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Sueño de amor #94 Wed. 7/27/16 " A Hot Time in the Old RV Tonight or Don't Go Knocking . . . "

So, Pato and Luca have taken off in the big big RV but alas!!!! there is none of the charm of Lucy and Desi in the long long trailer. . . Well, I better get back on track!

BTW the RV has "Te amo" (I love you) written on it in glow in the dark paint. . .and Pato notices it as they leave it to experience their first and only stop at a park where a multi course formal goutmet meal has been set up, prepared and served to the young lovers. Luca asks if Pato wants some champagne. Pato only wants one glass because she does not want it to be like the telenovelas where the girl loves to drink, gets drunk, falls asleep and wake up having made love. She is legal and responsible. The server pours the champagne. Luca tells her how beautiful she is. She herself is just a ball of nerves. Luca tells her there is nothing to be nervous about because it is just the two of them. He tells her how marvelous she is but she is still stuck on having no confidence because she has no sexual experience. He tries to build up her confidence telling her how smart, funny and sexy she is. Sexy? How would he know? she asks. What about their kisses? he asks. They drive him wild. (the more they discuss it the less romantic it gets, UGH!) He loves her; she fascinates him. He is her superhero and he is the sun of her life. They declare their love to each other and kiss. They are serenaded by their own personal love theme "Para estar contigo" by Pau and Davo LIVE! Pato finds it all magical. They watch the chef prepare some sort of flambé for dessert. Pato says it is very (candente) red hot! (fogoso) fiery! They both add (quemador) burning! Luca goes on with (abrasador) blazing! and (hirviente) boiling! Since all of these words could be used to describe their PASSION, Pato and Luca end up kissing. They share dessert, dance and kiss some more.
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Tres Veces Ana #47 - A budding romance and a budding affair

I spoke too soon about the possibility of an exciting week and might have jinxed it. Tonight’s episode was very light on events and heavy on the eyelids. So we’ll start with one of the only moving plots of the episode,

Mariano and Viridiana

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yago #42. Tuesday July 26, 2016. BabyFace Is Ready To Rain Mayhem On Gotham. Let The Game Begin!

At a glance

-- Nobody died today.
-- The Red Converse Killer discovered Yago's secret church meetings with Melina. 
-- Abel joins BabyFace's counter-revenge alliance.

A closer look

Flashback. A Bouffant-less Katia is visiting an apartment with her then boyfriend, Leo. They decided to live together though Katia is skeptical. Not about Leo but rather about her own ability to mess up the relationship. Katia is an infamous ruiner of good things, it seems. Leo insists the two of them will be just fine. Sure enough, Leo walks in one day and finds her drugged off her rocker with some random half-naked dude. Before leaving her, Leo says he has done everything he could to make her happy, to make her realize that she is a happy person. But he concedes defeat: She managed to destroy him along with the love he felt for her. Katia's voiceover narration reflects on life and life decisions: “Life is a blank canvas and we are the ones who decide what to draw on it. It is full of possibilities. (...) When I have the possibility to choose, I always pick the wrong path. Years ago, I decided to leave that canvas blank. What would be the point of painting on it, if you’re just going to end up ruining it?”
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Sueño de Amor (SdA) #93. Tuesday July 26, 2016. How Dare You Get Cancer And Ruin My Burgeoning Romance?

Cancer or no cancer, I will straight up punch you in your stomach-less gut if you get near my man!

At a glance 

-- I hate these people! All of them! Except Baby Luca. He's cool.
-- Ricardo is the most odious, pathetic and self-absorbed galán in the history of odious, pathetic and self-absorbed galanes. 

A closer look 

Ernesto confides to Luca that he won’t allow Ricardo to get involved in Esperanza’s life. 

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Tres Veces Ana #46 - Former Enemies' First Dates & A Virgin Wig's Fate

We continue where we left off as Santi dressed as Marcelo has a flashback. Remembering Ramiro's words, he ponders why Leticia wants a divorce & doesn't want him to find Lucia.

Cue the devil herself, Ana Lucifer barges into her grandmother's room while Ernestina is checking her Tinder. Just as abruptly as she entered, she asks her what she's up to. Ernestina lies & says it's just a message from Miranda (but we all expect it's someone that may or may not rhyme with BRodrigo....or *crosses fingers* BEvaristo!). Leticia says she came back for her. Ernestina calls her out & says she thought she wanted to stay w/ her uncle. Leticia says in spite of him begging her to stay, she knew that her abue needed her more. Gag me. She then asks for the earrings Ernestina gave to Jenny to match a dress she bought. Indeed, Leticia's heart is more frigid than the body that hasn't even gone cold yet.

