangle a bit more with Josefa the Heifer (I love that nick. That’s a keeper! Muchas Gracias.) as Alma looks on.  Josie trash talks about MD and agrees that she’s trash who jumps from bed to bed and the reason Julian came to bash in Daniel’s head was cuz he’s also been sleeping with her.  Alma says she’s there to find out the real reason Daniel and Juli fought.  She’s worried cuz Maxie is dating MD still.  “—Yes, you should be worried,” advises Ho-si.  However, Alma informs them all that Claudio assured her that Jul hasn’t been dating MD and that it’s nothing but a piece of gotcha gossip authored by Josefa.  Ho-sí says she witnessed the two of them in delicto flagrante herself.  Caras de self-righteous horror de Alma and Urrrrrsula.

At Bustamonte Law, Ltd., Julian thinks back to the romantic lunch with MD and their dancing together.  Max appears and breaks his reverie.  Juli comments that it’s really rough the way life can kick you in the butt in an instant.

Urrrrsula continues lying to Alma how MarDi broke up Ivaca and Danny Boy’s relationship by continuing to pursue him.  The reason Dan went to see her again was only because she’d given him an invitation.  She shows the mocked up provocative photo on his cell phone.  Alma is properly horrified once more. He went to defend MD’s honor when he heard she supposedly had slept with him as well.  Max says he knows better than that and so know worries.  What he does worry about is that Dan’s done something that he keeps over MD’s head to force her.  He asks if Juli might know what that would be.  Juli stays cryptic.  Giver her a lover’s support.

As Alma leaves, Arango mentions to Urrrsa that Maleny is capable of doing whatever it takes to get at the bottom about her papi’s death.  And HOW would he know this.  Arango stammers out that it would be the number of times he and she have been asked about it recently, right?

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Lo Imperdonable, Episode 99, Friday, October 2, 2015: Hey Hey, We're the Monkeys – The Monkey Writers, that is.

My dear friend Elna June liked to imagine that monkeys had taken over the writers' room when there seemed no other explanation for what we were seeing on our screens:  The regulars go on holiday and the simians rule.  Well guess what?  They're BAAAAAACK!  Have a banana!

Party on dude!

She adds a little class to the Patio, no?

Margarita, La Diosa de la Cumbia is still singing Contigo el Amor, as Marty and Vero smooch and dance, all blissful smiles and romance.  

Sure, he's a little awkward, but I'm still glad I picked him.

Magdalena and Botel are really moving!  [I guess those Arthur Murray lessons finally paid off!] 

He's so cute.  I'd totally go out with him if he asked me.

Salma and Nicolás are grooving to the beat.  You can tell they'd love to get up there and show Margarita what they can do.

The only ones scowling are Emiliano and Virginia.  

Put the camera down, NovelaMaven, or I'll put it where the sun don't shine!

Jorge looks on with his permafrost poker face and then turns away.

In Mina Escondida, Manny is anxious for news.

One of Manuel's henchmen tells him the shipment has arrived, though it has not yet been unloaded.  Manuel looks straight at the Patio and swears that Martín San Telmo is going to pay.
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Friday, October 02, 2015

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #29 Friday, 10-2-15 Fifi's FREE!

Ciao, Muchacha Peeps!   Tonight's events are very straightforward and simple.  Fiorella is freed from prison and here is a summary of how it unfolded.

Pedro examined the security tapes while Dante apparently lied about having done so and discovered that Fiorella entered Eloisa's room empty handed and came out with the drops in her hands.  She was only doing what she was told, retrieving the drops from Eloisa's room.  Pedro is ecstatic!

Benito makes a pitifully comic effort to throw his (imagined) weight around and then bribe Fiorella's jailers.  They laugh at him and point to the camera which has recorded these lame efforts, which could land him in jail.  Vitto shows up with his lawyer as well and the Police seem amused at this retinue of devoted would be Fiorella-liberators.  They should fuggedaboutit!  There were too many witnesses to Fiorella's crime.  There is no bail!

Freddie continues to work on demonizing Fiorella in Eloisa's malleable mind while the sisters weep, Fiorella in jail and Gianna in their bedroom, praying with a Saint Biagio card in her hand.  At this very moment, Julieta is in the throes of her own agony.  She has a nightmare in which a little girl is alone in a wooded area on a foggy night.  She is crying for her mother!  Julieta is very shaken by this nightmare and Sergio comforts her.  Who is the abandoned child?

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Antes muerta que Lichita #9 Friday Oct 2, 2015. Roberto begins to realize some feelings toward Lichita and continues to coach her to get some backbone. Lichita finds out Luciana caused Nachos accident and Nacho accuses Luciana.

I will try to edit this some tomorrow, it is a very rough/raw draft.

