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Tres Veces Ana # 104 - And this is why you should always ask to see your realtor’s credentials

Holy guacamole, we wanted some action and today’s episode certainly delivered. So let’s dive right in. 

Santiago and Mariano are having a heart-to-heart. Mariano asks many questions with his usual holier-than-thou attitude. Santi is very respectful and apologetic – he will leave the lives of both sisters as promised. Santi thinks there is no need to tell anything about no surgery to Ana Le and Ana Lu doesn’t know about the tumor to begin with. He also won’t have Remedios with him, so as to not compromise her safety again. Mariano thinks he would need someone – perhaps a woman he loves as a mother – by his side throughout this ordeal. Mariano is also sad to know that he will see Marcelo/Santiago die. There was a time they were friends. What about Facundo – does he know? No, and Santi doesn’t consider him as a father. Santi will let the tumor kill him, and he poetically goes into a mad discourse on tumor being the weapon destined to kill the murderous no-good Marcelo. And his, Santi’s, new life served to bring the sisters together. He really is the vehicle of the destiny (and we should petition to rename the novella to “One man, one path, one destiny….oh, and the separated triplets”). 
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Rene makes a run for it! A Que No me dejas #12 09/27/2016

Be back later with a recap! Work is kicking my butt, please discuss the episode and I'll do some bullets either today or tomorrow!


El Color de Pasión#15: If Spiders and Snakes Is What It Takes To Trap You

With my apologies to Jim Stafford.---Ed.

Nazario has caught Marcelo in a big lie.  He says it’s might strange the way there’s a phone call asking for the owner’s first wife, then your bringing Alonso’s daughter home without having met her (formally, of course), then here you are an employee of the man’s business all in less than a week.  Marc swallows big time (and as Viewerville suspects he’s probably imagined just this scenario and has prepped for it).  He glibly says, yeah it’s all strange, I agree.  “--My brother had a girlfriend named Adriana Murillo, whom I never met.   I didn’t know if she lived in the city or the state of Puebla. “  She was somebody he was looking up as a possible reference, someone to give him some assist in a new town is all.  If Sr. Gaxiola’s wife died so many years ago, it seems a bit absurd to get so worked up about it!

Lalo, on Naz’s orders, is trying to get Al to race back with him to follow up with their “major discovery”.  He breaks through Normita The Gatekeeper’s block and tackle, rousts Al out of his paperwork stupor and drags him back to Naz and Marc.   Amador gets wind of this and learns his new “charge” has already caused a problem.  Naz backs down just as Al and Lal return. 

Marcelo explains to Al that Naz has his doubts that he’s right for the job and excuses himself.  Naz backs off insisting that he has no experience.  Al doesn’t buy it.  Naz admits he was only thinking of what Al said earlier about all the coincidences surrounding the young man’s arrival.  Al reminds him that’s why he’s ordered an investigation while they put him on a probational contract, right?  Right.  Ok.  Nothing to see here.  Let’s move along.

At the hospital, Surgeon Sara invites Magdalena for coffee and tells her she’s gotten her a volunteer job in the elderly’s wing.  [pabellón de tercer edad = hospital wing for “golden years” ]  She and Sara are becoming fast friends just like Lucia and Lety.  Sara alludes to Lety and her having a difficult relationship.

At the same time Lucia and Lety are discussing Sara’s demand that Lety start earning her keep or else.  Lucia agrees and says she’s looking for a job and wants to make it on her own.  They admire each other having the other’s missing parental unit.

Later Naz tells Lalo to stay mum about the coincidences surrounding another woman supposedly having the same name as Al’s  long dead and beloved wife.  Why stir up all those morbidly disturbing memories again, right?  Ok, boss.

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Tres Veces Ana #103 - Nothing to write Stockholm about

Color Guide
Rehash in Purple
Recall in Red/Maroon
Reader Response in Blue
Rhetoric (español) in Green

Santi wasn't so saintly, and yet somehow
he glows in the dark

Rehash: AnaLu, still in her circus tent, tells Santi that he lied to her and is fooling himself. He denies this, blaming Marky Marc. She tells him to shut it, he's the worst thing that happened to her. She then rips his and her sister's photo and tosses it at him, like the basura he's become. She tells him not to seek her out again. She leaves with the circus tent billowing behind her in the wind. Cue sad music and tears, Santi begs the camera man for forgiveness.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #11. Monday September 26, 2016. Discussion Page

Hello Patio Pals! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Something urgent came up and I must travel to another city to address it. This means that, unfortunately, I am unable to watch and recap Monday’s episode in a timely manner. My apologies to all. Please feel free to discuss the episode and/or provide highlights in the comment section. Many thanks.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Tres Veces Ana, Monday Sept 26, 2016: Bonus - Advice from the Patio

Howdy! We have no episode tonight, so in lieu of a recap I offer this silly advice column for the Anas and their friends.