Inaki asks the secretary about the key he gave her. Lucky for him, she hadn't had a chance to give it back to Leticia. He concocts some story about needing her to run urgent files he needs signed. He rummages in her desk for the key & like Jaime Bond, he goes through Leticia's drawer. I'm not sure if he's looking for money or is just being a nosy stalker. As usual not to let us down, the writers include a near-miss with the passport as he puts everything back.

We return to Ernestina inviting Leticia to eat with the family. Leticia says she has plans to have dinner w/ Inaki. Instead, we see her head to a salon to get a Llora makeover. The hairdresser comments that the hair is virgin (ohohoho, much like our Llora. I bet the writers thought they were clever for that one). She limps while modeling the Llora wig and I can only imagine what trouble she plans to cause. I'm guessing this might be one of the ways Ramiro's plan will backfire on him.

Remedios gets dropped off at Santi's place by the only Taxista left in Mexico. He tells her to ask Santi to come visit & that the taxista team (of one?) misses him. Santi as Marcelo gets another flashback entering Alfredo's car. Alfredo asks about the confrontation & Santi responds that she's not telling the truth regarding why she wants a divorce (having expected her to come clean about her affair w/ Daniel). He asks for marriage advice, but Alfredo says not to ask him as he's lied to his wife (Remedios) for so long. Alfredo mentions his intention to do better by her & that he owes Marcelo alot after what he's done for him. Marcelo then sees Daniel, to which Alfredo asks what he plans. Marcelo cocks his gun exclaiming that he plans to kill him, kill them both. End flashback & we see him face-to-face w/ his madrina. She's shocked to see him as he is, he explains he just recalled a memory & remembers her hubby.

We see Inaki in Mission Impossible Part Dos. He finally sees the passport & connects that Ana Leprosa was in Costa paraiso on June 9th, the day Jen died. His reaction is very nonchalant & I'm left wondering if he's suspicious at all or if he had already suspected as such. Llora then interrupts his musings & is calling him b/c she can't reach Leticia, but finds out Leticia lied about having dinner w/ Inaki. "White feather", as Inaki calls him, went to grab some din-din so he has the secretary check jefe's desk for those signed papers while Inaki swiftly puts the key back. 

<<Ay, if I see one more Icy Hot commercial w/ Shaq, I'm going to drop my tv on a hobo!>>

Ramiro gets a call from a nervous Llora & immediately recognizes her voice (maybe Letonta won't be as successful playing Llora after all?). He confesses he's got a date w/ Leticia. Llora is shocked, but he confirms it's not the 1st lie Letonta has told them & it won't be the last. Just then, Llora hears Leti's arrival & is left wondering what's going on. She calls Leticia who explains that they misunderstood her plans. She's out w/ Daniel, not Inaki. (Busted like a boosted buster in a busty bustier!)

Remedios and Santicelo are discussing his attire. She didn't recognize him, especially b/c he hates ties. And it's not just his attire, it's his eyes & gaze. "Ana Lu was right, you're not the same". He says he's dressed as Marcelo to help his recollection. But it's only fragments that makes him feel even more trapped & confuzzled. She asks what she can do. The sad music starts. In tears, he cries "I just need you to hug me, I feel scared...and lonely." (Awwwwww. As I mentally push Rem out of the way, I hug my tv. *Whispers* It's ok Santi, Anna is here *smooshes boobs even closer*)

<<Ugh, damn you commercial breaks & your interfering ways! I was having a moment!!>>

Anibal tries to convince Ana Lu to not give up on her dreams, or otherwise end up in regret. He offers to speak to her mom, but she insists Solebad is stubborn. He then offers double her pay but it's still not enough to sway her.

Ramiro gets a little strokey as he confesses to LeTeaseYa that her words affected him & wonders what would've happened if Llora hadn't shown up that day. She responds that she knows exactly what would've happened (yeah, it ends with leaving money on the nightstand). Too bad he ditched her for Llora. He admits that for so long he's had his heart on Llora, but he can't seem to resist this attraction he feels for her. LetsGettitOn replies she only needs 1 night. He says he can't accept that, but that fires her up even more. She likes that he's a good guy, but mischief makes the fondling grow heartier. He accepts this based on the fact he's resigned himself to friendship w/ Llora & respecting her relationship w/ Villantin. He laments they could never have a real relationship b/c of of her family. He explains how alike they are in their losses, She interjects that she's not capable of being satisfied. He feels that while everyone else finds happiness, she could too with someone who can make her find love again. She says it's impossible as he is her "Amor Prohibido" (Star-Crossed Lover). He puts it that she made it impossible by turning everyone against him. She says it's nothing she can't fix. He says he wants her to be his partner, in front of the whole world. She's got a big Cheshire grin.

