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Pasión y poder, Episode 84, Tuesday, February 9, 2016: This isn't ripping off a bandaid – this is a damn bikini wax!

I can't even
Poor, conflict-averse Gabriela begs her beloved aunt to talk to Franco.  Julia, however, can't oblige her.  Really, she can't even look at Franco right now.

The spokesmodel sleeps in
Slugabed Daniela is evasive when Nina asks where she was the night before.  But she must think it's hilarious when Nina reveals her latest brainstorm – why not have Ashmore as the baby's godfather?

Who is she???
Julia sees Eladio asleep in the armchair in his study, an open bottle and an empty glass nearby.  She rouses him by shaking him, disgusted with him for taking refuge in alcohol.  Now she angrily demands the name of Franco's mother.  With great reluctance – he doesn't want to cause her more pain, but he doesn't want to lie to her anymore – he tells her that Franco's mother is Caridad.  Julia is aghast.  Caridad Herrera???
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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pasion y Poder #83 20160208 Julia Shriver Learns the Truth!

  • Connie and Miguel are on the phone whispering sweet nothings to one another.  Connie asks Miguel what TMZ had to say about her.  Miggie won't tell.  He tells her that he loves her and kisses to the baby. 
  • After they hang up, Connie is visited by Dani.  Dani asks to be the godmother.  Connie says hell no in a nice way.  Her kid's will be sober and have morals.  Anyway, Connie was thinking of asking Gina.  Dani says that Connie should reconsider because Art would never allow Dave to be the godfather.  
  • Speaking of no morals, Dave and Gina enter the hospital room and announce that they have decided to live together in sin in Monterrey.  They have a heavy groping session in front of the new mother and Dani.  I surprised that they didn't ask Connie to move over in the hospital bed so that they could really get it on.  Geez.  Connie tells the couple that she is considering who should be the godparents.  Gina tells her to make sure that godparents will put the child first or something like that.  Dani leaves.  
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Hotel de los Secretos, #11, Monday 2/8/16: Dr. Yes

Julio is in the midst of a full-blown brawl, and doing fairly well, when Genaro pulls a gun on Julio. Julio pauses, and Genaro's pals grab Julio and let him have it.

Jacinto drags Isabel away, saying that if anything happens to her, he (Jacinto) will get killed.

Julio gets carted off to jail.

Morning. Ayala has to tell Dagoberto and the other cop that splashing people with water is not the proper way to wake them. Ayala welcomes Julio to the world of the living. He's impressed that Julio beat up five people last night. Julio takes off his wet shirt to mop his face. We see a half-moon tattoo on the inside of his right arm - that is, if we can spare a look at his arm because there is a lot of other good stuff on display.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casare #115 2-8-16 A Swift and Sudden Visit from the Angel of Death!

Ciao, Peeps.  I'm not feeling peppy or inspired tonight.  As is inevitable in these stories, we have come to a painful parting of the ways between us and a (mostly) beloved character.  The loss colors everything and is one of only two major developments tonight.  More than a recap, this will be an extended introduction for a discussion page.  So, here we are:

First we have Fiorella's finding out she is the long lost daughter of Julieta and Santino.  They are initially shocked and then overcome with joy and relief while Fiorella is devastated.  She pulls away from their attmpts to embrace her and she asks them accusingly, why did they give her away, why did they abandon her?   They are hurt by her rejection but give her space and Fiorella vents these feelings in more depth with Pedro moments later.  With Pedro she cries and rages that Vittorio had no right to keep this information from her; the whole thing feels unreal and what a bitter surprise life has dealt her:  all her life has been a lie!  Pedro wonders what happened to the Dr. who was present at her birth?  He's a very old man now, he must have confused her with Gianna.  Pedro offers his support to her for whatever she needs and consoles her with his kisses and warm embrace.  She begs him and he agrees not to tell Gianna.  Fiorella is afraid her heart couldn't take the shock.

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Antes muerta que Lichita Monday February 8: my plane home got cancelled...

Yes, I am snowed in where there is no Univision. I asked Ezra to cover for me but he hasn't answered. So, sorry, please talk among yourselves. I want to know what happened too!


TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Celia, Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and ¿Quién es Quién?: Week of February 8, 2016

The Telemundo page is now issued twice a week: Mondays at 3PM and Thursdays at 8PM.  This is the place for discussion of Celia (whose gran final airs this Monday), Eva la Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, Fatmagul, and, starting this Tuesday at 8PM, ¿Quién es Quién? 

Wikipedia offers the following brief synopsis of ¿Quién es Quién?:  "... a story about twin brothers, one rich and the other poor, who were separated at birth and reunited several years later; they decide to change their identities, giving them the opportunity to deal with various complicated situations."  I suspect the novela, starring Eugenio Siller as both brothers, will be a lot more fun than this rather dry synopsis may suggest. Some of us will surely remember Eugenio as Nicolás Núñez / Javier Bolivar in the madcap "Reina des Corazones."  The Telemundo website offers a synopsis of ¿Quién es Quién? in Spanish along with information about the cast (including photos) and videos.

Everyone is welcome to join in the discussion.  Please remember to put the name of the novela you're discussing at the top of your posting, since all the Telemundo novelas share the same page.

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Pasión y poder, Episode 82, Friday, February 5, 2016: Spite and Greed – Humberto sells Eladio's secret to Arturo. Will the House of Cards come tumbling down?

Let's pick up where we left off on Thursday night:

The Kiss
In Consuelo's hospital room, the sweet kiss comes to an end. Consuelo knows how Miguel feels.  After all, she has just confessed that she feels the same way about him.  But his continued presence in her life can only make things worse. 

Regina calls her sister-in-law to congratulate her.  For the baby's sake, she tells Consuelo, she hopes Erick will wake up.  And Miguel, who is still lingering in the room, hears what Consuelo replies:

Aunque yo nunca volvería con Erick, deseo de todo corazón que se despierte.
(Although I would never go to back to Erick, I hope with all my heart that he does wake up.)

The Warning 
In Erick's hospital room, Arturo stands up to Nina when she insinuates that Miguel represents a danger to their grandson.  He certainly doesn't have to protect the baby from him, he says.  "Miguel helped to bring him into the world, and he would never harm him.  Never."

"Don't you think it's harm enough," replies Nina, "for his uncle to have fallen in love with his mother?  He's only a baby now, but what about when he's older and he finds out about all this?"
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El Hotel de los Secretos #10 more dead ends

We begin at the dinner table with Elisa, Alfredo, Sofia, Teresa, Filipe, and Diego sitting together.  Isabel, who should be at the dinner celebrating Diego’s heroic act, (not really, he was just shutting up a key witness) but instead she and Julio are at the front door of Pascual’s dilapidated house as Julio is inserts the key.
Alfredo urges his mother to meet with him soon, he has something very important to discuss with her. She replies that if it’s not about the fact that they should be on the next train leaving these savages, then she doesn’t see the urgency to talk with him. Ouch! Now we know clearly her opinion of this family. And Filipe isn’t helping when he whistles to the waiter for more wine.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #114 2-5-16 Mi Vida Sin Ti!

Ciao, miei cari Patio Peeps!  Andiamo. . .short e dolce!  Let's go!  Short and sweet!  No refrito!

Fidel shows Pedro the canvas bag with the hammer and screwdriver and pliers. Looks like Osvaldo is behind the deadly "home improvement!"  Os comes in grinning from ear to ear with a shopping bag full of baby stuff to show Pedro who slaps him with the accusation instead.

Sonia is practicing with her singing coach.  Be nice folks, she is practicing.  Freddie waltzes in and calls Sonia's attention to the loud voices coming from the study. Sonia goes to investigate.  Freaky Freddie (wish I could find a clever name to work "bitch" into her name) insults and evicts the coach!

Pedro collars Osvaldo who vigorously denies the charges and defends himself without huffing, puffing, or becoming obnoxious!  He understands Pedro's suspicions but stands his ground.  Sonia enters the study and joins the defense.  Osvaldo asks why would he want to harm Pedro when without Pedro the business would sink and why would he hide the incriminating evidence in his bedroom? Fidel thinks Os has a point and Pedro grudgingly agrees with Fidel that they will keep investigating more deeply.  Os cautions Pedro that someone is trying to drive a wedge between them and agrees that until the culprit is found, everyone remains under suspicion!

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #113 2/4/16 This Show Has More Plotting Than Plot

Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!!!!   Grazie Tantissimo!!!!

