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Lo Imperdonable Thurs July 30th and Fri July 31st 2015 Cap #53 and #54 We Are Stuck In A Rut It Seems

Greetings Everyone! I don't know what happened with Thurs recap but I have added a quick recap of what happened on Thurs as well as my regular Fri recap.


 * Marty watches as Vero sleeps. She wakes up. "Good Morning, mi amor" he tells her. She tells him that she's not his "amor" anymore and she doesn't like it when she watches him sleep. (What would she think if she finds out he was kissing all over her while she was asleep) He tells her that he loves seeing her beautiful face in the morning. He gives her a flower that is her favorite. She doesn't want it. He promises that he'll bring her one every morning until she accepts it. (More on this later..) 

*  Botel is sad over seeing Magda so depressed. Botel blames himself. Dr. Del Rio tells Botel that he has to have patience. Botel hopes Dr. can help her. Dr. understand Botel's desperation. And yes, they do need to find something that makes Magda get out of her depression. 

* A depressed Magda lays in her hotel bed. Cell phone rings. She doesn't answer. 

* Ana Perla and Old Goat talk about Manuel. Old Goat is worried about him. Ana Perla is hurt by what happens to her brother. But she doens't want Old Goat to suffer over Manuel's crap. It pisses Ana Perla off that Manuel didn't change even after he was locked up. Ana Perla reminds the Old Goat that he has to take care of himself. He assures her that he'll be fine. She tells him that even though he seems grumpy he's a good man. She tells him that he worries about Manuel despite how rude he was with him and all the horrible things he said. 

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La Sombra del Pasado #118 (Mx 121) 7-31-15 Emanuel FINALLY gets a hug!

Greetings, my dear friends!  Let’s jump right into our story.  Yesterday we ended with a cowardly, yet bold,  broad daylight attack on our beloved Silvia, right in the town square!  It was very shocking and painful for me last night and is no less so twenty four hours later!  Silvia screams and cries in pain for help as a waiter at one of cafes runs up and offers his apron and assures her the police have been called!

At this moment, Padre is with Eman offering him words of comfort and encouragement:  He is not the son of Severiano Mendoza, he is a child of God!   Essentially he tells him that Sev’s being his sperm donor is an unfortunate circumstance of destiny, perhaps a painful accident, but no more than that:  he should be proud of being Emanuel, only Emanuel because before God, none of us have a last name.  Padre leaves and Eman struggles but gives in to racking sobs.

Across town Prudencia confirms what I suspected.  Wearing a flaming red cape over black pants and top she answers the door and lets in the two scumbags who attacked Silvia.  They give her Silvia’s phone and show her a brief video they made of the attack.  Pru drunkenly chortles, tells them they did a good job and pays them.  Prudencia.  Enter thou the gates of hell!

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Amores con Trampa #89 Never mind an Eye for an Eye... a Lie for a Lie...will whoever is NOT LYING to anyone step forward??

Ok I was able to run this recap through before heading to church to help out. Here it goes...
Facu starts shouting and ranting about what he came home to find… first victim is Beto… he left him ‘in charge!’  then he wonders what Andres (Diego’s brother) is there… he points at Susana who instantly says ‘who, me??’  Facu yells for ‘Yoya’ (Carmen) but she won’t come downstairs… Maria and Facu have some news… Porfirio correctly guesses that they all are heading back home to the country.  Facu says that’s it!! After Perpetua rants at Porfirio to not get too far ahead and let them announce the news. Indeed, that is the news! From Facu and Maria… We’re all headed home!! (scan around gives mixed reactions. Andres sad, Beto frozen, Perp Porf very happy. Jacinto is still processing the info.  Facu asks for more of a reaction. The only one to speak is Porfirio who could not be happier (he is looking forward to reunite with some lady he left behind…)  Jacinto finally is ready to report… he is surprised, more so than when he learned about quantum physics…  Facu suddenly gets the blues… he is regretting having brought them over to the city… he thought it was for their good… but he realizes now that there is nothing more important than the love of family.

Isa in bed wondering where her pills are… she looks around.  Tries to calm herself down… she needs her S.O.S. pills.  She tries to tell herself she can’t take any more pills.

Porfirio says the eggs taste better out there in the country.  (LOL!!)

Maria notices Beto is sad… Facu and Maria ask him… he says he doesn’t know what will happen with his studies/career.  Maria says there are colleges out there too…  and about Rocio… (she gives him a kiss on cheek and hug… to cheer him up… works to a degree.)  Facu is still celebrating, but still yelling ‘Yoya!!!’ 

