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A que no me dejas Episode 30 (10.21.16) Sweet lies (are made of this), everybody's looking for something, nobody looks for the truth...

Happy birthday to me! (tomorrow)

Nuria looks forward to nail Leonel as her baby's father
After Inés heart attack Nuria's wedding could be in danger, but she can not afford that or the baby could be born after just 4 months after the ceremony and no baby, as premature as can be, has ever born that soon after signing up the nuptial contract.

Gonzalo looks for forgiveness
After Inés heart attack, Gonzalo talks to Dr Flowers because he wants to see her, but she is still too upset weak to see him. The doctor recommends she is left alone, but still, he will see if something can be arranged. Gimme just 1 minute- Gonzalo asks - sure, what will you do with the 50 seconds left?

in that precise moment, Raquel comes out from Inés room, and even when Gonzalo asks her about his wife, she punished him with the whip of her indifference and doesn't reply. It is like he is invisible. Ouch!
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A Que No Me Dejas #29 - Thursday October 20, 2016. Gonz gets the freeze, Leo is a sleaze.

Al tells Gonz he warned him so many times.  Gonz tearful says he doesn't want to lose Ines. He can't lose Ines.  Al says he doesn't want to discourage Gonz but just like with Pau, he doesn't see how Ines will forgive him.  Gonz says he doesn't know what he'll have to do to get it, but he won't give up until Ines forgives him, but it may be too late as we see two doctors by Ines bedside, as they look over her medical charts, it appears to be grave news.  Meanwhile Gonz tells Al he needs to tell someone about this feeling that is burning him alive.  Al tells him to unburden (desahogate) himself.  Gonz confesses that he told Monica that Ines, was dying. Al shocked as why?  Gonz says because he was stupid and didn't want his lover to leave him.

Leo warns Nuria, that she needs to be careful about making bigger problems for herself. Nuria has no desire to side with her father after what he did, but Leo says now with all of his problems the Gonz isn't the big baddie he once was the other family is out of the bag, but now her Dad is pissed because he knows she (Nuria) is the one that set this in motion. Nuria thinks it's going to pass, but Leo thinks she shouldn't wait.  She needs to go seek her father out and let him know that in spite of everything thing, she will be by his side and support him.  Nuria doesn't know how Leo expects her to do that.
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El Color de la Pasion #32 (Uni/Hulu #31), Thursday, October 20, 2016: My Achy-Breaky Heart

Repeated Scenes:
 - Amador threatens Vinicio and tells him that he best turn down that job offer.
 - Marcelo goes to Trini to check on Lucia, but it's not a good time.
 - Alonso goes off on Nora, and then on Rebeca! He's going to divorce MC Becky and Nora is going to have the baby!

Thursday, the short version:
 - Alonso wants to divorce Rebeca and kill Rod.
 - 90s Flashback! Poor Alonso is having a helluva day. And he is clutching his left chest side/shoulder WAY TOO MUCH.
 - Amador is going to make Rod marry Nora.
 - Alonso is going to make Nora marry Rod.
 - Mags and later, Marcelo, try to get through to Lucia, but she's left stricken by all that went down, and wants to leave town to think things over.
-  Nora and Rebeca make things worse, of course.
 - Alonso rushes to stop Lucia, but when he finds her, he collapses on the street! #SaveAlonso

The Recap:

- Brigida has called Amador to come home because Rod has locked himself in his bedroom. Amador chastises her but Brigida is insistent that he check on Rod. They go up to his locked bedroom and Rod does not respond to Amador's yelling at him to open the door. So Amador busts in and they find Rod guzzling some liquor.
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tres Veces Ana # 120

Discussion page and Sneaky's recap tomorrow


TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, Señora Acero 3, & más: Week of October 17, 2016

Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):
• 10:30AM-12PM—Tormenta de Pasiones
• 12PM—Império
• 1PM—Más Sabe el Diablo
• 8PM—Silvana Sin Lana
• 9PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso
• 10PM—Señora Acero 3: La Coyote
Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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A Que No Me Dejas #28 - ALL The Cats Are Out of ALL The Bags

Ines wants Elisa to leave. She’s not feeling well but Elisa keeps egging her on about how Gonzalo lied about divorcing Ines and marrying Monica and went so far as lying about her health. Ines wants Elisa to leave and she finally agrees. As she is leaving, Paulina comes in and asks what she’s doing there. Suddenly, Ines faints and hits the ground. Paulina goes to help her and Elisa runs out.