Dear Patio: I have my boyfriend's wedding ring. I've been planning to give it to his wife when I meet her, but I just found out she's my long-lost sister, so now giving her the ring just seems awkward and a little mean. Should I do it anyway?

Also, I'd like to bring gifts when I meet her and my other sister. What do you suggest?

Sincerely, Ana the Acrobat
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, Señora Acero 3, & más: Week of September 26, 2016

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.  Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Tormenta de Pasiones
• 12PM—Império
• 1PM—Más Sabe el Diablo
• 8PM—Silvana Sin Lana*
• 9PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso*
• 10PM—Señora Acero 3: La Coyote*

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not contained in a current or past episode.

*Mon Sep 26 evening shows preempted for the presidential debates.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

El Color de la Pasión, #14 Everyone wants to know who this handsome stranger is

This is episode #15 on hulu.

Lucia wants to prove to Rodrigo that she’s over and done with him, so she faces Marcelo and puts her lips on his for a quick but sensual kiss. This shocked Marcelo, but the most shocking part wasn’t that she turned and kiss him out of the blue, but that he felt something stir deeply, and he wanted to explore that feeling some more. So he grabs her arm, turns her toward him, and kisses her again, this time much longer and deeper, and she responds to him in kind. They finally break apart and look at each other, both surprised at what they felt. Rodrigo is waiting patiently for the kiss to end and says he doesn’t believe their fake intimacy, there’s no way she could have gotten over him that quickly. But by the looks of that kiss with Marcelo and their reactions afterwards, we can see that yes, she did in fact get over him that quickly.
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Tres Veces Ana #102: And The Truth Shall Set Who Free? I Think I'd Rather Be Chained

Ramiro and Ana Laura have had another lover’s spat.  They make up, vowing NEVEREVER to have another.  Just then Ernestina, La Gran Abuela, makes a grand gesture of sanctioning premarital passion by presenting the two an all-expenses paid 3 day getaway holiday.  (Dunno, but having Granny pay for my first out-of-wedlock, secret fantasy roll in the hay just seems sooooo wrong.)

Samuel and Mariano discuss the fine and finer points of Mo’s first and second encounters with Soledad and Ana Lucia.  “—Instead of contacting us she kept the girl!  She kidnapped my niece.”  So, first off, Mo wants Sam to change his will.  He’s now giving 50% to Ana Lucha and 25% each to the other triplets.  This will even the score for 20 years of financial deprivation she suffered.  Sam says that’s all well and good, Bro, but stop and think how Ana Leticia will react to this. (Good catch, Sammy Boy.  It ain’t gonna be pretty.)

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Friday, September 23, 2016

A que no me dejas Episode 10 (9.23.16) Lies have expiration dates. Check them before you lie.

Paulina and Adrián's relationship has become a web of lies and everybody and everything is getting trapped in it. Yes! Like a black hole of lies!

Nuria lied.
She said she had an exam and that she was going to a party and she went to Beach Pretty to offer herself to Adrián and tell him that Paulina had replaced him with Camilo. Adrián can be ugly but is not stupid, so he didn't believe her and threw her out of the room. In any case, she planted the seed of doubt in his mind and he went to Port Hope to verify if in reality Paulina was with Camilo. AND SHE WAS! Of course Adrián got to the hospital in the precise moment when the doctor told them that little Mau was out of the coma and Paulina was hugging Camilo so after Adrián saw that, Camilo got a knuckle sandwich and Adrián left without listening to anything Paulina had to say. 

Life is fair (when you lie)
When Nuria was arriving to Port Hope after the delay caused by sleeping with Napoleón aka Luis, a random guy she picked up at the bar who then robbed her, and after asking Leonel for a favor so she could return home, Adrián was leaving, so they are both witnesses to Paulina's effort to talk to him and explain what really happened. Adrian refuses to listen.
When Nuria sees Adrián go to the boarding area ignoring Paulina, while Paulina is crying like a Magdalena, she thinks life is fair. That's how messed up her mind is.
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Tres Veces Ana: Karmageddon Awaits!

It's time for Karmageddon to strike and this is probably the longest list of the deserving. So let's not waste any time. The same two questions:

  • What do you think the writers will do to them?
  • What do you think they deserve?
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A Que No Me Dejas #9 Thursday 9/22/16 The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry (Full recap)

v *    Camillo over hears Gonz talking to Leo about Monica’s expense sheet

v * Monica gives a threat to Al, Tell Gonz he better be at my house tonight or else hell will open up!

v *    Nurizika virus goes to Adrian’s hotel room.  My sis is back with her ex, so lets have revenge sex! 

