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La Gata #2 Tuesday 9/2/14: La Pista Falsa

Right to the new!
Mariano (Pablo's brother) is going to the movies and he tells (not asks) mom to give him money. She's loaded! Mom says she's not made of money. He wouldn't have to beg for money for taxis if his mom would let his dad get him a car. The house has a chofer. "Yeah", the little twerp says "but he's always busy with the blind one or my brother." (Dude, that's your sister!) Little girl does't put up with crap. She'd rather be blind than a bad person like him. Go, girl!!  Don't be coda (cheap). He's got promises to keep. He asked this girl to the movies ....mil pesos should be enough. Mom comments that he's too young for cars and dates. She knows the movies don't cost that much. He wants to get the girl some ice cream, too. Mom mutters about her kids, one is  spendthrift, one is caritativa (charitable) the other thinks he's St. Francis of Assisi. Next thing she knows he'll be filling the house with the gentuza (riff raff.)

Pablo calls Esmeralda a deer (gamo) because she slides so fast, but he has to explain the word. She kind of takes offense. He asks what he did and why she's mad. She tells him about his mom and how she treated her. Esmeralda explains that mom threatened to kick her off the property by force. Pablo is a little incredulous, but he agrees his mom was probably rude. Esme thinks his mom is a vieja estirada (stuck up old broad.....from last night's vocabulary.) Esmeralda tells Pablo his mother acts like poor people don't have the right to walk on the same ground she walks on. Pablo thinks Esme shouldn't think poorly of his mom. She's not that bad. Apparently he's the one who's blind. He doesn't think it's fair that Esme is mad at him for what his mother did. He says something about Rita. Esme thinks that's different because Rita is not her real mother. Esme doesn't have a mom, but she'd rather be alone than have a mom like his.

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Hasta el Fin Del Mundo #11 9/1/14 Lies, Spies and Treachery

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! The show is starting to heat up. Before we get started I have something just for Mads:

I found Pato's cat.
Let's get to it!
Lupe' cries over a photo of her and Javier the Dirtbag in happier days. Chava sees her tears and tells her to think of Javier as if he were dead.
"But he's not dead." 
Chava realizes the truth, "So it's Javier that you've been seeing!"  
Pato is on the phone with the DNA doctor. Peralta's right hand man, Renzi, comes into the restaurant. He listens in on the end of Pato's call.
"Yes, I can get samples. I'll bring them in tomorrow."
Pato ends the call and they bear hug. "Did you bring what I asked for?"
Renzi pulls a gadget from his inside pocket. "No door is closed to me."
Pato says it's time to go and heads out the door. Before Renzi leaves he picks up Pato's cup and finishes his coffee. I'm really surprised he didn't pocket the leftover pastries too. Just down the sidewalk Silvana watches them from behind a signboard. They get into a gray car. Silvana hails a cab and tells the driver to follow them.
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La Malquerida, #6. 09/01/14.

Ulisses gets ready for his outing and Acacia drives up. He tries to kiss her hello but she pushes him away. She says she will never go anywhere with him now that she found out he wants to destroy the town park. I assure you that I will be the first to protest this. I don't know how much money you think you will gain, but realize that your project will never happen. Have you seen my plans asks Ulisses. No, and I'm not interested in anything that you have to say replies Acacia. I hate people who lie. Ulisses tells her to first take a look at his plans before throwing accusations.

Esteban gets onto Cris for allowing Acacia to see Ulisses.

Ulisses explains his green project to Acacia who quickly asks him to forgive her. She can't believe she caused all that drama and lost her chance with him. He comments on how beautiful she is when she's mad.
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La Gata #1 - Mon 9/1 - La Introducción

We start out with some shots to establish the difference between our two protagonists and their worlds.  Young Esmeralda drives her cart through La Barranca (The Canyon), then hangs out with some other kids, "sledding" down a hill on cardboard.  Her shoelaces are pink, so you know she's spunky.  Meanwhile, rich kid Pablo watches and wishes he could go hang out with the La Barranca kids.  He's all dressed up in a suit with a plaid jacket and his room is decorated with soccer cutouts.  His mom gives him a blessing before having the chauffeur drive him and possibly his brother to school.  On the way, Pablo gets another look at Esmeralda, who's busy hauling around a black cat and fighting with a kid in the park for daring to call her "gatita" (little cat).  Pablo is totally smitten with Esmeralda.  It's probably the pink shoelaces.  As his car drives off, Esmeralda has a conversation with the kid about wanting to catch a bird so it can sing.  Her cat is named "Principe" (prince).

