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Vino el Amor #102; Tuesday, March 28, 2017: Vino la trampa (trap)

After breakfast in the Robles house, Marta comes in and asks Bobby if he is ready for school. Lilian says Marta is late. Bobby says he had a nightmare but Tiá woke him and took care of him. He says he is liking his Tía a lot more now. “So where is Fernanda?” asks Marta. “Oh she just got through with her therapy with Anderson and will spend some time studying because the exams are tomorrow.” Marta asks, “And who is going to take her to school?” “I’m taking her to school today”, says Lil. Bobby kisses his Tía and Grandma goodbye and Marta and Bobby leave. Lil then says,“We are going to have to put Marta in her place because she is only an employee here. It’s not right that the children love her so much.” Grace responds, “It’s just a matter of time and I’ll get Bobby’s love. I have a plan but I’m going to need your help.” Lil says, “Of course you do.”
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mujeres de Negro, Martes 3/28/17 The Threat

Tonight we welcome a new team member, Sandra.  Please give her a gran bienvenido and dig in.

The Threat

Kuri and Bernal are talking near the station (away from the cameras). He tells her that he will follow Borgetti everywhere he goes. Conversation than turns to Jackie, Kuri presses Bernal and he confesses that they are together, he does not know how he fell for her but he is happy he did. Kuri’s face shows her disappointment, and says that it’s curious how the cop fell for a woman who used to be a murder suspect. Bernal asks Kuri to keep him informed if any information regarding Jackie’s assault surfaces. She will. They say good bye and Bernal kisses Kuri on the forehead, as an older brother would.
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La Piloto 15: The Rumble And The Aftermath

Dave and the posse aka Simpson (now the new Dave replacement?) and move in on foot waving their pathetic pistols as the John and Oscar grouse over John’s taking YO!Landa instead of him.  Of course, while Daverted and the good guys go on foot, the bad guys, packing semi-automatic(?) assault rifles/sub-machine guns and the like, get away in the air as Viewerville no longer  wonders why we’re losing the war against drugs.  (Like just what’s wrong with this scenario, DUH?)  Yolanda has Dave in her sights but refuses to pull the trigger.  Well, John and YO!li try to escape in his pet plane, but it looks like Red Baron 1 won’t start.  John and she race to the next couple of planes. I cannot catch the discussion, but one of them I figure says she CAN with another plane/on her own while the other one figures she CAN’T.

She gets into another plane—but has left her black backpack of who remembers what goodies-- and trawls off after John in one of his other planes while the shootout at the Narc-O.K. corral continues on the ground.

Daverto sees the last plane racing down the runway and he has Simpson and some others jump into a couple of SUV’s to face Yoli down.  Simpson is screaming about crashing into the darned thing.  Dato is single-minded, if nothing else, and plays a high stakes death-defying double-dawg-dare-ya with Yoli.   YO! lifts off at the very last second before crashing head on into the SUV’s.

Yoli is all smiles at what she’s pulled off.  Dave has somebody get hold of the flight tower near by or ??? He wants to know when and where the 2 planes and a copter land so the Feds can send in the troops.

John gripes that the radios in his plane don’t work.  He has to use his cell instead.  He calls Oscar who’s got Arly watching over Rosalba.  She’s dying/half dead and O doesn’t have the slightest idea what to do.  Well, inform Yoli and see if she’s gotten off ok.  O warns his brother that he’s not ready to risk life and limb for someone who he doesn’t know or care a fig about.  John urges him to play nice till he can figure out what to do with the woman.

Yoli tries with her radio but it’s worthless as well.  She tries using her maps.
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Vino el Amor, Lunes 3/27/17 Chapter 101: Marking Territory

Fernanda said she had no problem with her father falling in love with someone like her Aunt Gracie. David was not pleased with this.
Fernanda, love doesn't work like that,” he said.
I thought that would please you.”
Don't misinterpret me,” he said. “but I can't be with whomever you want.”
Whenever I try to get close to you to talk you about this and you end up not being happy.”
Understand this, Fernanda, I want to be with the woman I love, not with whom you decide.”
So therefore, what does my opinion matter if you're just going to do what you want?” [Por Dios, who is the parent here?]
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A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #138. Monday March 27, 2017. "Les Cousins Dangereux" (Dangerous Cousins), Cancún Edition.