Nurizika tells Adrian that less than two seconds after he and Pau broke up she was back with her ex Camilo, so he should feel completely free to get his game on with her.  Adrian isn’t buying her lies or her cheap offer.  He has no interest in her.  Nurzika tells him that not only is it true but her parents are all about it.  They luurve Camilo!

Meanwhile the exes discuss the lie they are embroiled in.  Pau feels so bad that Camilo is having to continue the lie longer than what she had planned.  The situation with Mau has complicated things between her and Adrian and she will not be able to marry him just yet.  Camilo has no problem playing her boyfriend for as long as it takes.  A very grateful Pau has no idea how to thank her pal.  
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El Color de la Pasión #14 (Uni/Hulu #13), Thursday, September 22, 2016: Check it Out! (Full Recap Up)

Check it out! Marcelo and Lucia check out job opportunities in Puebla, Rebeca checks out a lawyer and tells Magdalena to just plain check out, Alonso and Amador check out of their friendship and Rod is forced to check out one very big kiss!

But first, check out the repeat scenes from yesterday:

- Magdalena and the maid discuss how Magdalena should let the maid make the bed and what a pain Rebeca can be.

- Lucia came to Alonso's office to return the apartment keys since she obviously won't be living there. Alonso offers her a job but she doesn't want a job just because she's his daughter. He thinks she could take over the business.

- Rebeca and Magdalena snipe at each other over when Mags is going to leave. Mags will stay as long as Lucia wants her to. Becky warns her not to cause trouble between Alonso, Becky and Nora. Mags says she's not that kind of person. Becky says she hopes not.

-Lucia is not pleased to learn that Marcelo wants to work for Alonso.

Moving on to check out what's happening in the current episode...

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Tres Veces Ana #101

Sneaky will have a recap for us tomorrow, until then a place to discuss

Sneaky's recap below!

(Today on apologies w/sneaky two shoes (which seems to be a weekly show)  - I missed the first, almost to the first commercial break. I have no excuse, nor any good reason. I was just daydreaming and forgot to set my recorder and by the time I realized I was missing it it was 12-13 min past the hour. Sorry:(  What I did see though was chock full of irritating tropes )

Ram & Llora sweet talk/convo Abue has a surprise for them, Ram looks concerned over what it could be- Analu eavesdrops and learns afterward that not only does he have a novia they're getting married and Analu is invited to the wedding as "the guest of honor" (which she should find weird but doesn't say anything about)

Chana takes the opportunity to 'I told you so' to Ramiro about accepting that gun. He acknowledges she was right and will never doubt her again. She also reminds him he's the only one who can save the girl.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, Señora Acero 3, & más: Week of September 19, 2016

Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):
• 10:30AM-12PM—Tormenta de Pasiones
• 12PM—Império
• 1PM—Más Sabe el Diablo
• 8PM—Silvana Sin Lana
• 9PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso
• 10PM—Señora Acero 3: La Coyote
Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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El Color de la Pasión #13--Wednesday September 21, 2016. I'm scurred, you're scurred...we're all scurred! But not Amador!(Full Recap)

v*  Al apologizes to Nora and asks her to be supportive to Lucia. Nora gives her word to her father. 

v*  Rebe meets Brigiduh  and tells her it’s a good idea to get Rod out of town…or else!

v*  Lalo delivers the burnt mattress and Lucia’s msg to Rod. Do whatever you want with these!
v*  Marcelo rethinks checking out of the hotel…he’s staying in Puebla!

v*  Rod shows up to Casa Gax, he gets two slaps and a bumper!

Lucia runs into the house panicked, she picks up the house phone and also begins thumbing through the phone book.  How does she not know their local three digits to emergency?  Magda asks what’s wrong and Lucia informs her of the catastrophe that occurred just moments earlier…Rod the sod is now taking a nod on their driveway!  But he looks like he’s dead!  Nosy Nora who is upstairs on the balcony over hears!  Magda goes to assist a now frantic Alonso who wants to move Rod.  Lucia the skilled nurse, instructs Al  that Rod is not dead, he’s breathing and it’s best they leave curly q right there until the ambulance arrives.  
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Tres Veces Ana # 100 - To tell or not to tell – that is the question…

Recent episodes featuring this tio-niece bond and dramatic interludes of doubting your identity have been putting me in the Shakespearean mood (not that our blue-eyed Tio could resemble anything close to a hunchback), so here we go….but not before this little plug for you, Patio friends: I will be out of town next week on a business trip and unlikely to have the opportunity to either watch the show or keep up with the patio comments. Would anyone (my fellow brilliant recappers, or someone new even perhaps wanting to give it a try?) be willing to volunteer to be a guest recapper for next Wednesday’s (9/28) episode? I would really appreciate it, so please let me know in the comments below and if need be, I can get a page up for that episode, where someone could post their notes/recap.