Her caregiver…and I mean that in only the most minimal sense…is Doña Rita, who's currently thrilled that some Italian guy finally let her read his cards, so she's scored some cash and a sammich.  She has no intentions of sharing either.  Not with La Gata and not with Centavito (little cent…I don't think we've met him yet).  She says the pair of "vagonetas" (wagons) will need to bring in some cash in the afternoon so she and Inesita (no clue who that is yet) will have something to eat.

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Mi Corazón es Tuyo Lunes 9/1/14 #31

Capitulo 31: I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good

Lascuráin Mansion: In the library, Ana and Fernando had it out over her attitude at the engagement party. She reasonably asked him how he could expect her to feel after raising her hopes only to dash them and throw her in the garbage because he's marrying Zerobela. [Not to mention having to watch him propose to her. What Edith Wharton would have made of this...] This caught his attention and he started to apologize, but she stopped him. She continued to address him with formality. She had begun to cry but wiped away the tears, saying that work is work and other things are another matter. She said she is staying because she loves his children. “They need me and I need the work so you won't have any more problems with me.” She started to leave but he pulled her back and tried to explain his feelings. She wasn't interested. “We have to accept that you are marrying Isabela and having a baby with her. That's that.”
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: THE FRONT PAGE -- El Señor de los Cielos II, En Otra Piel, et cetera, week of September 1, 2014

It's September and we know that Señor will end this month. Who will live and how many will die?

En Otra Piel chugs along. We rejoice when something happens and imagine horrible endings for evil Elena.




TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- Reina de Corazones: week of September 1, 2014 - PAGE ONE

Hola Reinamaniacs - Here is your post for the first part of this week. The action is nonstop and we are having a lot of fun with great recaps and comments.

The compiled recaps for last week are in Dropbox here.


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Master Disaster Engagement Dinner—Or Troth and Consequences

Master Disaster Engagement Dinner—Or Troth and Consequences

CAP 30

The guests breathlessly await Don Fernando’s proposal to Isa-bunintheoven-bela.  It’s as if nobody that’s anybody there can honestly believe he’s going through with this numskull and muy but muy passé, aka archaic, idea of marrying the woman simply because she was dumb/careless/naive enough not to use birth control.   (Yes, I do marvel at a 21st century Super Brainiac Bidnezwoman in her thirties, with x-number of advanced degrees, not using birth control of some sort--especially when purposely seducing a handsome, successful bidnezman--if not to trap the sorry SOB into marriage.  Duh, Telerisa!)  Anyway, reluctantly DonFerd does his duty.  Bela blares out a repetitiously resounding “¡Sí,sí,sí!” to everyone’s dismay.   (ITA with Yo mama Yolanda—“Enough already!  We heard ya the first set of Sí’s!)

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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #10: 8/29/14: Do You Know Paco, Anybody?

Hola Amiguis! The after affect of Paco hiding behind the shrubbery is revealed and here is an earworm for poor Armando Workin For A Living Shall we begin:

After Chava revealed that he had been talking to Paco behind the shrubbery, Greta doesn't look well, she has gotten pasty white and I swear she is having fit of the vapors! She gets into the car. Fausto comes too and Sofia says its time to go. Chava thinks that Fausto is opening his door for him, but nah not so much, they go on their way.

Irma is lugging those cosmetics she bought and tries to catch the microbus. It stops, she wasn't quick enough and the boxes get knocked out of her hand and the microbus runs over some of them . Irma is pithed.
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La Malquerida, capitulo 5. 08/29/14.

Skipping the old and right into the new...

Acacia, Manuel and Luisa walk up to the river and reminisce about old times. He takes off his shirt and wants to get into the water. Luisa doesn't want him to throw her in the water like when they were kids. He chases her around.

Cris asks how the kids are doing. Everything is well now that German has agreed to run the hacienda. Norberto is so happy. Cris thinks Norberto should know that German is still painting.