Adrian asks who came by and Odette tells him it was Paulina. He asks what she wanted and she tells she doesn’t know but it doesn’t do him good to see her. Adrian tells her she’s reminding her of his sister: she’s obsessive about him. Adrian tells her to never again decide for him or meddle in his life. He leaves, bothered by her actions.

The doctor tells Julieta that if she goes to therapy and behaves well she can get out faster. Julieta finally agrees and then the doctor asks what happened with her father…Julieta tells that her father’s death caused her great pain. He left her and Adrian alone…he stopped living after he lost all his money.

In his office, Adrian questions why Paulina came. He gives her a call but hangs up immediately. He thinks she’s with Camilo.

In Gonzalo’s office, Nuria is fuming. He comes in and she tells him that she knows everything about his affair and demands he force Monica and the kids to leave Puerto Esperanza. Gonzalo tells her to mind her own business but Nuria warns him that if he doesn’t listen to her she will tell her mom everything and tell Paulina he put Adrian in jail. She’s not willing to share any of her inheritance with them. She storms out afterward.

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Tres Veces Ana # 119 - Twilight zone of Anas - sudden time jumps and radical opinion shifts!

Is everyone ready? Set...Go! And our star of the show deserves an extra collage today for her psychotic craziness, as well as Ms. Boyer deserves this for stellar interpretation.

Welcome to Gotham City and prepare to be silenced, lambs..... 

(Some consolidation below...) 

Ana Le manages to convince her sisters that she was very hurt by their behavior. She knows they came again only to break her heart. Llora, who already had a whip on the ready to beat herself up over such cruel treatment of Ana Le, needed no further convincing and even Ana Lu was moved. They all want to talk. Ana Le wants to start with the fact that she did not have anything to do with Marcelo’s accident – it was all Evaristo. She – Ana Le – was heartbroken when Marcelo supposedly died and Llora is a witness of that. Ana Lu does remember that Marcelo’s accident happened on the same day that he found Soledad, and Ana Le grabs onto this lifeline for her lie. With shifty eyes she repeats again how deep her love for Marcelo was and drops the bomb of the miscarriage.

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Gonzalo: La rata con dos patas A que no me Dejas 10/18/2016

*Rata con dos patas comes from Mexican singer Paquita La Del Barrio and is basically a way of calling a man a rat, and guys, Gonzalo has earned this nickname a thousand times over*
Paulina asks Monica to allow her to continue to have contact with Rene and Alan, after all it is not their fault that she and Gonzalo had an affair, Pau tells Monica she loves her brothers  and Monica tells her she will speak to Gonzalo about allowing Pau to see the boys.
·         Paulina tells her brothers that she loves them and will always be there for them.
·         Monica wants nothing to do with Paulina but Elisa tells her it would be a good idea to have her in their corner, that way they can get inside information on the Murat marriage, Elisa volunteers to be the one making contact with Paulina.
·         Gonzalo tries to get Leonel to break things off with Nuria, he says he will be very generous with him if he dumps the harpy but Leonel refuses, he tells Gonzalo he loves Nuria and that he does not take orders from anyone when it comes to his private life.
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El Color de la Pasión (ECDLP) #31. Tuesday October 18, 2016. Waterworks And Fireworks!

(Cara de) Busted, chewed out and dumped!

At a glance
-- Rebeca and Nora get busted. Alonso flips out on both and drops the D-bomb!

A closer look

Lucía goes into Sergio’s office with guns blazing, determined to make him respond to her pregnant sister. Oh, hell no! You ain’t pinning this baby on me! Sergio informs Lucía that her sainted sister has had other bunnyhopping activities that did not include him. “Talk, Rodrigo! Tell her the truth! (...) You can’t keep hiding this from her forever. Go on, tell her why you left her at the altar! Tell her who is the father of the baby Nora is expecting!”
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Tres Veces Ana #118 - Por Fin, Proof Under the Hot Tin Roof

Color Guide:
Rehash and Recall in Red
Reader Reaction in Blue
Avances in Green
Aside in Purple

Rehash: Valentin is still recounting the tale behind Gina's death. Gina's attempting to convince AnaLet that nobody knows about her relationship with her uncle. AnaLet throws the bottles at Gina expecting her to swallow each pill.