Mariano bumps into Viridiana (Sue) and invites her to dine w/ him. She's not so willing as she has alot to do. He says he had his lawyer cancel the eviction, so she has more time & he'll throw in real-estate advice, free of charge! She laughs & finally concedes. They have a nice dinner where she makes sure he knows she doesn't play around. He says he now has a different view of her than he expected. She hopes to erase her perception of him too. They find out they have similar taste in food! Giggles and googly eyes.  In the background, cupid is shooting arrows like it's the Hunger Games!

Santicelo and Rem discuss her hubster. He explains that he and Evaristo were employees of his, but there's alot he still doesn't understand. His real name is certain. They both also confess their knowledge about the triplets and that Solebad always knew who he was, which is why she didn't want him near Ana Lu. And that's why he needs to stop her before they leave the city!

~ Anna Banana


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yago #41. Monday July 25, 2016. Oh, For Pumpkin’s Sake!

Hello Patio Pals! I'm experiencing connectivity problems at home. I have 5 hours at an internet café to watch three episodes and summarize two; so this is going to be short and sweet. 

Flashback. Camilo says he is a professional card player who confronted the very best players out there. However, his most difficult and protracted round was with a small child. Little Julia, played by the most adorable munchkin in all of Munchkinland is shown refusing to eat and refusing to let go of her past life. She keeps asking about the family whose memory Camilo wants to erase. Then, one day, little Julia hugs him and, when he tucks her into bed, she says: “Good night, Papá!” Camilo’s heart facsimile audibly melts. Present time. Camilo finds the absence of his daughter so painful, it physically hurts him. The little girl became the only light in his world of shadows. And now, that light is getting dimmer and Camilo can’t do anything about it. 
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Sueño de Amor (SdA) #92. Monday July 25, 2016. These People!

Hello Patio Pals! I'm experiencing connectivity problems at home. I only have 5 hours at an internet café to watch three episodes and summarize two; so this is going to be short and sweet. 

This is Esperanza. Esperanza doesn’t want to cause problems between Ricardo and Cristina but her cancer revelation put a monkey wrench in their shacking-up plans anyway. Esperanza tries to remedy the situation by telling Ricardo that she no longer loves him, that she wants him to be happy with somebody else and that she is now dating Ernesto. Esperanza has a martyr complex. Don’t be like Esperanza. 

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Tres Veces Ana #45 - May I please ask your wife to be my girlfriend?

Maribel and Ana Lu are having a very painful (for us) reconciliation session.  Ana Lu, having listened to Maribel’s venomous statements, responds with a listing of Maribel’s qualities she admires and a statement that she loves her. Maribel’s anger has disappeared, she loves Ana Lu as well, though feels sometimes that Ana Lu is distant, as if she believed herself better than Maribel. The irony of this last statement apparently washes right over Ana Lu’s head, and she spends a couple more minutes baring her soul on refusing Orlando’s advances and her current predicament with Santi until, blissfully, the scene is cut.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, Señora Acero 3, & La Sombra de Helena: Week of July 25, 2016

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.
Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):
• 12-2PM—Sombra de Helena
• 8PM—Silvana Sin Lana
• 9PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso
• 10PM—Señora Acero 3: La Coyote

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

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Un Camino Hacia el Destino-Week 23 (July 25, 2016) 1st Half

IF----THEN, SO---
IF the police find the box of filched bank documents tomorrow, THEN Luis, Solorsano and Alicia will face jail time immediately, SO the only things left to wrap up is how the couples will get paired off.
IF Luis is successful in charging Marissa with adultery, THEN how does he maneuver it SO Super Oh! doesn’t charge him in return.

IF Luis won’t sign the divorce papers, THEN Marissa will have to kill him, SO she can finally be rid of him (not likely, though).

IF Hernan suffers a real heart attack, THEN Mariana will nurse him as long as it takes for him to recover, SO she won’t lose her meal-ticket (lean though it might be).

IF Camila is found, THEN Fer will get a bottle of single-toned Clairol and do her hair over, SO she won’t look like a cast-off cast member at Fer’s wedding.
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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sueño de Amor (SdA) #91. Friday July 22, 2016. You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Cancer Is About You!

Shipping these two so hard, but alas and alack, it's not meant to be! What a waste and what a shame!

At a glance  

-- Ricardo learns that Esperanza has stage 4 stomach cancer and, instead of showing sympathy, he makes it all about him. 
-- Cristina breaks up with Ricardo because she feels he should be with his dying ex-fiancée who, just 9 weeks ago, was the love of Ricardo's life, by his own admission. Ricardo says he now loves Cristina and wants to be with her.