Esteban silently gallops up to Acacia who some weird reason decides to change her clothes in the middle of the forest for all to see. He gazes at her nude body at a way no stepfather ought to.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #167, El Gran Final 8/29/2014

 De que tenemos un final feliz, un final feliz

Once again we all must thanks Kat for taking this tn on all by herself.  Without her enthusiasm, I might have let this one past by.  And though we’ve had some downs lately with the plot, the beauty of this blog is the community that Jane has created.  It is so much fun to virtually watch tns with others and laugh, scream, and mock (Ferro explains in the banner and informs new bloggers about our antics because our mocking can be misunderstood as hate) the craziness that is in most telenovelas.  And we learn some Spanish too.  Thank you for your kind words and encouragement as a recapper because the talent we have here is extraordinary, one can get very intimated.  Kat, Sara, and Vivi are some the best of the best and I have been honored to share time with them and you.  And now, the final episode...
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Hasta El Fin Del Mundo #9: 8/28/14: The Curious Case of Paco and the Mysterious Woman

Hola Amiguis. If Pato thinks he can ever be a detective, he's sadly mistaken. Pato couldn't get water out of a wet sponge. Here is an earworm for you while you read this recap. Watching The Detectives Shall we begin:

Everyone is at the Maestro's wake. Alexa is also there. Later, sitting next to her Mama, Sofia agrees that Alexa is fragile. Pato comes next and plops himself down next to Greta and Sofia. He starts with innuendo with Greta. Using pointedly simpering things like secret lovers, etc. and Greta gets uncomfortable and goes out for air. Pato thinks to himself he wants Greta to confess.

                                           Pato thinks he is Hercule Poirot

Chava talks to Cuco, and Cuco wants to know since Chava has quit the racing, instead of continuing to do this chofer's job, why doesn't he do Mariachi, like his Papa Javier? Chava is really good. Chava gets irate, never, ever will he be like his Papa, a pox on the man!
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Posting of Tuesday's Mi Corazón Es Tuyo# 27 by Julia and Jarifa

[Thanks to both Julia and Jarifa whose memories were near perfect in their assist to Eli!]

Isabitch got Fer to reluctantly agree to have their engagement party the next day and to give her a credit card for expenses.

Isa went to the house to try to suck up to the kids. Guille and Alex attacked her with water guns, making the non-colorfast dye from her blue blouse run all down her white pants.

Up in the playroom, Alicia, Sebas, and Luz made a drawing of a witch and put it on the dart board. It was obvious to anyone but Isa that the witch represented her, but she insisted on joining in throwing darts at it, which cracked them up.

Then Isa tried to drop in on Nando, but he was busy having a big smoochfest with Ximena in his bedroom so she let them be. I don't think Nando ever got yelled at for having his novia in his bedroom! Maybe Fer didn't know about it.

Isa spent a lot of time being snarky and rude to Ana in a thin veneer of politeness, Ana was ostentatiously overpolite back, and Isa babytalks to everyone, including Nic and Fer.

Ana had a little meltdown and cried on Fanny's shoulder. Fanny agreed to stay and not leave Ana and the kids alone with the witch.

Fanny's horrid ex-boyfriend overheard Laura and Ximena talking about how Fanny's in love with the quesadilla woman's son, and he attacked Leon when he came to the school to see Fanny.

Johnny came to the house dressed as an exterminator and visited with Manuela and claimed to Manuela that he and Ana are siblings (she wondered how they know each other). Manuela told him that the patron is marrying the tarantula, which of course makes him think Ana is available to him again. He and Ana got in a fight in the driveway and Fer arrived just in time for the rescue.

Fer took Nando with him to buy an engagement ring. The clerk had weirdly yellow hair. Nando told Fer all about his relationship with Ximena and he thinks he's in love.
Recapped part by Blogger Julia

Some points from last night:

After giving Ana the book , Isabela makes a comment about them being able to get along in a civilized manner for the good of Alejandro and the kids. As soon as she leaves the house, Isabela is calling her "la nanaca". In a later meeting with Ana, Isabela calls Ana on her dry skin, poorly conditioned hair and dark circles under her eyes and then askis if she hasn't been sleeping well. Ana says she has been having some nightmares about a really creepy crawly thing and Isabela tells her that disappointments in love cause insomnia and that the book she gave her can help her forget it and let go of the impossible. Finally she suggest a corrector for her dark circles, but then says that she realizes Ana does not have the ability to get fine cosmetics but is sure if she goes to her local store she can find a knock-off. And so it goes.