After getting stood up by her mystery cyber-stalker, Valentina musters the courage to confess the silent forbidden love that she feels towards her ex-adoptive-brother-slash-distant-cousin. Fernanda encourages her bestie to pursue this risqué endeavor, before admitting that she and Alexis sealed their noviazgo with a seaside snog.

Ileana rats René out to The Gonz for denying his paternity of Carolina's baby. The Gonz promises that he'll make his rascal son face up to his fatherly responsibilities. Ileana informs Carolina of her masterful maneuver, relishing the fact that The Gonz is now wealthier than before and unequivocally committed to looking after Carolina's Murat baby. Carolina is appalled at her mother's selfishness, greediness, skankiness and disgustingness. She orders her out of the hospital room and vows to take care of her baby all on her own.

Angélica gets Cuddle Bear all hot and bothered, then she snatches the honey pot away just as he's ready to dive in muzzle first. She says she is no longer confused about her feelings towards him. That great love they once shared is gone. All she feels for him now is affection and she can't bring herself to fake. Osito is hurt but he understands and respects her feelings. Later on, Angélica confesses to Mónica that Fuzzy Ozzy is her past and that Fonzi Gonzi is her future.
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Mujeres de Negro 3.27.17 Chapter 28: The Alibi

Irene chides her mother for negating her responsibility to always protect her. Her mother tells her that she paid her debt and gave her all her money so she could buy the shares but Irene reminds her that it’s the least she could do. Her mother wants Irene to stop hating her though but Irene doesn’t want to. She reminds her mother that she taught her that all that matters is power and respect so they will go to the notary and transfer the shares into her name immediately. Her mother agrees if it’s the only thing that will makes her happy; Irene confirms it is.

Outside the station, Kuri chides Eric for coming to see her at the station. She asks that he let her know if he’s coming beforehand because her boss does not allow personal visits. Eric noticed Borgetti’s face when he told her he was her son and then proposes that she buy him a cell like Borgetti’s so he’s not bored enough to drop by. She will buy the cell that her budget allows and then asks him to go home. He asks if she will be home early today or go off with another one of her men and she goes to hit him but stops when Miriam comes with Borgetti and says hello. Eric says hello back and Kuri asks Miriam if she’s Borgetti’s wife. Miriam introduces herself and Kuri introduces her son. Miriam calls him cute and tells her it’s a blessing to be a mother and she’s lucky to have such a beautiful child.

Moments later, Kuri walks back to her desk with Borgetti in tow. Rico stops Borgetti and tells him that he was able to trace all the calls made by Emma Diaz, the prostitute that was murdered, and the last calls she received or were to Patricio Bernal. Kuri pretends to make a call from her call from her desk but hears everything.

Bernal is in his apartment hitting his punching bag while looking at his makeshift investigation board, which now includes Emma. The doorbell rings and he takes everything down. It’s Rico and Ramirez, who arrest him for being the prime suspect in the murder of Emma Diaz. They read him his rights and Ramirez laments that they must do this. He hesitates for a moment but opens the door and Rico escorts Bernal out in handcuffs.

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 27, 2017

Here are the current telenovelas (times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8PM — La Fan*
• 9PM — La Doña*
• 10PM — El Chema*

*ALL EVENING SHOWS will be preempted on TUESDAY, March 28 for Copa Mundial playoffs.