Yoya is still trying to get Francis and Diego out of her room… Facu and Maria come over and Facu wonder what Carmen was doing in her room with Diego. Carmen asks her dad to trust her. Nothing!  Facu then turns to Diego, who assures him he really loves Carmen and was not doing anything to her. Facu warns him that if something happens to her…. Diego reassures him he respects her.
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres, Thurs 07-30-2015, Capítulo 13: Will someone PLEASE tell MD what's going on?

Alma visits Max and Claudio at the office. She’s surprised to see Isela there. Claudio explains that Isela told him where Leo was, so she’s proven twice that he can trust her. Alma wants to know if he will help Honoria deal with Julian’s case. Max notes that his dad can’t really help because, as a judge, he has to remain impartial.

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Weekend Discussion: Karmageddon Comes to Santa Lucia (La Sombra del Pasado)

We're coming close to the end and the crap is flying so here is the all-important discussion of the Karmageddons awaiting the evil ones in our story. As usual we will ask the following two questions:

What do you think the writers will do to them?
What do you think they really deserve?

Contrary to my usual practice I am posting my thoughts in this article because of my current computer issues.
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La Sombra del Pasado #117(US, Mx 120) 7/30/15 I suck at titles

Felt like word salad to me tonight. It's probably must me.

Aldonza vows to find out the truth about her father's death.

The search party that looks a little bit like a possee looks for Em. Mudo finds Em's shirt draped on a branch.

Candela whines because Cris is not at her side. He cares more about Em than he cares about meeee!

Ren tells Aldonza that it's going to be hard to solve Ray's death and prove who did it. It's been years. And if she's going to accuse Sev, she might want to have some proof.

Em is passed out near the waterfall at El Santuario. I wonder if there are any outtakes from this scene. I bet they're funny.

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Lo Imperdonable, Ep. 52, Wednesday, July 29, 2015: Just the Facts.

Hi folks,
I'm filling in for LatinaInMd today with a quick and dirty rundown of last night's events.  Latina should be back here next week.  Yay!

The police come to the cantina (the same ones who had previously locked Manny in the Cave Jail) and Ireri tells them Manuel has been up to his old tricks.  Inexplicably, they don't arrest him.  Nor does Ireri want them to.

On the phone, Ginny tells Dr. F that the pregnancy test was negative.  He's sad.  She rolls her eyes.

Dr. F tells Ginny that Vero is awake, had a terrible fight with Marty and wants to go back to Mexico.  Ginny tells him to do whatever it takes to keep her in Mina Escondida – even if what he does ends up killing her.

Despite Marty's vehement protests, Vero accepts Pierre's invitation to convalesce in his hotel.  Unlike Claudia, she insists on paying for the room.  Pierre tells Marty that he is no longer included in the invitation.  Marty acts like a jealous ass.  (How the actors kept from giggling during this scene, I don't know.)
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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres Capitulo 12- The Clown seaps his glory

(Some scenes were merged out of context. .)

Hon goes to the hospital to check up on Vermin pleading for him to wake up in order to  save their son from jailtime and bullies. Vermin suddenly does wake up and the doctor says that he will be ready to testify in a few days. ( You know it  kind of sucks when an alcoholic has to save you from  a mess)

Appearently Dan called Victor( The crooked lawyer) who told him that only the family can visit him now. Dan chastises  MD for not telling the lawyer that Julian got beat up. MD is angry that Max got in between Leo & Clara but Dan advises MD to make Clara dump Leo otherwise Julian wont be the only one to end up  in jail. His parents would not accept Clara anyway.

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La Sombra del Pasado #116 (Mx 119) - Wed 7/29 - The more things change, the more they stay the same

Melesio agrees to try to get Cris to come outside, but it's going to be difficult if he's with Cande.  In the meantime, Aldonza and Don Camilo need to stay hidden.  Jacinto walks them off to one side.

Sev lays the guilt on thick, saying he's going upstairs to check on Cande and Cris should stay put because she needs him.  And then, for some unknown reason, he heads outside and drives off in the truck, never noticing Aldonza, Jacinto, and Don Camilo lurking by a tree.

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Amores con trama #87 and #88 7/29/15 and 7/30/15

Here she comes to save the daaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mighty Jarifa is on the waaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

She has the recap well in hand! Look for it in the comments.