Nando ends up forgiving Ximena and so he finally has a girl friend and Fernando approves.

Jennifer is all upset and Nico does not know why. She leaves him at lunch without a word about what is wrong. Nico is desperate he does not know what is going on.

Isabela convinces Fernando she needs an engagement party like tomorrow. She will arrange it all. She needs a credit card in her name and also the most important of all: an engagement ring. Yolanda is all excited about the monetary prospects and actually claps her little hands.

Isabela tries to make peace with Fanny for the good of her dad and siblings. She actually clenches her fist when Fanny does not give her a positive reaction.

Next stop for Isabela is with the rest of the kids where Isabela tries to broker a peace and ends up getting shot with water guns full of some sort of blue liquid that stains her white outfit and joioms the kids yelling "Muera!" "Die!" at a picture of a witch not realizing they mean her. The twins later apologize about the water guns with their fingers crossed.

Next stop for Isabela is with Alicia, where of course Isabela calls attention to her zits.
Mi Corazón Es Tuyo# 27

Isabela's rage after each failed attempt is apparent.

At the end, Fernando takes Nando with him to get the ring. Turns out that even though Fernando has lost contact with his bro Diego, Nando has been facetiming. with him and knows all about what he has been up to and him coming to the wedding. Fernando makes the comment that his bro still has not forgiven him. Nando asks him whatever happened between them that they don't talk. We never hear an answer.

Earlier, Johnny shows up as an exterminator and tells Manuela that Ana is his sister. Manuela is all over him.Fernando is not with a guy like Johnny being around his house and tells Ana he does not want to see him in his house again.

Also earlier, Ana confides in Fanny what is going on and how much she loves her dad and how desperate she is. Ana gets a call from her boss at Chicago that he needs her to dance tonight and when she hesitates he reminds her of her debt.
Recapped part by Blogger Jarifa



Mi corazon es tuyo, Capitulo 29*, Thursday – 08/28/2014 - Sushi and champagne make for a great expecting mother

(*I think that somewhere along the lines we made a mistake while adding up the episodes, because this is now episode 29 and yesterday should have been 28)

Back to last night’s ending: Nico asks Ana to speak to Jennifer, since they did meet at the hospital, after all. Maybe they can become friends and Ana can convince Jen to come to the party. Ana agrees to help and gives Don Nico a hug, just as Diego walks in. He tries to insinuate that there is something going on between the two, but Ana is quick to set things straight. Diego doesn’t fight it, he knows that Ana has something going on with Fer, not with his father. Again, Ana denies everything, although Nico does mumble that something did happen between them in the past. Ana has had it with both of them, though, so she leaves, after asking Don Nico to keep mum. Which will be very hard, since Diego wants to know the whole truth.
Viewerville observes how Diego might now get the chance to do onto others what others have done onto him – to want thy brother’s woman must be a Lascurain habit.

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La Malquerida #4: 8/28/14: So Shall It Be Written, So Shall It Be Done Says Acacia

Hola Amiguis. This epi is moving this story right along. We get Norberto's big mis planes, Ana has an adventure and Acacia? Still up with her rant. Want to know more, Please read on. Broken and here is your earworm.

Shall we begin?

Cris and Acacia were talking about Esteban and how Acacia really feels about him. Cheating her Mama. She tells Cris she will tolerate Esteban but nothing more. Rose comes out of the house with Luisa and they hug Acacia.

Danilo has come and is very pithed that Turquesa (Ana) has gotten away. He swears he will kill the henchie and beats him. Olga is terribly frightened and Danilo does see poor dead Carlitos. Olga now informs Danilo that Turquesa stole the briefcase in the lockbox and he isn't happy. He wants Turquesa found like yesterday.