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Vino el Amor, Friday Mar 24, 2017 SPECIAL: The Sonoma Yello Pages

No episode tonight due to fútbol, but that doesn't mean we have to take the weekend off from the vino madness. I took a look through the Sonoma Yellow Pages, and here is what I found:
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La Piloto: #14: From Rescue To Rumble

There's a meet with The Senator's lawyer set up to invite Los Lucio to join him and expand their narcotrafficking venture into the U.S.  The only request is to keep themselves on the down low.  (Good luck with that.)  It's their invite to grander things with the Las Sombras Narco organization.  They are in and get an advance to help set up their bigger and better little air fleet and airfield in Villa Antigua.

At the same time, YO!landa has the blueprints of the hospital her aunt's at.  She strategizes a way to get her out of the hospital under the Feds' noses.

Zeki, somehow having miraculously survived the snake bite during his run through the jungle,  is back in Three Fuegos sneaking around from hot spot to hot spot looking for cash, car, cell and clothes.  He suffers through memories of his massacred family.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

A que no me dejas Episode 137 (3.24.17) Lies and roll over lies from the previous episode that we watched again almost in its entirety!

Gisela comes into the hospital and sees Almudena in the waiting area.  Gisela what are you doing here?   No..that's what I'm asking you!  What are you and Jaime doing here?!   Almudena plays dumb.  What makes you think I'm here with Jaime?  Stop playing dumb, I saw you two arrive here.  Answer me!   Tell me where he is!   Almudena realizes it's time to come clean and she attempts to get Gisela to sit down, but Gisela pulls away.  Don't touch me!  Almudena says it's time for her to tell Gisela the truth even if Jaime didn't want her to.  Tell me what?  That you and Jaime are lovers?   Almudena tells Gisela she's wrong.  She and Jaime aren't lovers; she's been supporting him ever since he found out he has a cancerous tumor in the brain.    Cara impactada! 

Chelo and Vale come down the stairs and discuss the deterioration of Raq when Adri comes in followed by Beto.  She tells Vale that Juliet contacted her by cell phone and wants to go to Spain right now.  What did you tell her?  Nothing she hung up but not before she told me she would be waiting for me on the corner of the house.  I just looked and she's not there.  Right then town crier Mica comes running it to tell them she just saw on the news that they found a body at the apartment where Julieta lives.  They think Julieta killed her and that it's the ex prison director that took Julieta to live with her.   Adri is horrified and Vale realizes that's why Julieta wants to get out of town and go to Spain right now.   Adri's cell phone rings and it's Julieta.  Vale tells her to answer it and put her on speaker.   Corazon!  I'm here on the corner…don't be late and don't tell anyone where we're going.  Don't forget your passport!    Adri is visibly shaken.  She's realized she unleashed a can of crazy on everyone and especially herself.  What do we do?  Oh now it's …we.  Dumb chick wants help putting pandora back in the box.  I say buy another freezer and give it to Julieta when they march Adri out to the corner.   Vale barks off orders.  Beto go with us and Chelo you call the cops and tell them Julieta Olmedo is outside our house on the corner.  Mica starts telling them to wait inside.   I say make it two freezers and march this old biddy out there too!  Vale tells her no they have to go out there because she might escape.  Beto says not to worry, he'll protect them with his life if he has to.  Alright three freezers!    Chelo goes to call the police and Beto grabs a big old candle holder…you know just in case.    Outside a taxi waits with Julieta inside.  She jumps out as soon as she sees her corazon coming.   Adri stiffens as Julieta hugs her.  Are you ready?  Do you have your passport?   Where's your suitcase? Vale shows up like wonder woman and tells Julieta that Adri isn't going anywhere with her.  Paulina!   Adri tells her that this is not Paulina it's Vale, you murdered Paulina the way you killed my father.  Julieta tries to get Adri to go with her but Adri says she's not going anywhere with her aunt.  You betrayed me and said you wouldn't kill anyone again and you did. You killed that ex prison director and you were probably the one who tortured Nuria.  Beto tells the taxi cab to scram so Julieta has no escape.     Vale asks Julieta if it's true she was the one who tortured Nuria and Julieta admits to it.  Nuria had to pay for what she did to me.   Adri tells Julieta she never wants to see her again and to get out of her life. can't do this to me corazon.   Vale tells Julieta to forget about Adriana, because you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison.    Watch out ya'll…Loonieta is about to go full on postal!   