Skankia isn't gone after all and Roxi comes into the kitchen yelling like a drill sgt. Beni even salutes. Katia plays innocent, and Roxi goes for her eyes, but Beni holds her back and Katia makes her escape. Then Beni and Rox fight. Rox calls Beni a jellyfish who fallls at Katia's feet at the slightest invitation. Beni gets upset and says he's had it with her jealousy.

Juli and Santino and their guy -  He found a nurse who saw the girl Mario adopted  and the baby had a lilac colored ribbon on her wrist. Juli says she put it there and now they have a pic and they're closer to finding her. Juli cries, happy tears this time.

Fi is not in the mood for love, she wants to go to the organ bank and see if any donors have died yet. Pietro talks her into coming to ACorp with him and they'll call from there.

Dinner table talk about Dante's death and how wierd it was. Fed is pretty much horrible to everyone during this scene the worst thing she says is maybe Sonia's baby will die and when they tell her to bite her tongue she says its my house I can say what I want. Not yet it isn't responds Pietro and Os changes the subject, asking Fi how Gia is in a caring and not at all like him way. Sergio asks about ACorp and Fed goes oh now you care. When Pietro tells the fam thy are working on getting out of the hole Fed warns them all they will see the fall of the Angeles empire and swans out leaving the others to scoff at her back.

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Death for Pascual El Hotel De Los Secretos #9 02/04/2016

This will be quick and dirty, I hope I manage to cover everything, if I miss something please feel free to add it in the comments section:

 We left off last night with the shooting of Pascual, Diego is a good shot and nails him in the chest, Pascual goes down and is unable to answer Julio when he asks who killed Cristina. Diego comes out of the woods and rushes to Isabel, he spots Julio and points his gun at him while accusing him of being a thief. Julio denies the accusation and Isabel is able to get Diego to stand down.
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Antes Muerta que Lichita #94 Thursday 2/4/16: Luciana Learns a Thing or Two but Dafne Outshines them All!

Alicia praises Santiago for how great he has been, almost like a prince, to her BUT she does not want to marry him. Santiago does not understand why when she just accepted his proposal. Alicia reasons that she felt pressured to accept his proposal since he did it in front of everyone...the media, her family...etc she had no other choice. Plus she does not think she is ready for marriage...she just wants to focus on her career right now. Santiago cuts to the chase...he wants to know the real reason for her it her work or Roberto (ding ding ding). Alicia cannot deny her lingering feelings for Roberto but she tells Santiago that this decision has more to do with herself and no one else. At this point, Santiago feels hurt and abruptly leaves. Forth wall Alicia tells the audience of her doubts...was this really the right decision for her?

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Pasión y poder, Episode 81, Thursday, February 4, 2016: Call Miguel – He delivers!

Erick has been in a coma for six months.  The police have still not identified the person who tried to kill him.  

At the Montenegro breakfast table, Nina and Arturo smile indulgently as Daniela shows off her first magazine cover. Then Nina leaves for the hospital, where she has spent every day at Erick's bedside since the crash. 

Now alone with her father, Dani tells him something that she has undoubtedly said over and over again in the last six months: that Miguel was the only one who had a motive to kill Erick.  Arturo answers with his own litany: that Miguel is no murderer.  

Clara is flustered when the now heavily pregnant Consuelo tells her she's having contractions.  She asks her friend to call Arturo.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #95 Feb 05, 2016. The bomb Santy dropped on Alicia worked. and Sheyla gave her a strong aftershock... Alicia confronts Rob.