Lichita tells everyone that Luciana presented HER ideas… its not the first time an idea of hers is stolen.
Sandra says don’t play games… asks Lichita if it is true that her ideas were stolen again. (Lichita asks us the audience if she should spill the beans)… so she hesitates and Sandra rants at her.  The rules of the agency are above everything else~! (and CHuchette and Nestor use the moment to rant at Lichita too).
In comes Augusto and sarcastically/selfishly wants to hear that they have a great campaign idea… Luciana is more than willing to redo her presentation.  Lichita looks at Roberto as if asking for backup. Roberto nods a yes to her… (stay tuned…)
We go to the neighborhood where Magos is collecting the money for the tanda…  Nacho walks by and the neighbors comment that Nacho is down /depressed.   They ask Magos what is going on with her. Magos looks a bit concerned due to the comments.
Augusto likes Luciana’s idea… He says ‘as much as I don’t want to’ I have to congratulate you on a great idea.  He did not think she would learn the ‘intribulis’ (intricacies) advertising world so fast. Immediately Luciana asks for a promotion or compensation of some kind for her ‘outstanding efforts’.
Magos tries to get her dad to forgive her… apparently she got a ticket (with corresponding fine) for speeding. (sorry I missed about a minute here)… Nacho nags that there is some missing money from the ‘tanda’ or some money he had around.
Lichita stops Augusto from leaving… she finds some courage… ‘I have to tell you that the idea from Ms Luciana is…’  (she changes her mind half way through) … ‘ … is … very good…. Very good!’. (Roberto looks disappointed)
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Weekend Discussion: Viva Italia!

Italian Culture, Cinema, and Cuisine

Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse is creating such lively discussions lately I thought it appropriate to have a weekend topic devoted to all things Italian. This is such a big topic that detail will be impossible, so I'll just bring up the main points and let the rest of you contribute. What Italian things do you love?
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Lo Imperdonable, Episode 98, Thursday, October 1, 2015: Ahhh, Calm seas, smooth sailing... Hey, is that a dorsal fin in the water???

In which:

Marty rescues Ana Perla and her baby;

Manuel plots to poison the Old Goat and steal Marty's gold;

Padre Juan shows Julio the error of his ways;

Daniel outfoxes and outsleazes Virginia;

Jorge does another flipflop;

Virginia seethes and plots;

Vero smiles and gathers evidence;

Magdalena wins back her daughter and gets a marriage proposal;

And Marty throws one hell of a party! 

Worth a second look

Mom and daughter caught in the act.  Separately.

Young Emiliano catches Nicolás sniffing his mom.  

Vero catches Virginia handing Daniel wads of money; she realizes that Daniel is her anonymous caller and that Ginny is paying him off so he won't betray her secret.

The new:

Ahora los patos le tiran a las escopetas/
The worm turns.
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Muchacha italiana viene a casarse #28 Thurs 10/1 Hos and Heffas.

This is going to be like a demented, slap-dash collage. I'm doing this from memory and I admittedly only half paid attention to the episode. I'm also sort of in a "logical order is for chumps" mood.

Julieta is still blind. After learning that Anibal is not available, the doctor agrees to let Sergio sign anything that needs to be signed because that's totally how health care facilities work. While Sergio is gone, Anibal does pay a visit. Too bad Julieta is all "is that you Sergio my love?" So Julieta=busted. Anibal=hypocritically offended.

During a meal, we are treated to the sight of Sonia getting sick to her stomach. Now we are all sick to our stomachs.

Drunk!Ramiro interrupts Sonia's nausea and the meal to yell at Eloisa. Eloisa's security team sucks. Shouldn't they be able to stop a drunk, disgruntled employee? He asks Eloisa why she does't just die already and stop hurting peopel. He says she's sitting high and mighty enjoying her food while she takes food from his family. Ramiro is dragged away and Fredericka makes a snide comment along the lines of "how can anyone speak so ill of you, Eloisa? You are so beloved!"

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Antes muerta que Lichita #8 Thursday 10/01/15: The Episode Where Mean Girls Run Rampant in Iconika Spreading Vileness with a Vengeance

The Old:

The Mean girl clan who forgot to leave their high school antics behind when they turned like 20 decided it would be funny to turn Lichita’s face into that of a clown. Of course, Lichita thinks they are doing her a favor so she walks back into the boardroom timidly showing their work of art. One look at her face and Sandra looks not at all pleased, Nestor does the predictable and bursts out laughing and Roberto just smirks. 

The New:
Lichita realizes the joke is on her once she looks at the mirror. Mean girl clan are really getting into their high school roles and chanting, “She wants to cry”.  Roberto shuts them up (took a little too long IMO but at least someone did). He tells Lichita and Luciana that both of them need to get to work and bring ideas to the table.

Lichita is in Roberto office discussing the account with a rightful chip on her shoulder. Roberto wants to know why she is mad. He doesn’t understand why she lets them do these things to her and she feigns ignorance.  Roberto cannot believe how “ingenua” (someone who is easy to fool) she can be at times. She finally states that mayyybee she has a little too much faith in people (just a little huh)…a trait she can’t get rid off.  With attitude that should be fueled towards her mean coworkers she storms out the door.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, 10-01-15, Capitulo 58: Rats! Rats, everywhere!

Scenes merged and whatnot.

The Old: Isela drops a super-confusing truth bomb on Orly, in the middle of her web of lies: she’s with Claudio not because she loves him, not because she likes sleeping with him, but because she must have revenge! Orly looks at her like “whaaaa…?”

The New: No time to figure it out because the cops are there to arrest Orly for violating the restraining order (even though Isela admits that she came looking for him. Doris gets Max who explains that the first two times the restraining order is violated, it means bail. The third time is jail.
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