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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #166, 8/28/2014

De Que Ellas Son Rehenes, Son Rehenes o De Que No Hay Pila, No Hay Pila

All, it’s been my great pleasure recapping for you all. I’m glad Kat started us on this road. For the most part, it has been delightful. I especially want to thank my fellow recappers, and this fantastic group of commenters! Now, on to the recap!

Rod has taken both Natalia and Brigitte as his hostages (rehenes) at gunpoint, and left El and his team unarmed and handcuffed to the stair railings. He’s ordered that a squad car be left running for him. He smacks Nat unconscious in the back seat, and orders Brigitte to sit next to him in the front. Brigitte begs him to let HER go, and to think of their child. He tells her he couldn’t care less (me importa un comino) about her and the baby. Plus, she betrayed him! She swears she didn’t betray him. He doesn’t believe it

Nat wakes up, assesses the situation, and decides to play hero(ine). She puts a choke hold on Rod, causing him to swerve and then stop the car. He breaks free of her hold and threatens to pistol whip her again. He orders them both to the floor of the back seat, and threatens to shoot them if they cause any more trouble. They both cower on the floor, and Nat cradles Brigitte protectively. Nat finds her cell phone and stealthily makes a call.

El and his team are free and El calls Captain Vermudez. The captain is NOT pleased and won’t even allow El to go inform Carmen in person that her two daughters have been taken hostage by a lunatic. El goes anyway, and breaks the terrible news to Carmen with a hug, while Mushroom listens sadly. Carmen is inconsolable and demands that El return her daughters to her!

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS -- Reina de Corazones: week of August 25, 2014 - PAGE TWO

Keep chatting, folks.  The recap for tonight's episode (Thursday) will be posted in the comments below.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!



Hasta el Fin del Mundo Recap #8- R.I.P Maestro Coria

Recap will be up later today; discuss to your hearts content!

Ugh, darn crash dumps. I was half way through when the computer froze and shut down.

How about I just post the highlights and importance?
-Maestro C. has left the building and it's sending Matty (Matias) into depression
-Lucas has a job with a mobster boss
-Alexa's depression has been lifted, she has girl time with Greta and gets close with Armie; she kisses him on the cheek BTW. Alexa was La Chica Ripoll.
-Maestro C. inadvertently ends up letting Pat know Sofia isn't Octavio's daughter and he gloats about her possibly not being a Ripoll.
-Lucas and DaniGirl's relationship blossoms in love and smoochies.
-Silvie in the Ripollery uniform.
-Alexa kissed Armie on the cheek.


La Malquerida #3: 8/27/14: A Jump In Time!

Hola Amiguis. Finally we have a leap in time! We are still in the past for the first little bit, but it gets better. I Keep Holding On  here is a little ear worm for Y'all.

Shall we begin?

We left off yesterday with Esteban declaring his love for Cris and he'd like to marry her. Cris wants to marry him, but wants Acacia to accept him. For now it is enough for him to be close to Cris and Cris doesn't have to promise him anything.

Esteban attempts to get Acacia to go to work with him. Of course, she doesn't want to go with him. Cris says she'll talk to her, but Esteban tells Cris to let her be, she's a child and he goes off to work.
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De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero #165 - Wed 8/27

De que casi todos tomaron malas decisiones, tomaron malas decisiones!

In the lawyer's office, Diego explains to Nat that he's owed her the divorce for a while and hands her the papers.  I believe cake is also customary…no?

Eleazar downs a glass of champagne in an effort to exorcise the ghosts of Carmen's past enamorados.  Carmen declares she's alllll his and after some steamy smooches, retreats to the bathroom to get…ahem…more comfortable.  Unfortunately, El is still having auditory hallucinations of the exes in question and starts checking the room for them.  Carmen, in a gorgeous purple negligee set gets El back on track.  They fall to the bed and I seriously hope the audible commentary from Los Ex playing in the background while the animated hearts float by was only for us and not playing in El's head.

The lawyer explains that since they were both in agreement to divorce in the first place, all they have to do is sign.  Natalia refuses to sign and walks out.  Hey, now, I'm SURE there's a mandatory declaration of "No te voy a dar el divorcio!" (I'm not going to give you a divorce) that's supposed to go with that.

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Mi corazon es tuyo, #28, 27 Aug 2014... Diego is home!! and instantly gets smitten by Ana... Fanny and Leon have their heavenly hash and Leon gets a sour after taste...