Ramiro interrupts this scheduled flashback to bring us his unasked opinion. He thinks eureka, it was AnaLet! Tin has attained omnipatience, and calmly answers that no, he had intervened. And at this, we see the tranformer disassemble from his wheels, into a two-legged mop.

Do you wanna hear a bedtime story?

We're sucked into a flashion-back and zoom unto some legs. AnaLet and Gina are both wearing suede heels with an ankle strap. Our next model down the runway is wearing kicks, and apparently he brought boinks as an accessory, because down our first model goes. He gives our second model an over-the-shoulder look, in only the way someone of Charlize Theron's caliber could.

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A Que No Me Dejas (AQNMD) #26. Monday October 17, 2016. Why Make Things Easier On Yourself When You Can Make Them Way Harder?

The birth of a Bridezilla
At a glance 

-- Paulina is pregnant but she prefers to play the martyr instead of telling Adrián the whole truth.
-- Leonel proposes to Nuria. They each mistakenly think they have played the other one for a sucker. Suckers! 
-- Someone please make Odette and her Skittles outfits disappear from Dejaslandia! 

A closer look

Paulina learns she has a bun in the oven. She laughs nervously. What is she going to do? She has no money, no house, no job, no Adrián... No problem! Camilo Fonseca, the poster boy for the Mexican branch of “FA” (“Friendzoned Anonymous”) is here to pick up the slack.
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El Color de la Pasión #30 (Hulu #29), 10/17/16: The Escuincle is Finally Out of the Bag!

The Old: Gloria tells Sergio that Nora dumped him for another man. Nora tells Rod she wouldn’t marry him if he were the last man on Earth. Rod points out that Nora only slept with him because she doesn’t want to see Lucia happy and knows Lucia is a thousand times better than she is. He feels sorry for the poor baby that’s drowning in her venom (Slap!). Rebeca catches Ligia giving Amador a very warm farewell in the elevator in front of her 8th floor apartment.

The New:
Rebeca asks to be introduced to Amador’s little “friend”, but turns out no intros are needed. She knows very well that the name of Amador’s amadora is Ligia Cervantes. She wants to remember the name well for when she tells Amador’s wife. Even though she’s in a see-through negligee, Ligia makes the wise choice of disappearing behind the closed elevator doors and heading downstairs. Rebeca points out that she now has Amador by the neck (el cuello) and he has to do everything SHE says! Amador’s pained look shows that Rebeca has him by something other than his neck. He has no choice but to agree to her demand that he say NOTHING to Alonso about Nora’s pregnancy. Amador’s shocked that she’s actually going to force her own daughter to get an abortion. Rebe reminds him that not only will her info about his little friend ruin his marriage, it will ruin the virtuous family man reputation he’s built up.
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Monday, October 17, 2016

Tres Veces Ana, #117, Monday Oct 17, 2016: Three's a Crowd

Ramiro wakes up and is surprised to see Valentin and Facundo. He's even more surprised to realize that he can't feel his legs. Valentin laughs and says bwahahaha, before you marry Ana Laura you ought to see for yourself what it is to be "differently-abled."

AnaLu and Ana Laura are chatting intensely when AnaLet barges in, strikes a pose, and demands, "why are you suddenly all quiet? Am I interrupting something?" Ana Laura solemnly lets Leticia know that yes, she is interrupting. AnaLet asks what they were talking about. AnaLu smiles and says, "about you." Leticia continues to stand there like a department store mannequin.

Mariano asks Marcelo to leave, but Marcelo doesn't want to leave without AnaLu. He warns that AnaLet could have an attack of hysteria at any moment, and since he's signed the divorce papers, she's no longer Marcelo's problem. AnaLu's love is all he wants in the world, and he won't give her up.