Lo Imperdonable #51 07/28/2015 Discussion page

My boss is out of town again and work caught up with me this morning, I'll have a recap for you all much later today...I've yet to see the episode and my phone is out of battery, I'll be back as soon as I can!



Yo No Creo #11: Five SidesTo Every Story

Max grimaces during the little celebration for Ivana and Daniel’s engagement.  

That night Danny gripe at Mama Ursula for planning the whole thing and insisting on an engagement complete with the ring that she went out and bought herself for him to use.  (Better bite it to see if it’s real.)  Mama gripes at him for bringing the guttersnipe social climbing wannabe to their place to screw her.  “—That is the problem!  You interrupted me before I could!”  Maleny asks why he told Max what a lying, thieving tramp she was.  He tells Mal that it was the best way to protect both of them and their plans since it was obvious Max was interested in her.  Mama wants the Maria Deloris business over and done with.  Not gonna happen, says Danny Boy.  In fact, Mama is going to help him get her into bed with him or else!

Meanwhile, Clara asks MD why Dan didn’t show up at Rudolfo’s funeral.  "--Why he was arranging for the money to help Julian and then his boss had him stay at the manse with her and their guests the entire weekend."  Leo asks why Dan didn’t want her talking to his brother.  MD turns the table on him and says it was his brother who told her today he didn’t want anything to do with her.  (Yeah, but that conveniently avoids answering the original question:  did Dan really tell you not to have anything to do with his brother!)  Leo offers to intervene to clear up any misunderstandings but Mardi won’t allow it.

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La Sombra del Pasado, Capítulo 115 (Mx 117-118), 07-28-2015: Choose a title.

So many potential titles: We Are Fam-i-ly! aka Oh. Sh*t. aka Awwwww sh*t aka ….has hit the fan aka The Culpas Come Home to Roost aka Honor They Father and Mother may be the hardest commandment aka OMG You Guys! aka The BEST EPISODE EVER.

NOTE: This was clearly multiple episodes, but they left in all the good stuff! The short will be long, the long is crazy, the capítulo is not to be skipped. If you were planning to skip it, DON’T SKIP IT. WATCH IT. I’ll put up a short of it tomorrow and edit this, but I gotta get sleep and I wanted to post in case anyone is awake and needs to discuss because this eppy was JUICY!

Short of it...
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When bad things happen to bad people La Sombra Del Pasado #114 (Mx 116) 07/27/2015

 Hi patio peeps, below is your Monday night recap, a big thank you to Kat, AKA best team leader EVER for putting up a recap last week!

We get some footage from Friday night's episode, mainly Aldi telling Humberto that she's the one that will be talking to E-man, he had several years to man up and never did, she's also not going to give him the opportunity to lie to E-man.

Aldonza leaves and Humberto asks Adelina how Aldi found out that E-man was her brother. Adelina spills: Aldi had her fathers remains exhumed so she could have him cremated and spread his ashes in ES, when they opened his coffin only his body was there, she then questioned everyone and connected the dots. Ade tells him that she even went to see Sev, and Humberto tells her that Sev is such a bastard that he would never admit to being E-mans father.

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Lo Imperdonable, Episodio 50, Monday, July 27, 2015: Ladies' Night

Last night the women claimed the spotlight.  The men?  Mere props.  Supporting players in some cases, obstructing players in others.  Verónica, Virginia and Magdalena were geographically apart but their stories were more intertwined than ever.  Nanciyaga and Matilde were both responsible for saving a life, though Nanciyaga was a reluctant hero.  (Even lightweight Ana Perla had a sweet, if parenthetical moment.)  And the Virgin of Guadalupe was a featured guest star.

Verónica – ow! that hurts!

Nanciyaga has grudgingly worked her leafy magic; Vero awakens confused and in tremendous pain.  Why does her leg hurt so much?  And her head?  Ay ay ay, what a killer headache!  And what's that crap on her brow?  Marty tells her about the fire and how she was hurt when a beam fell on her.  She has a broken leg and a serious head injury.  It was Nanciyaga who helped bring her back to consciousness.  Dr. F couldn't tell them when – or even if – she would wake up.  
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Yo No Creo en los Hombres Lunes 7/27/15 #10

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up. Heat makes it worse, too. You can turn on a computer but you can't always make it ovey your orders. Be back later with stuff to chew on.