Well dear amigowz, this is no déjà vu, is actually Delilah's second half of yesterday's recap that we saw again today, so I thought, why bother? Let me just copy and paste. LOL!! 
If you don't feel like reading it again, from my POV, just skip and jump to "The wife is always the last to know"
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Mujeres de Negro, Jueves 3/23/17 Chapter 27: Last Opportunity

The former girlfriend told Borgetti that Señora Zaldiviar suffered from dementia. She was trying to explain that her son was not an evil person. Borgetti told them the problem was that Julio Zamora has disappeared right after the fire at ZZ. The department doesn't have sufficient reason to search for him. Therefore the case was closed unless someone can present adequate proof.
Señora Zaldiviar continued to insist that Zacarías was innocent. Borgetti understood this but said that the department couldn't help her for the moment. The lady then said she would investigate this herself to get proof. Borgetti sent Kuri out of the room. Señora Zaldiviar started talking again but Borgetti left the office. She was still talking all the way out of the building.

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La Piloto #13 3.23.17: In Which Yolanda Finds Solutions to Her Problems...

• John comes and asks Oscar to lower the gun. Oscar obliges and John asks Yolanda to lower her gun. Yolanda screams at Oscar to shoot her and asks John if he knows what his brother did, how he killed all her friends at the police station. John confirms that everything got out of hand and Yolanda realizes that John knew about the car bomb. She tells him he’s the same or worse than his brother and asks if that’s what he meant when he said he will help them. John tries to explain but Yolanda storms out. John turns to Oscar and tells him that he will have to learn to respect his woman but Oscar reminds him that Yolanda has to learn how to respect family. He storms out as well.
• In the hotel hallway, john finds Yolanda and begs her to listen to him. She knows all she needs to know but John confirms that her friends are okay and vows to protect her and her friends, not matter what, always. He then tells her that she can’t go and point a gun at Oscar whenever she wants; if she is going to be his right hand and his woman she is going to have to learn to get along with Oscar and begs her not to make him chose. Yolanda would never ask him to but Oscar ha to learn to respect her people. John agrees and they kiss.
• At home, Dave showers and remembers trying to save Becker in vain, making love to Yolanda and his fight with her and John in the forest. He curses his luck.

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A Que No Me Dejas #136 --Thursday 3/23/17- Crazy is around the corner!

Tobias reflects on his adoptive parents and the relationship he has with them.  It's not looking so bad now, even if it they were firm.  At least they cared about him, as his Grandfather Gonzo once told him.   He finally gets a all from his absentee bio dad Leo who is just to busy creating drama and criminal acts in the name of ambition to bother with Tobias .  After Tobias vents to his father, Leo reminds his junior that he answers to no one, but hey we're about to be the sole owners of hotel Mauva!   Leo gets another scolding from the Ileana who can't decide what animal print she wants to wear today. Geez what a fugly wonder she's in a bad mood.  She might stay broke and with a bad wardrobe!  She doesn't like being played by Leo.  She was told to be a high priced call girl so she could end up rich and now it seems she's just a call girl, but with no money!   She threatens Leo that she better not be left broke, nor her daughter either who is expecting a kid with RuNe.   She'll be Leo's most dangerous enemy!   