THank you Jarifa for the notes... here is the recap..
Santy tells Alicia that he is doing this for her own wellbeing and safety (nose growing)… she looks at the file… she gets really upset… can’t believe Rob would do this.  Santy adds the bs that she will conquer the world with her beautiful eyes and smile.
Brisa and Braulio, she is saying words that sound like goodbye, she wishes him all the best and says Namaste (I see the light shining on you).  And leaves…
Augie tells Luciana and Roberto that he they WILL NOT get divorced… he does not know the reasons they want to divorce, but if Luciana wants to be officially recognized as his daughter, she will stay married… he will not have two divorces in the family at the same time … for them he wants them to continue married and, rather, give him two grandsons… NO GRANDDAUGHTERS, Two grandsons! 
Brisa is posting things in facebook about spreading her wings… Braulio comes in running worried asking why she is posting ‘goodbye’ words in the social media….  She just says she wants to start over elsewhere.
Elias gets up and tells Sandra that he is very happy they are back together… (they just made love)… Sandra gets up and tells him that what just happened was rather a ‘mistake’.
Roberto calls Alicia… tells her he is held up with the API guys and will be a while before he gets with them. A little later he texts her and she grinds through her teeth running out of patience.
Luciana rants at Augie about not wanting her to get divorced… Augie basically says ‘because I say so’.  She keeps wanting to know why… he says she is the only one that can give him a heir (heredero).
The Gutierrez are at a table in the Cafecito watching Corazon Enamorado while Valeria is working behind the counter.  Elsa, Magos and Nacho are discussing Alicia breaking up with Santy… Nacho and Elsa say Alicia should marry whoever she is in love with.
Roberto is on phone with SHeyla… he talks briefly with Mateo and tells SHeyla to take good care of Mateo.
Roberto then calls Alicia and tells her it will take a little longer, like half an hour for him to finish what he is up to. He reminds her he loves her.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Celia, Eva La Trailera, La Querida del Centauro, and Fatmagúl: Week of February 1, 2016


Here's page 2 for the week.
Please join in the conversation!

Heads up: Celia ends on Monday Feb 8; ¿Quién Es Quién? premieres Tues Feb 9 at 8pm.

and a quick addendum in the interest of continuity: if you're looking for Wednesday's Fatmagúl recap, Vivi posted it on Telemundo's Monday page. (Thanks for the heads up, Vivi!)

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Pasion y Poder #80 Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016

Hello Patio Peeps. It will be short and sweet tonight. I have an early appointment in the morning.

Gaby questioned Franco about when he planned on telling her that Eladio was his father.

The insurance guy shows pictures of the cut brake lines to Art. The guy says it was a professional job. They need to call the police.
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El Hotel de los Secretos #8, Wednesday 2/3/16: Teresa Schools Felipe in Tough Love

Garrido is just about to plunge his blade into Julio’s neck, when suddenly Julio hears Pascual being hailed in the hallway and turns back to go after him. Garrido escapes unseen, while Julio shoves Pascaul into his room, and threatens him with his own blade, if Pascual doesn’t immediately spill what he knows about Cristina Olmedo and the cufflink. He was her boyfriend, right?! Pascual puts up a struggle, and Julio then accuses him of being the one who blackmailed Diego. Don Benjamin barges in, wanting to know what’s going on with all the ruckus. With Julio’s knife to his back, Pascual goes along with the ruse that they were just being friendly. Ben doesn’t care. He wants Julio back to work polishing shoes, so that they’ll be ready bright and early tomorrow morning! Julio obeys, and leaves a very stirred and shaken Pascual.

Early the next morning, Julio delivers the shined shoes of the guests to their doors, while Pascual, still in his skivvies in his room, jumps at every sound, worried Julio is back to finish him off. He makes a decision, and packs one small case…with the money he blackmailed out of Diego.
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Antes muerta que Lichita #93 Wednesday 2/3/16


Do not be surprised if the recap is just as choppy as the episode. I never saw more commercials or "chops" in one hour!

Anyway, we begin with the proposal . . . Will Alicia accept????

It takes a few seconds but Alicia says Yes!!! (deep down she is not so sure). There are applause all around but not everyone is happy. Roberto is on the ground spitting out a mouth full of grass.  Elsa, Roberto and Nacho are all in bad moods over the engagement. Roberto gets drunk and knows what he has to do. He ends up taking his frustration out on Santiago with his fists when he sees Santiago kisses his fiancée Alicia. Finally, Roberto is escorted out of the party. The party is not what it was supposed to be and is over before it starts. Valeria and Alicia end up talking with Valeria listing the stresses Roberto is under including the situation with his son. Is he the son  for real?--asks Alicia.  Does he live with Luciana and Roberto? Where is he? Valeria tries to change the topic saying she has to call a taxi. Alicia will give her a lift. At Valeria's, Valeria offers to make a couple of matés to drink. Alicia looks around and finds a room all set up for a little boy complete with Mateo's picture.  She remembers Mateo from the orphanage. Why was he in an orphanage anyway?