Valentin gloats some more about Ramiro's paralysis, "your legs have become a burden," and says he and Ramiro will now be on equal footing (no he didn't say it that way) in their fight for Ana Laura's affection, though I don't think it's really a fair competition unless Ramiro drinks a fifth of tequila too.
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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Silvana sin Lana, Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso, Señora Acero 3, & más: Week of October 17, 2016

Welcome to Page #1 (Monday edition) of the Telemundo y Más page, issued twice a week: Mondays at 3:00 PM and Thursdays at 8:00 PM.
Here are the current telenovelas (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):
• 10:30AM-12PM—Tormenta de Pasiones
• 12PM—Império
• 1PM—Más Sabe el Diablo
• 8PM—Silvana Sin Lana*
• 9PM—Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso*
• 10PM—Señora Acero 3: La Coyote*

*All three evening programs will be pre-empted on Wednesday, October 19, by the presidential debate and related programming.
Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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Tres Veces Ana 116: Facundo Hires Dr. Demento and Two Halves Are Whole

Working on the recap - Edit.

Pate 1~~

[--This, Halloween and Rocky Horror Picture Show fans, was right up your alley.  It was definitely one to say “Get your freak show on.”—edit.] 

Refridito: Alone in her jail cell, a pensive Soledad misses and mourns her wrecked relationship with Ana Lucia and recognizes, finally, how selfish she was to have kept the girl as her own all these years; Ana Lucia, meanwhile is having another nightmare, but this time she dreams of the accident and awakes to the realization Ana Leticia didn’t try to help keep her from floating away in the river.  (Now, let’s see if it sticks in her craw or not like it does Viewerville.)

El Nuevo:
Ana Lucia hears Javier sobbing in the sheets and learns he’s crying over having seen his mother in Iñaki’s apartment a few weeks earlier and wasn’t even aware of it.  She abandoned them when they were tiny boys and he’s missed her and is angry at her but needs her in his life still.  They ask each other if either of them will ever forgive the mother figures in their lives.

The next morning Marcelo watches in amazement as Ana Lucia dangles in the fabric ropes.

Speaking of spellbinding, Mariano and Viewerville listen, enchanted by the piano music supposedly coming from Ana Laura’s adroit digitery along the ivories.  He heads outside and finds Valentin waiting for “his BFF,” Ana Llora, Queen of the quivering upper lip.  They argue and Mo tells him to roll his sorry assets down the lane and never darken his niece’s door again!  A Llora comes out and objects to her only friend in the world’s rough and unfair treatment.  Mo tries warning her that Violentin has ulterior motives—“--he is not who he appears to be”-- but TinTin moves in for a kill shot.   “—And you, puritanical Uncle Mariano. Are you who you appear to be?”

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

El Color De La Pasion #29 (Hulu #28): Marcelo Can't Catch A Break

Lucia is not buying Rebeca’s story about Marcelo’s flirting. Rebeca asks if she doesn’t think she’s attractive enough for Marcelo. Lucia tells her that has nothing to do anything. She’s just shocked someone would flirt with their boss’s wife, especially after all the confidence and trust her father has shown him. Rebeca tells her that they don’t know who he is. He’s still a stranger. Lucia wants to know if Marcelo has said anything directly to her. Rebeca tells her no, but a woman what a woman wants and what a man wants. Lucia asks why she hasn’t told her father. Rebeca tells her it’s embarrassing. Lucia lets her know that if what she says is true, it shouldn’t be embarrassing. Rebeca tells her she doesn’t have proof but Lucia counters that her word should be enough. Rebeca isn’t budging; she just wanted to let Lucia know so that she doesn’t suffer again like she did with Rodrigo. She then leaves up to her room.

Alonso arrives at the Talavera and asks Normita if there is anything that he needs to know. She tells him Nazario came back to work, Amador has been looking for him all morning and he has someone waiting in his office. He thanks her and foes to his office to find Milagros! She introduces herself and he’s happy to meet her. He asks if she has seen Marcelo. Milagros lets him know Marcelo isn’t in the office at this time but she wanted to meet his boss and see the place where he works. Alonso offers her a tour but she prefers to come back when Marcelo is in. She then asks where she could get a taxi but Alonso offers to give her a ride himself after a tour. Milagros thanks him and they go off.

Marcelo is ringing Lucia’s doorbell when Leti comes and asks if he’s looking for someone. He says Lucia and Leti calls him “that dumb guy” everyone has been talking. Marcelo is confused but Leti shakes it off and introduces her. She tells him she has heard a lot about him. Marcelo hopes it’s good things and Leti tells him both. Just then Tere comes and Leti tells her she will let Lucia know he’s here. Before leaving she tells him she has seen him before but doesn’t remember from where…
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