Mau questions Grandpa Gonzo about his "amor" Illeana, but Gonzo plays it off.  He's been hones with Ileana and while he's attracted to her, he's got feelings for only one woman,  in his heart and in his mind it's Angelica.   Mau says he gets it perfectly,  when a certain woman opens the door to your heart,  another woman can't just walk in.   Gonzo realizes that his grandson understands him perfectly…so perfectly that he realizes Mau is in love.   He prompts his grandson to admit it, but Mau is saved by an email that is delivered to Gonzo.  It's Deborah's sworn declaration against Leo.   
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Vino el Amor #100; Thursday, March 23, 2017: Vino el Bombshell

We begin where we left off yesterday with David and Luciana sampling the wine. It begins to get romantic, but then they hear footsteps coming and it turns out to be Fernanda not looking very happy at all. “So what are you doing here”, says Fernanda. Dave tells her, “We are working”. “Yes I can see” says Fer. “Well then I guess I will leave.” “And you?” says Dave. “What are you doing here? Are you looking for Tano?”
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 20, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan
• 9PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Chema

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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We have any blog / google experts here? A new problem has arisen with the site

Perhaps one of our bloggers did something odd a couple weeks ago that broke the blog - I just got a notification from google that we have a skyrocketing number of broken links. In the old days I would have asked Kat but I hope we have somebody else who understands this and what to do about it! Contact me at if you can help. Thanks!

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Mujeres de Negro, Miercoles 3/22/17 Chapter 26: Escape Routes

My apologies for this bare bones approach; I'm having a crazy week.

A former girlfriend of Zacarías visited his mother. Tania was happy to see her. She had been trying to reach Julio but his cell didn't answer. She was eager to prove that her son was a good person.
They went to Vanessa's house and Isabella told them that they had received a farewell letter from Julio. Tania told them Julio had called her on the day of the fire about her son's reputation. She had tried to call him later but he didn't answer.
Vanessa apologised to Tania that they could not help her. The girlfriend said they should go to the police immediately.
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La Piloto #12 3.22.17: In Which Yolanda Continues to Learn Harsh Life Lessons...

• The DEA helicopter lands in Mexico and the news spreads that the police have found 5 survivors of the plane crash after Zeki hijacked the plane. They hypothesize that he did this to escape the DEA because they found out that CAA was actually owned by John Lucio. In the helipad, Ortega helps Dave out of the helicopter as the paramedics come and ask if he’s okay. Ortega runs after Zulima and tells her that she’s not going anywhere because they know she also has ties to the Lucios. Zulima tells them that she’s hurt and wants to go home but hauls her off to jail.
• In the Lucio airstrip, Oscar finds out that that the survivors, including Zulima, have landed in Mexico. He warns her to not say anything or she’s dead and shoots the TV in anger.
• Amanda is handcuffed and taken to the jail cell where Lizbeth and Olivia are pacing. They wonder if Amanda talked when Amanda is brought in. They ask her who the man she was talking to was and she explains that it was a prosecutor and he tried to persuade her to say all she knew about the Lucios and Zeki in exchange for a lower sentence. They asks her if she took the deal but Amanda points out that she’s still in jail with them so obviously she didn’t. Just then, they bring in Zulima and all the girls go in for a hug. They ask her if she’s okay and Zulima confirms she is despite the fact that she almost died. They then ask about Yolanda and Zulima confirms that she heard she was okay and that John rescued her in the forest. A policeman comes in and tells the girls that Olivia has a visitor.

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A Que No Me Dejas #135 3.22.17: The Calm After the Pukestorm

Gonzalo reminds Juan, the husband of Celeste who is in critical condition because of the ammonia poisoning, that Alan is also grave danger but Juan doesn’t care; he will demand the hotel for damages. Juan then asks the doctor to take him to his wife but the doctor explains that his wife will be out for the next few hours. Juan reiterates that he will destroy Gonzalo and leaves. Leonel takes the opportunity to pour salt in the wound by reminding them that they will lose everything with Juan’s lawsuit. Valentina tells him that it isn’t the best time to talk about this and Mauricio declares that what Juan does is their problem, not his. Ileana hadn’t thought of the consequences but Leonel is right. Gonzalo doesn’t want to talk about that now and Monica agrees. Leonel is not giving up though: he explains that everything will go to crap but Valentina proposes that they talk to Juan when he’s calmer and offer to pay everything. Leonel reminds her that they are not in LA and their decision will affect everyone involved. Gaston thinks Juan spoke out of anger but Leonel doesn’t think so. He declares that he has the best solution for the Murats.