After the party, Roberto ends up at the Gutiérrez house where Nacho makes him agree to forget about Alicia and Roberto offers his help with the con man. Elsa wants to know what con man. Nacho shushes Roberto and starts crying when Elsa twists his ear. Roberto then is back at the mansion singing out his woes with Gumaro accompanying him on the guitar.
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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #112 2-3-16 "If I had a Hammer. . . . ."

Ciao, Peeps!  Here's your summary for tonight!

Please see Sneaky's recap and discussion of yesterday's action here!

Santino offers to sign up to be a heart donor for Gianna.  Dante's sudden demise is proof of the fleeting nature of life.  Fiorella thanks Santino with a big hug!

The autopsy report states Dante died of a heart attack.  It's not universally believed (Osvaldo) but is eventually accepted.

Fidel reports to Pedro on the State of El Rancho.  Cameras are poorly placed leaving "blind spots" in the closed circuit surveillance and many are old and need repair or replacing.  The whole system will be down for maintenance.

Freddie denies to Eloisa that she and Dante had a thang goin' on.  Freddie blames Eloisa and Maximo for making her so embittered and soured on life, she never married.  Freddie calls Aitana.  They meet and agree they are a couple of bitches.  Aitana signs on to take out Pedro and Fiorella seeing as how the cameras are out and she can get away undetected.

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse #111 2/2/16 Dante We Hardly Knew Ye or We Really Didn’t Like Him When He Was Alive, But Now He’s Dead We’re Super Sad.

 Recap by Sneaky Two Shoes!   Mille grazie, Sneaky!!

Gia and Roxi go for Katia claws out and Gael and Beni hold their girlfriends back.

Katia finally gets a word in edgewise to say she came to apologize and she does so at length – the girls don’t buy it but the boys do. Katia tells them she’s going back to Portugal to get some psychiatric help.

Elo tells Pilar not to go around telling people Dante killed Gabe – it’ll be their little secret

Dante is still dying and Fed is glorying in it – its creepy – nuff said

Fi greets Juli and Santino in her cheerful way w/hugs – they’re so happy she likes them because they have to tell her something, but Fi goes first and tells them she just found out she’s not adopted. They’re way sad and disappointed, Juli even runs out in tears.

Dante – still dying.  Fed - still creepy - RPC

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Lichita 2/2: A wedding and a barfing

I want to start out by reiterating how bored I've gotten with our Alicia. Since they made her "hot," she's become incredibly bland. Her facial expressions have become so much more stiff and grumpy-looking and she's lost any vestige of playfulness! Her "transformation" has sucked a lot out of this show, sadly. Let's hope she gets it back!

Beto has a flashback to the vile Vladimir boasting about assaulting an innocent 15-year-old girl. He snaps and beats the crap out of him and gets in trouble for it. The jail people believe Vladimir's story of the events. The warden's line: "what, it's not my job to find anything out."

Afterwards, Vladimir goes back to threats. "You may be the famous panther in here, but out there I can do what I want, and I'll seek out whatever family you've got and make trouble for them." Threats are made.

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El Hotel De Los Secretos #7: In Search of Sofia's Truth

Lo de Antes:

As stalwart Mama Angela and the rest of the Downstairs staff look on, Ayala tells Julio to can it and Mama to back off while Justice, which must be served, takes precedence. La Ama de LLaves [head housekeeper] Angela has just raced into the staff dining room and demanded her son, Andres, be let loose!  El Dective Ayala brusquely elucidates that the gold dinner knife that was used to kill the recently deceased town trollop was found among her son’s personal belongings.  (Viewerville sucks in another deep breath.  Not the naively noble de Andres!!!)  Thus El Inocente de Andres is dragged away to the catacombs which, in this bantam berg, serve as the city calaboose.

Lo Del Nuevo:

Housemaid Natalia races to the ladies’ dormitory and yells for Belen.  She tells Belen what’s up and Belen races out in her dressing gown to view the proceedings for herself.  She runs to the carriage just as it is about to carry away the only man she knows with a heart as big as the Grand Hotel itself and gives him a sweet kiss good-bye.  She looks over at Angela with disgust.  “—You have a heart of stone!”  “—And yours is a collection box!”  Angela fights back her tears as Belen and the others head back inside the hotel to begin the daily grind once more.

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