Some, anyway.  Here is the first third:

Chapter 10: Bad Feelings

Part 1

While Fermin the Vermin was being hit by a getaway car, Maria Dolores was fading fast. Daniel the Weasel had plied her with booze until she was lying under him on the couch in the hunting cottage. He was the hunter and she was his prey. A cell phone rang. Maria Dolores recognized it as hers. It was Clara letting her know that Julian had been arrested. He was accused of killing Rudolfo. She said not to call Max and she would be right there. Daniel could not talk her out of that. Thank Somebody.
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Amores con trampa #85 and #86 7/27/15 and 7/28/15

The captions were off tonight, almost everyone was deep in the SBeC accent and my brain decided it didn't understand Spanish. I've recapped the first 30 minutes. I will finish it tomorrow when it's up on Hulu. The captions will hopefully be better.

There’s a rehash of Carmen taking down the casting information and Francis trying to goad her into a fight. Unfortunately, Carmen in unaware that Francis has removed the most important part of the poster. It’s a casting for models for a teeny weeny bikini line.

At the boutique, Maria tells Rocio that Fac is not the man she married. Rocio tells Maria that Beto told her about Maria left Florencio at the altar for Fac. Rocio asks Maria if she ever regretting leaving Florencio stranded at the altar. Maria gets uncomfortable and walks away. Both of them hear the bell announcing a customer. A man enters with a huge bouquet of roses. Maria thinks it’s Facundo, but it’s Florencio. He says “all these roses together cannot match the beauty of your face.” He hopes they can can at least make her ojitos de venado sparkle (I translate under duress because it sounds like crap in English: literally deer eyes. I guess I could go with doe eyes.)

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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS: El gran final de Tierra de Reyes, el gran estreno de Bajo el mismo cielo; El señor de los cielos 3, Avenida Brasil, etc – week of July 27, 2015

Tierra de Reyes is ending tonight, Monday, July 27, with a 2-hour final episode (9pm/8C - 11pm/10C).

The anxiously awaited Bajo el mismo cielo begins on Tuesday night in the 9pm/8C time slot.

Enjoy the week!



What's up, Caray, Caray!?

Hola Carayites!

Here is your space for all the news that's fit to print about proximas, shameless plugs for current shows, community news, and anything you think might be of interest to your fellow telenovela fans.

What shows are ending?  What new shows are starting?  Got any recommendations for shows, movies, music, or books that may appeal to your fellow fans?  Let's hear it!  (Remember to keep it spoiler-free and gossip-free.)

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La Vecina-Highlights and Discussion July 20-31 (#20-29)

July 20-24 In Review: The Dick and Jane Version

Simon Has a Rocket

See Simon. See Simon build a rocket.

See Bermudez. See Bermudez interview Simon for a bank loan. See Bermudez decide Simon is crazy.

See Edwina. See Edwina gush over the rocket. See Edwina convince Bermudez to give Simon the loan.

See Simon again. See Simon buy chocolate for Edwina. See Simon ask Edwina out. See Edwina arrive late. See Edwina fall.

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Yo No Creo En Los Hombres #9: A Date with Fate and a Twisted Date

Parte 1~~

The twist to the legal agreement, Maria Doloris and Isela learn, is that they lose their jobs along with the old pervert, Jacinto.  MD gives the bad news to the rest of the women in the shop.
Meanwhile, Esperanza learns of Julian’s gesture of offering to loan the money to Mardi for the rental space to begin a seamstress/tailor shop and refuses it in her name.  

Leo mentions to Clara that it’s obvious that Julian has the hots for her big sis.

Josefa fairly breathes down Isela’s neck as she makes a call to Max’s daddy, the Judge, to whine about losing her job as part of the agreement.   

MD is working late that night on the dress for Ivana when Max drops by to give her a bit of encouragement for the meeting the next day; she scolds him for accepting terms she and Ise “would never have agreed to,” and he leaves with his tail between his legs.
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The one with the magical healing herbs Lo Imperdonable #49 07/24/15

Hi. You get me again, for the third time this week, sorry mates! Anyhoo, I again kindly ask that you use a name so that we all know who we are talking to in the comments section, think about it, say you went to a dinner party and you're with a group of people you've never met, what's the first thing you would do? That's right, you'd introduce yourself. You don't have to use your real name, call yourselves whatever you'd like, I just want to know who is hanging out in the patio!

And now your recap. Disclaimer: Events are NOT in order.
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