In the pier, Rene contemplates his life decisions and how they have led him to where he is now. He declares that he doesn’t want Alan to die even though their lives have taken different turns. He cries and thinks about when he and Alan were younger and the best of friends. Rene knows Alan was always a better and more noble person than he was and is sad that this is the price he may have to pay.

Leonel explains that he can prevent Alan going to jail and the Mauva Hotel going to bankruptcy but the price will be all the shares of the hotel. Monica doesn’t think Alan will go to jail but Leonel reminds them that Almudena and Alan were responsible for the food that was contaminated; the first ones that will be demanded will be them. He then tells Gonzalo that he has the power and money to fix things but Gonzalo grabs him by the suit and Gaston and Mauricio try to separate them. Leonel tells them that he can fix everything but if they don’t want his help, oh well! He leaves and Gonzalo begs Mauricio and Gaston to let them punch Leonel, just once. All the women shake their heads at this obvious show of machismo.

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Vino el Amor #99; Wednesday, March 22, 2017: Vino la Salvadora, Luciana

We pick up where we left off yesterday with David questioning what she was doing with Miguel. Luciana exclaims, “What are you distrusting me now?” David responds, “I just can’t believe you have done that!” Luciana says, “To what are you referring?” David goes on to talk about the problems and then accuses Luciana of dropping everything to go see Miguel. Luciana says, “I can’t believe that you’re saying this and I can’t believe your complaints either because I’m suffering without you. What I’m trying to do is show you I’m on your side and on your family’s side.” She angrily walks out of the office.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The one where everyone gets poisoned A Que no me Dejas 03/21/17

Hi patio peeps!

 I got hit with a surprise audit today so I'm running late on everything, below are some highlights of yesterday's episode:

Almuneda and Alan figure out the food has been messed with, they run out to warn people but it's too late, several people have already ingested the food and have become sick, Alan collapses because he's allergic to the substance that was added to the food. Things do not look good for Alan and the doctor can not promise Gonzalo and Monica that he will pull through.
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Vino el Amor #98, Tuesday, March 21, 2017: Vino el Awkward Dinner Conversations

In this episode, there are some really awkward dinner conversations, a (sort of but not really) big revelation, some solutions proposed, and some fights picked. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy another day of vineyard dysfunction!
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La Piloto #11 3.22.17: In Which Yolanda Lands in Costa Rica and (Possibly) Loses Someone Else...

• At the airstrip, John goes into his office and tries to radio into the plane Zeki has hijacked. Oscar tells him that they need to go because the DEA is coming but John wants to find out if Yolanda is safe first. Oscar tells him that they are in this mess because of her but John doesn’t believe she had anything to do with it. Oscar asks him if he’s sure but John is silent and Oscar remind him that he has doubts and that’s the problem. John confesses that he has one doubt: why did Zeki hijack the plane after leaving the warehouse if he was with the DEA?
• On the plane, Zeki tells the co-pilot that they need to reach Panama ASAP but the co-pilot warns him that they don’t have enough fuel and to fly lower so the radar does not detect them. John’s voice finally comes through and Zeki answers. John warns him that if anything happens to his plane or Yolanda, he will regret it but Zeki tells him to forget about both and hangs up.
• Yolanda asks Zulima if she knows what is going on with Zeki but she shakes her head. Yolanda wonders where they will go as they barely have enough fuel to even make it to Costa Rica. Zulima then asks what happened with Dalberto and Yolanda confesses that he’s a rat that works with the DEA and even lied about his name. Zulima is shocked to hear the news.
• Outside the airport, Olivia, Amanda and Lizbeth are arrested. The DEA find the bag with the cash in their possession.

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