Fer and Nando in the car…

“When you are really really in love, you have no control… and besides that, you give it all… all.”

Ana finds out tomorrow will be the engagement party.

Lo Nuevo…

Ana in the kids room with homework…

Ana sees the drawing of the witch at the kids room… Seba tells Ana Isa even shot (or pushed) darts at her own drawing. They found it funny, Ana not so much. Ana will help them all with homework but first we have to talk. Tomorrow your dad will ask for Isa’s hand… She explains that Fer has to ask permission to Isa’s mom to marry Isa. What about if she does not give permission? That won’t happen… Alicia says she will stay in her room… Ana says you all have to be there, be well dressed and be well behaved. The twins suggest painting Isa… Ana says no pranks allowed.

Isa and MIL at the store with the urge to shop and spend…

Isa and her mom have been shopping for their dresses for the party… first is first and second is second… Isa mocks her mother’s logic. MIL asks the saleslady if they don’t have something more revealing, more provocative. MIL wonders what the engagement ring will look like.

Fer in the library with the engagement ring…

Ana comes in Fer’s library, he is holding the engagement ring. He puts it away. He wanted to talk to her. Fer wanted to tell Ana about tomorrow… already know… it shows you can’t hold any secrets here. Fer asks Ana to talk to the kids about the engagement party… Ana says already did with the small ones. Ana asks permission for her to go out for a while, he asks where… she just responds its personal, I will leave the kids eaten and in bed… what if I had a problem with it? … I would still go… (she leaves, he repeats to himself… ‘something personal’.)

Two filthy jerks in the Chicago office with the debt
Teofilo is arguing with Johnny, its good but it could go better… Johnny wants his money back… Teo is ok but will talk to his accountant before giving his money back… But warns Johnny he will deduct what Johnny owes him.

Ana is on the stage and Jenny has another pain… Ana is done… Johnny comes out and tells Jenny he is the loser… (Univ cut out what Jenny told him…)

Ana in the driveway with the tree branch…

Ana arrives at the house in taxi… runs into Diego who just arrived in his motorcycle… She does not know who that is so she grabs a tree branch and tries to hit him on the head… he blocks her swing… They stare at each other… (until end of beginning credits after comm…. So they had to freeze for quite a while).
Ana mistakes Diego for a burglar… he says he has been called many things, usually handsome, charming… but never a burglar… she threatens she will put him in jail… been there, done that too. But never for burglary… She asks if he is mocking her. He says he is only avoiding getting his head busted open. After some more back and forth insulting and calling names, he is trying to introduce himself ‘my name is Diego… what’s yours?... is it perhaps Isabella?’ Ana takes even more offense in that. He wants a hint so she tells him three letters… beginning with A… he guesses Ana. … Well, glad to meet you, I am Diego Lascurain’. Ana is shocked, takes his helmet off to take a better look… sighs… then she reacts and changes attitude to ‘servant’… even tries to help him roll his bike in…
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Mi corazon es tuyo Tuesday 08/26/14 Time Warner blows

Please feel free to discuss the episode, I got a text from my sister yesterday saying that our cable and internet were not working, I've had issues with TWC in the last few weeks-after I asked them for a lower rate. Well, I get home last night and call them, it seems that the rep I spoke with a few weeks ago was able to lower my rate-by cancelling my DVR service and my internet and making my account a basic one.

After arguing with customer service last night I finally gave up and have to call them again this morning. My apologies for all this, I had no way of watching the episode and am beyond angry that not only was I unable to get a recap up but that a company I've worked with for years basically called me a liar and said the conversation I had with their rep did not happen the way I represented it. This blows.



La Malquerida #2: 8/26/14: The Fight is On To Save the Hacienda. Love is in the Air

Hola Amiguis! Tonight I'm doing a shorter recap. I had trouble with this one because of the whiplash scene changes and rapid fire speech. I think I got most it it. I've got another earworm Where Does My Heart Beat Now?

Shall we begin?

We left off last night with Esteban asking Cristina not to sell the Hacienda. He loves these lands and will do everything he can to help her save this Hacienda.