With that, here we go! Beware, my dears – some consolidation ahead. Brevity is the soul of wit, I have heard, though writers of some of the scenes below have not.

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A Que No Me Dejas #8 - Place your bets now as the race for "Who Discovers Gonzalo's Affair First" Begins!

Hello Everyone! The chess pieces keep dancing around the board so let's get started….

Adrian is appalled that Paulina would even suggest breaking up. He says he understands Mauricio is a priority but he doesn’t want to break up. At that moment, Gonzalo arrives and Paulina cuts the call short.

Gonzalo gives money roses and a pearl necklace and a note that says he doesn’t like when they are mad at each other. Monica rejects the gives and Elisa is happy that she has taken a stance against the fact that Gonzalo doesn’t seem to care that much about his other children. She hopes Monica keeps at it.

Karen thinks Paulina jumped the gun at suggesting her and Adrian break up. Mauricio might be in a coma for a while but Karen doesn’t think it’s fair for anyone involved. (I suggest they just go get married in a day then Paulina come back and be with Mauricio but married).

Ines talks to Mauricio about what his life will be once he’s better. (This poor kid has been through the wringer. I hope his life does get better).

Adrian presents the project for the clients to Odette and she’s impressed. He tells her that their relationship is on stand still because of Mauricio and Odette already smells blood in the water. (My god, I can’t imagine people in real life plotting to ruin other people’s relationships but I’m sure it also happens.)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Poor Mau! A que no me dejas #7 09/21/2016

Bullet points cause I got busy!

  • Dude, they killed Edgar! The thugs he owed money to got tired of his excuses and gunned him down, poor Mauricio also receives a gun shot and ends up in a coma.
  • Julieta continues to be a crazy person and goes to Jaime's office where she demands to get Adrian's contact info, Jaime tells her Adrian will be in touch when he feels like it.
  • Julieta trashes Adrian's office, she does not believe that he is really gone because all his stuff is still there.
  • Jaime finds out that Julieta did not go to therapy, he threatens her and says he will move out if she does not get help. Ugh, just leave Jaime, just leave.
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El Color de la Pasión (ECDLP) #12. Tuesday September 20, 2016. A Fiery Encounter! Ssss!

Hello Patio Pals! This is not a detailed scene-by-scene recap because I woke up this morning feeling unwell. It is either a stomach bug or too much TN cruelty. The first paragraphs are more thorough because I wrote them yesterday. Enjoy!

To make up for the lateness and the missing details.

Lucía’s heartbreak is revealing pyromaniacal tendencies. However, her choice of target is misguided. Instead of starting a controlled ex-fiancé bonfire then moving to a ranch and hooking up with Fernando Colunga, she sets her marital bed and honeymoon suitcase on fire. No smoke alarm or extinguisher anywhere and you call this a new build? Thankfully, the hottest and bravest curls in Puebla, heck, in all of Mexico and the Western Hemisphere, fly in to Lucía’s rescue. He exclaims: “Lucía! What are you doing?” and makes the flames melt away from sheer swooning at his hawtness. Lucía is surprised: Who is this man? How does he know her name? He introduces himself: Marcelo Escalante, Fetching Papasito by day, Unwavering Avenger by night, Amateur Fireman in my spare time. Mucho gusto. He says he’ll tell her the whole story outside and offers to take her home because she is in no condition to drive. She refuses and storms out. He chases after her: “Wait! You can’t leave like this! Look at you! You’re trembling!” “That’s MY problem! Not yours!” “You left your fugly car open. It’s gonna get stolen!” “¡Ojalá! I hope so!” “Careful!” A car zooms right past Lucía, horns blazing. She was about to get run over and all for the sake of a no-good mophead mofo who isn’t worth the time of day. This stops her in her tracks for a moment. Marcelo puts a comforting hand on her shoulder: “Don’t you think you’ve done enough foolish things (for today)?” “Don’t touch me!” “Don’t tell me you’re afraid of men!” “I’m not afraid of any man!” “Then let me take you home.” “(I’ll do it) Just to show you that you’re very wrong. Where’s your car?” 
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