A closer look 

Margarita is suddenly very popular in Sueñolandia. She has become everyone’s best friend slash confidante slash surrogate mother. At the end of her visit to Casa Guerrero, Margarita tells Esperanza she has her full support and offers to accompany her to her chemotherapy sessions. She gives her la bendición, praying that the Holy Cross descend from heaven and stretch over Esperanza’s body, defending her from any evil and danger that may befall her. 

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Tres Veces Ana #39and/or #44 - Lots of Lies While Planning The Next Play


    Ramiro, Santiago, aka Marcelo/SanMarco, and Iñaki, continue to play musical mujeres in order to keep the triplets from seeing each other.  

    Ram keeps Ana Leticia entertained—or is it the other way around since she’s going through a seductive striptease, while SanMarco admits to poor AnaLucia in Yaki’s bedroom(?) that he’s still in love with his wife as well as her now and it’s too complicated to explain.  She, no longer feeling so lucky, tells him that she appreciates his honesty, but not to come looking for her again until he decides he’s going to get that divorce he promised her.  Ana NSLucky leaves, thinking to race into the other apartment to Ram for comfort but, then decides not to, and gets into the elevator instead.  Ram, meantime, admits to Ana MiMi the purely physical attraction he cannot control.  He suggests it’s the physical similarity to her sister, Ana Laura.  MiMi snickers and says well, since she’s thrown you over for that wheelchair bound loser, Valentin, Ram might as well have taken advantage of her attraction to him.  Oh well, Ram’s loss, she taunts as the clothes go back on.  Doesn’t he realize they both have a second chance at happiness.  He is the only one who could make her whole again and take away the horrible bitterness she felt when Marcelo left her to her fate three years earlier.  Ram tells her to hold her tongue.

Ø    Ana Llora shows up and walks into Ram’s apartment just as Yaki shows up to check on things.   Santi sees and hides.  A Llora finds Ram and needs to chat.  He takes a moment to signal to Yaki that he’s got MiMi in his bedroom and to handle her while he chats up A Llora. Yaki entertains MiMi for Ram while he takes care of ALlora. He tells her A Llora showed up looking for Ram.  “—What’s between those two –A Laura and Ramiro?”  She tells him it’s none of his beeswax.  “—A bit jealous, huh?”   
      A Llora thinks that he can make a good impression on Abuela Ernestina by showing her the ID bracelet Ram gave her. Santi listens from behind the door.  (A Llora’s voice is sooooo frail- she’s so enervated--in this scene that her voice and presence practically drives me up the wall. I cannot stand this character ANYmore.  Period.)  Ram doesn’t agree, but they can discuss it over lunch.  She refrains, but he insists that he knows the rules now that she’s with TinTin, and it would only be as friends.  She agrees to go then.  (--Good, cuz I don’t think I could stomach her much longer and would have to give up on her scenes today……)  SanMarco sneaks into the hallway of Ram’s apartment now.

      Yaki and MiMi walk into the living room and she’s angry that Ram left with her sister.  What’s the big deal? He told you he’s been in love with her his entire life.”  That’s a lie, she insists.  ALlora turns her back on him and he refuses the opportunity to tell AMimim how much he really likes her.  She complains he’s only a opportunist, chasing after their money.  Just like him.  Yaki notes Santi in the doorway and signals to stay covered.  He stutters he doesn’t have the slightest interest in her.  They can’t stand each other anyway, right?  “You even detest me, don’t you?” Yep, she does.  But, oh, she’ll tell him the same as she told Ramiro (in what universe?) that Marcelo was and still is the only man in her life.  Yaki agrees.  “--That’s fine.  Ok.  Bye.”  She calls him boring, turns her nose up and leaves.  Yaki breathes easier.  He makes excuses to SanMarco that he doesn’t know where she gets these crazy ideas from.  He can’t stand her—and it’s less and less by the day.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Yago Capitulo 40 : The Seeds of Time

For the love of Life
There's a trade off
We could lose it all
But we'll go down fighting
Won't we?

At a rather comfy old house of Madrigal, Young Ambar is playing hide and seek with her beloved mother. Ambar is telling us that since childhood we always believe that there can be a safe space in which you could hide in when things go bad but at times the safe space simply vanishes like critters. While playing her mother suddenly passes out to her death. A distraught Ambar calls Daddy Cockroach for help. Daddy Cockroach arrives seemingly sad but at the same time very nasty with his youngest daughter and blames her for the death of her mother (Something tells me Daddy Dearest poisoned his wife). Ambar continues her monologue telling that when the safe space vanishes, we have to become our own safe space to be able to protect ourselves.

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