Juliana and her son her in his room, and I have to say this son has a talent. He's painted some beautiful Irises I think. Norberto storms in and isn't having it. He feels this is effeminate of this son, and takes a knife and destroys the picture. Juliana tries to stop him to no avail. He tells his son, be a man and go work the land. He goes.
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Hasta El Fin del Mundo #7 20140826 Fashion Advice from a Guy Wearing a Mullet...Really?

Ripoll:  While Sofie sits in her chair, Patrick rubs her shoulders and gives her a little smooch on the cheek.  Instantaneously, she runs away as if he’s got the cooties.  Later, she arrives in the chef’s office and tells him how much she enjoyed the bonbons.  They still taste like the very first one that was made at Ripoll.  Chef Martin’s recipes will be world renown, she says.  She gives the chef a kiss which is much more action that Patrick got for giving her a massage.  After she leaves his office, Chef Martin laments that he is a fraud.

Sofie returns home to Snob Hill and finds Alex waiting in her office.  Alexa wants to sell her share of the business.  Sofie says that Ripoll is a family business and they are not splitting it up.  Alexa says that Sophie will lose control of the board if Alexa sells her stock. 

Meanwhile, across the street, Grumpy Puss Paco is arguing with Chava’s mother.   He told her that he called Chava a traitor, and she is not happy about it.  Paco believes that Marisol, like her brother, is a traitor for trying to earn a living instead of showing their loyalty to him by starving to death. 

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De Que Te Quiero Te Quiero #164- Tuesday 8/26/14

De que se han olvidado del testamento (y otras cosas), se han olvidado
Soooo. Last DQTQTQ recap. Can't say as the show is going out on  a high note and tonight's episode proves it, BUT I have really enjoyed the camaraderie and conversation! Thank you again, Kat for getting this started. And thanks to Karen and Vivi as well for jumping in when the marathons began! Thanks, too to all the folks who commented!!!!

In the interest of full dislosure: I didn't take one stinkin' note and I didn't pay close attention. I've organized by "couples" (used loosely.)

Carmen and El
The get busy "reconciling", but a radio call from Cenudo breaks up their fun. Rod has robbed a drug store.

Karina and Alonso
Karina begs to help her get HOTscar back. They discuss how the baby daddy thing is going to work out with Oscar in the picture. Alonso wants it to be clear that HE is the father. Karina promises that the baby will know that Al is his dad and Oscar is her husband.

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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #6 8/25/14 The Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I only got a chance to see the first segment of the show online, the rest I had to watch as broadcast. Univision had the 'D' team on closed captions again so the captions were lagging behind the dialogue on this episode. I apologize ahead of time if I missed or misunderstood some of the dialogue. Please feel free to fill in or correct in the comments.

Let's get to it!

Armando gets fired from his new job and discovers that his old boss has bad-mouthed him to all the other auto mechanics. His employment prospects look bleak.

Chava escorts Sofia through the gauntlet of news photographers and reporters crowded around the Ripoll factory gate. The reporters shout questions at them as they plow through the crowd. Sofia agrees to talk to the reporters inside the gate.

Silvana hands Marisol a Ripoll uniform. Marisol thought she'd be working in the offices. Silvana nastily informs Marisol that since she hasn't finished high school, she isn't qualified for anything but working on the factory line. Silvana grabs the uniform back from Marisol, "That's the job you've got. Take it or leave it." Marisol puts her hands out to take the uniform.
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La Malquerida # 1: 8/25/14: The Game is Afoot

Hola Amiguis. Yes, I am recapping this TN. Before I begin, I want to let you know that I recap by ear and the actors' body language. I use no captions whatsoever. I have a little earworm for your listening pleasure as you read the recap, How Do You Mend

Shall we begin.

We begin with a loving family of Alonso, Cristina his wife and Acacia their daughter. It is clear they love this Hacienda. Cristina takes a picture of Alonso and Acacia who are about to go off riding. Cristina reminds them not to come back late because they are having guests for dinner, Juliana and Norberto. Acacia and Alonso ride all over the Hacienda and he tells her all about the land. It has been passed down to him from his great grandparents, his grandparents and then his parents. It has been in the family a very long time and one day it will be hers.

Meantime, Norberto and his sons attend a cockfight. One son isn't into it but the other is.
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